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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by sodafountain, 21 October 2006.

  1. sodafountain

    sodafountain Conference

    11 December 2003
    Any one know if this is working properly? Not played for a few months, and just completely re-configured my room and setup. I used to use ICS to play online, but now i have a router (which has the same IP address my PC did, my PC now has a new one).

    But before i start messing about, is it not working because i'm doing someting wrong, or is there simply problems (i don't want to spend 6 hours messing about, if there is nothing wrong here).

    As far as i can see, everything is right, it connects to server, checks DNS ok (it did say server problems at 1 point, try later, which is why i think there may be something wrong).

    I can now conenct with my userid and password, it brings up my player data, i only had 1 player set up, i press X to play, it looks like its trying to do something (line scrolling at top), then it jsut goes back to player data, nothing more. I set up a second player, that worked fine, but it does the same if i try to select that one.

    As i am getting this far, i am presuming my setup is ok, and there is a server problem?

  2. sodafountain

    sodafountain Conference

    11 December 2003
    OK, 51 views, and not one of you plays online?

    Just a "yes it works here" or "nope, not working here" is all i need.

  3. It was working on Monday, but alas I haven't logged in recently, and also I now have PES 6, so I can't really tell you any more than that.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help mate.

    (perhaps this is an excuse for you to buy PES 6..!?)
  4. sodafountain

    sodafountain Conference

    11 December 2003
    Cheers mate, Just checked and it's workin, so glad i didn't fiddle.

    If i buy pes6, will it work as is with this setup, or do i need to set up new connection, and re-register user id?
  5. The actual Network Configuration on your Memory Card works exactly the same.

    You need however to register a new login name. I tried to use my old one but it didn't recognise it.
    Then of course create your player file.

    See you there..

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