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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by j4yc3e, 21 October 2005.

  1. j4yc3e

    j4yc3e Guest

    Alright guys,
    this is just a basic thread for opinions, problems, suggestions etc for the online mode of PES5 on PS2.

    Is anyone noticing the slow down in the second half of the game.....i play the first half and its fine (well, as good as it can be anyway) and then its goes to the second half and all goes to pot......anyone?
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  2. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Thats because the host switches at half time, so I guess you're hosting the first half thats why its all roses, then you're a guest for the second half and you're encountering lag. :)
  3. j4yc3e

    j4yc3e Guest

    ahhhhh.....i thought it was something like that (i work in the industry ya c).
  4. RAISH


    19 June 2004
    industry? what industry would that be then?
  5. Gooner

    Gooner Non-League

    8 October 2004
    I've only played about 5 matches thus far online, but I must say I haven't had lag once. T'is great I tell thee.
  6. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003
    yeh we should get a sticky thread for EVERYONES opinioons on either xbox live or ps2 version of online.

    i really wanna see how differnt people are getting on with lag, mainly for xbox live.

    is it worth buying, i will only be buying it to play online?
  7. rangerman

    rangerman Conference

    7 April 2003
    i had a match online earlier where i had a small amount of lag in the first half but when second half came it was perfect. By the way i went 1-0 down at half (im pretty sure it was due to the small amount of Lag!!) but in the second half i scored 3 goals ans was leading 3-1 with 2minutes to go then my noob opponenet disconnected coz he was losing
  8. gypsymoth

    gypsymoth Guest


    I'm new to the forum and the whole online gaming thing - I've got a couple of questions;

    -- Where's the cheapest place to buy the fabled network adapter? I've got an old PS2 so I guess I need one

    -- My PS2 is about 10feet from my wireless router... is it possible to buy ethernet cables that long? Just trying to work out the logistics of it all

  9. Ferraritim

    Ferraritim Championship

    5 November 2001
    Yes, you can buy UTP cables of 100 feet ;)
  10. Kevta


    14 August 2005
    Bordeaux, France
    My alias is Kevta on french lobby
  11. gypsymoth

    gypsymoth Guest


    not helpful..
  12. RAISH


    19 June 2004
  13. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Such a nubcake, thought you knew everything about the game?! ;)
    (Sam says online rules)

    The noob industry. We're all special members \\:o/
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  14. timsmith10000

    timsmith10000 LEICESTER CITY!

    18 August 2003
    Wow! Tried out the 2v2 mode. Me and my brother against two brothers from liverpool. end of extra time was 2-2 great match. And then in stoppage time we won a corner. I made Almunia come up for the corner (Arsenal GOALKEEPER!) My bro whipped in the corner and my keeper sprinted in and powered a header into the top corner! GET IN THERE!

    We went crazy! I love this game!!!!
  15. j4yc3e

    j4yc3e Guest

    I work with Zyg....give him PES lessons every day at work : )
  16. j4yc3e

    j4yc3e Guest

    I was just wondering, when you play online, all the edited data is reverted back to default, is this done client side or server side (where the data comes from).

    if it comes server side, konami could update the rosters in january when the transfer window is closed and then all the squads would be correct online.

    just an idea but it probably does it client side (just unloads the option file and loads up the default rosters from the cd before you get online).
  17. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Yes, those 5 Czech goals and the extra time Newcastle cup final win for both titles taught me much ;)

    Yeah they could update the rosters but they didn't for xbox last year so I doubt it'll happen this year. If the rosters got updated automatically, then they might think that less people would buy the next game.
  18. ekequist

    ekequist Non-League

    6 May 2002
    Stockholm, Sweden

    How do you manage to play 2v2 online? Is there a special server/lobby for that? How do we find people who want to play 2v2? Me and my friends went online with PES5 yesterday, but we couldnĀ“t find a way to play 2v2.

    I appreciate any help.:)

  19. tomx

    tomx League 2

    17 February 2004
    Martin 2vs 2 is possible just in 2 ps2...You and one of your frend must be on same ps2..
  20. copur

    copur Non-League

    11 June 2003
    Before the match begins, the 2nd player must push the START button first, then you'll see the cooperation icon. It's freaking awesome with 2 vs 2 or 2 vs 1.

    I had no lag friday afternoon, but at evening/night i encountered sometimes a lot of lag, sometimes less. The lag is visible because you can see the ball act very weird like a fifa game, you can't see the players move slow or something, but reactiontime is slower etc.

    Overall i am very satisfied with the network, especially when your time runs out before editing formation, pausing etc.

    I read that 24 October the server will be down for 1 hour.
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  21. Daremz

    Daremz Guest

    I play online PES5 on PS2 and have only positive things to say about it. It's just a very good game, not too much lag (none most of the times, depends on when you play and versus who, but i think it's great, and i don't have the fastest connection)...dare me if you see me online, Daremz888 is my name. Currently around 1000nd place ranked.
  22. ekequist

    ekequist Non-League

    6 May 2002
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Thanks for the answers. Yepp, me and my friend were playing on the same PS2, so that is the case.

    You mean that we press "start" on the second controller before we start a match room or when we are in the formation set up screen? Is there no way to see if the opponenet also wants to play 2v2 before the game starts? Like a server/lobby for 2v2 play or something like that? That would be great!

    Best regards Martin
  23. RAISH


    19 June 2004
    if u patch the database your sorted.
  24. timsmith10000

    timsmith10000 LEICESTER CITY!

    18 August 2003
    Right call your room 2v2 only then accept someone. On the team select/kit select/formation screen press start on the second controller and the pic of a little man will turn into 2. You can see this on the other players side as well.

    You can be in any lobby to do this. Not just in the free one as was previously suggested
  25. ekequist

    ekequist Non-League

    6 May 2002
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Thanks alot for the advice! Much appreciated!:)

    2v2 here we come!:)

  26. Ghost of a Bullet

    Ghost of a Bullet Conference

    12 October 2004
    Man Utd
    Grr, it pisses me off when people quit the match just because they are losing.
  27. timsmith10000

    timsmith10000 LEICESTER CITY!

    18 August 2003
    Well ive been tempted in fury once before i pressed start and there is no quit button! I didnt want to turn my ps2 off so i carried on.

    GOOD ONE KONAMI, stops the cheats!
  28. sykesy69

    sykesy69 Conference

    22 August 2003
    Don't you end up losing the game 3-0 if you are responsible for losing the connection...

    I've had a few people cry off whilst being beaten. Checkd my stats and I won them 3-0...
  29. ronaldo9_r9

    ronaldo9_r9 League 2

    26 May 2003
    can you play ro evo 5 original or backup (non Patched) online using swap magic 3.6?
  30. RAISH


    19 June 2004

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