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PES5, no sound (apart from intro video) :(

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by MattyT, 13 June 2006.

  1. MattyT

    MattyT Guest

    Hi everybody, Im new here, this looks like the best PES forum on the web! :D

    I have a very annoying problem with all the PES games since I have reinstalled my winxp. there's absolutley no sound in the game, no menu music, no commentary, so nothing, the only thing i can hear is the intro. and this is the situation with pes4 too.

    Every other game works fine in windows with sound, and i can hear everything in the windows too. I have reinstalled the pes games many times but didn't help. I tried different kinds of audio codecs to install, including adx codecs, but nothing happened. I messed around the directx audio settings, but wasn't workimg. Finally i tried to clean out everything konami related stuff from the system registry. I have to say that i had sound before the system reinstall, but even pes5 is my favourite game its not worth to reinstall winxp again, i would like to find another solution, but i still couldn't.

    Any ideas? :roll:
  2. Sjem

    Sjem Non-League

    16 October 2004
    Change the volume level in the PES5 Options menu?
  3. MattyT

    MattyT Guest

    Nah didnt work :( . God knows what it is, but ive done a fresh install of Windows XP and all works fine :lol:

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