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pes5 demo vs pes5

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by johnathan007, 30 October 2005.

  1. johnathan007

    johnathan007 Non-League

    29 December 2004
    what do you think were the changes from the demo to the real thing?:)
  2. I have only owned the thing for 2 days, but can honestly say that I think they have seriously dropped the ball here.

    It just doesnt play well, its not that its harder, it just play worse, poor turning, slower gameplay, even the shots are worse.

    The first demo was great, hard to win games, you needed to think, the second was easier but had good playability, this just seems bad.

    I am presently gutted, in the past I have bought new versions and over time got into them and then loved them, but this is going to take a big step for that to happen.

    In the demo's I scored some great goals with good passing moves and fine shots from outside the area, on this all my goals and the people I have played online have looked crap or scrambles in the box.

    I really hope I post on here in a month and say that I have got into it, but at this moment I cant see it
  3. schranken

    schranken Just a Malay Footballer

    11 October 2004
    Just the same problem with PES3 and PES4. Once you played, you will be shocked about its difficulty from the older version a year before, but before you get even knew it, you will addicted to it until the next year!

    Its really diffrerent from FIFA, which amaze people from the first sight, then only lasts several weeks.

    For the demo, I cant find how to compare, because i pllayed the demo on PC, play the game on PS2. BUt when the original is released, the demo just didnt matter anymore.;)
  4. PetrovLFC

    PetrovLFC Raul!

    13 March 2005
    NW London
    the demo was much better, the AI, the feel to it, everything. The've ruined it :(
  5. cregser

    cregser La Liga

    8 March 2004
    Every year the demo is always a hint at what the gameplay will be like. Yet every year I practice and practice at the demo only to be surprised when the retail version comes out.

    I agree with the sentiments of people here but I'm sure we'll all get used to it. :)
  6. jonboyo

    jonboyo Premiership

    19 December 2002
    Is the demo with Chelsea/Arsenal/Madrid and Valencia playing slower than the retail?
    The players are slower than compared to the ps2 which is not a problem since it plays like WE rather than pes, but shots now seem too slow...or are things just not optimised....what do u think?
  7. I am getting used to it a bit more now, but stil cant pull of half the moves and shots I could in the demo and before people say that I just need to become a better player, I play on 6 stars.

    If you think its too slow, download a program such as speed gear and set it to 10200 to speed up the play. Amazingly the game seems smoother when played speeded up slighty, but I dont want to just play like this as generally the people who make the game know what there doing and I would hate to miss out on getting into something special because I changed the gamplay to what I thought was better
  8. APX


    8 July 2005
    Suomi Finland
    not really changes between demo and the game. atleast i dont even notice them if there is and i must say i really liked PES5 from the start and felt like ive played it for years. unlike with PES4 i never felt like i could play the way i wanted. strange.
  9. NACK22

    NACK22 League 1

    22 April 2003
    This is what I thought about the demo playing better.

    The thing you need to do is go to player edit and change the players responsiveness and then change short pass accuracy and short pass speed.
    Get them up into the 90's and the players running off the ball now is fanatastic.
    Your players now match the cpu's and it makes it much more of an even contest as far as winning balls back.
    Just try it and let me know if it helps, it did for me

    Cheers Nack
  10. jonboyo

    jonboyo Premiership

    19 December 2002
    Cheers, that speed gear makes it play like the ps2 version at 10200,any faster and it all gets choppy!
    I doubt I could use it online though since both PCs would need to be the same speed I assume.
  11. You can if you host

    I played a few games on line and aftwards was asked what spec pc I had as it seemed to play better and smoother
  12. PetrovLFC

    PetrovLFC Raul!

    13 March 2005
    NW London
    I forced my refresh rate to 85hz, and now the pace is back to demo speed, but it still doesn't play like the demo. In the demo, the players made intelligent runs and generally you were more able to pull off good moves in the final third. Maybe it was just the quality of the teams avaliable, who knows.
  13. TribalAnime

    TribalAnime Guest

    How fast or smooth your pc is has nothing todo with online play. It's all todo with the net connection and how much lag it has.
  14. ElCinco

    ElCinco Conference

    23 January 2005
    I have played demo and now the real game. I must say I like the game very much. The best thing about this game is there are always something unpredictable happening in the game. At one point, you see your player knocked by your opposition and another he is fighting with the opposition player if a harsh foul is admitted.
    I think the real game's movements on field and with the ball is much better too. Damn, I like this game!!!
  15. diegocbapp

    diegocbapp Non-League

    23 July 2005
    I agree with Chimps-with-quiffs. The demo was different. Better gameplay, even more control I might say, passing was still difficult but you usually got the passes in your target players feet. PES5 sucks!! I'm not tired to tell this, I've been playing against the PC and I just can't get my passes done accuratetly, too jerky the players are (sounded like Yoda), the automatic step-side sucks it makes your player turn slowly, that's why you loose the ball so often. Shooting is extremely unreal, if your charge half the bar your shoot goes to the skies, come on! that doesn't happen all the time in a real game, headers are difficult, volleys are easier but I couldn't get to volley more than 3 times in a game. I am really looking forward for a patch KONAMI PLEASEEE!!! I say it again: I am switching to FIFA 06....
  16. The game is obviously faster if you use a program to speed up your pc, the game plays better and smoother when played like this, shots also look more realistic.

    I havent seen any lag at all when playing online, I was talking about the actual gameplay.
  17. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    i love it. the game feels like real football - the tempo is just right. you can see your players aren't always in a hurry, not always sprinting. everything is just right. i'm still trying to find a good and challenging star to play on - 6 is pretty fun so far.

  18. mazanga

    mazanga League 1

    12 October 2003
    Groningen, Holland
    I installed this program. It seemed to work great but then the game crashed. It crashes offline and online, almost every game. Does anyone know what i could do to keep it from crashing (and still use this or another similar program)? This game is a little bit too slow on my pc even though i have a fast computer (3200+, 1 gig ram, geforce6800).

    Also, i noticed that at my friends house (who has a considerable less powerfull computer), the game runs faster (just right). Could it be the monitors? He has a 17" flatscreen and i have a 19" CRT (a Medion MD 1998 PB).
  19. PetrovLFC

    PetrovLFC Raul!

    13 March 2005
    NW London
    its to do with the refresh rate. You can force it on your graphic card control panel. Although many of the latest nvidia drivers have it disabled. You can use regedit to re-enable it. Google for it.
  20. mazanga

    mazanga League 1

    12 October 2003
    Groningen, Holland
    I already did and so has he. We both use reforce to lock the refresh rate of the 1280/1024 resolution to 60hz. Nevertheless, the game plays faster on his machine/monitor.

    And i am aware of the fact that it can also be done with regeditor.
  21. The game will crash if you have it set too fast. The setting of 10200 works fine for me. If you want to make it faster than that I would advise using 10201 to 10205. If you still get crashing drop by 1 until you no longer have problems
  22. mazanga

    mazanga League 1

    12 October 2003
    Groningen, Holland
    ok thanks, i used the 10210-10215 range. I'll try 10200 max and see what happens....

    Also, i hooked my friends flatscreen up to my pc. It runs faster compared to my CRT hooked up to my system. That's funny. Would flatscreen monitors make the game run faster or is it just my CRT that's a bit 'slow?'

    I would buy another CRT if i knew the game would run faster. I don't want a flatscreen yet though. Any suggestions?

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