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    -Your team will be assigned to you before the tournament begins, this will be randomly selected by a computer. You must stick with this team throughout the competition.
    -No users who have installed the super patch please.
    -Games will be 15 minutes long, games in the group stages will not have ET and Pens.
    -The layout of the competition will be identical to the official champions league.
    -The home side will host the game in the lobby
    -The lobby and time must be pre-chosen in the tfl forum, a thread will be made for each game, the two users will post in there to decide a time and lobby
    -During the group stages, each group will have its own private forum to allow discussion of results etc without having to search through other groups
    -There will be 8 groups of 4 teams, making a total of 32 places availible

    -Only one team per person,
    -If a game is not played due to one team not turning up, or if one user disconnects, see below
    - if any rule is disobeyed, the offender will be removed from conpetition and opponents awarded a 3-0 victory
    - lag rules to be decided
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    Quick update 15 places have been filled. Tournament expected to kick off in 2 weeks time. BTW Firefox is best on the forum. Dont know why but IE shows Java errors
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