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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by fmicablues7, 14 November 2017.

  1. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013

    I didn't find a topic related to PES3/WE7, so i created this one.
    I personally rediscovered that game thanks to matt10 videos on youtube. I really think this game is underrated and should be rated as high as we9le.
    However, i started to discover a few annoying things/bugs. For example, it seems the cpu doesn't change lineup in league mode at all, is that supposed to be that way?
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  2. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    I'm a bit confused about the different versions of we7 released. I heard from some people that we7i was the best version, and some others say that there is no gameplay differences. It seems there are three different we7, one from Korea, one from USA and one from Japan. I only found a link to the usa one. Which one is the best gameplay-wise ? I'm talking about pc versions btw.
  3. Lexypoooo

    Lexypoooo Conference

    15 April 2017
    Here's the latest kitserver, Juce updated it last year. I posted it in another thread but thought I'd add it here in case anyone needs it. You can make the game full screen with perfect aspect ratio, change speed and adjust camera zoom for most cameras including vertical. I'd recommend around 1300 for wide/broadcast with clipping set to 0. Just remember to get rid of the # sign in front of the stuff you want to enable and adjust. Link:
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  4. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Is there an updated kitserver for pes4/we8 ?
    Or a tool to force 1920x1080 resolution ?
  5. Lexypoooo

    Lexypoooo Conference

    15 April 2017
    Unfortunately no. He hasn't updated it since v4.3.11 in 2010. Even that version is a bit buggy as you often have to remove and reattach it for the game to start. Main thing it does is fix the aspect ratio on fullscreen which is better than nothing.

    There's also never been an internal resolution tool released to my knowledge.

    It's a shame it hasn't been better supported as it's a good game. I've been playing it a lot recently.
  6. Topaz

    Topaz Programmer/TheAwesomeGem

    21 October 2011
    United States
    Chelsea, Spain
    IMO the best PES game gameplay wise. However, I wish it had more teams.
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  7. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Can't believe i overlooked this game for all these years, in favor of much-hyped pes 5 and 6 (not talking about everything after which is garbage for most imo). Back in the days, i remembered having good fun with this one, especially co-op with a friend against the cpu. But i never played it again until a few months ago. Great game this.
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  8. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    I managed to update barcelona 2011 team in pes3, with psd stats and chenghis tactics. It's amazing how the cpu plays in this game, the team was much more lifelike than in pes 4/5/6/2008. Messi scored a typical goal where he left for dust some of my milan defenders before slotting a beautiful curved shot in the top corner. Beautiful, i wished i recorded this.
  9. Titch

    Titch Premiership

    4 October 2004
    I liked the simplicity; only 64 teams. However, trying to press for the ball at times is impossible. Foul. Foul. Foul. Foul. Foul. It's the only game I've been sent off for a simple trip. Might need some tips :D
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  10. Sany023

    Sany023 Premiership

    30 November 2008
    Manchester United
    Juce is released new version of kitserver for PES 4 - kitserver 4.4.0.

    Now kitserver support fullscreen resolution and internal resolution.
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  11. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    I wished there was more slots for teams... I think i really prefer this game, but pes 5/6 have so much contents...
  12. Titch

    Titch Premiership

    4 October 2004
    A hybrid of 3,4,5 and 6. Infact, there are parts to even 1 and 2 I like. Imagine a game with the best bits of all of them!
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  13. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Yeah, taxe a mix of pes 1-6 gameplay, pes 2010 master league, pes 2018 graphics and pes 2013 stadium editor, and make the best football game ever Konami !
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  14. Lexypoooo

    Lexypoooo Conference

    15 April 2017
    Thanks. Site seems down right now but I'll try again later.

    Edit: Working now, got it.
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  15. sonix

    sonix Non-League

    20 November 2006
    Legia Warsaw
    I like to go back to PES 3 once in a while. I think you could divide the PS2 era games into two trilogies - 1-3 (simpler, more like direct continuation of PSX games) and 4-6 (more evolved and nuanced), with 3 and 6 being the "final evolution" of these trilogies. PES 3, although older, is not necessarily inferior - it's different and unique, well worth revisiting.

    For example the presentation - the fuzzy TV effect and the depth of field make it look like no other PES game, it really feels like watching a football match on a telly ca. 2003. And the replays in highlights - the camera angles combined with the visual style and broadcast-like feel make them look fantastic, like no other PES before or after it.

    Then we have some small details that appeared only in PES 3. Like when you won the league title in Master League, a star appeared above the team's emblem on your players' shirts. I don't know what was the max amount of those stars, but I remember having three of them my kit. Or the animated ponytails on Davids, Seaman and Robertio Baggio (and probably someone else I did not mention) - they actually looked really good in motion! I have no idea why they became stiff again in PES 4.

    It introduced the advantage play (though not fully, the referee did not go back to the foul if advantage was lost), handball (though I never saw it being called against a defending team; and I believe the whole concept was scrapped for later installments)and new Master League structure, with four separate divisions and faux-Champions League tournaments. The gameplay, while maybe less deep than in later games, was polished and brilliant. I remember some of my most memorable matches in the series happened in PES 3.

    Years ago I made two goal compilations, I guess it's a good opportunity to share, enjoy! (I wish the quality was better though)

    (I think 5:34 is my favorite, I remember it was the default ML squad)

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  16. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp WYL | Porto

    27 June 2009
    Great stuff sonix, I didn't know the game added stars to your emblem if you won the league, nice detail.
    I put PES3 on my top-5 PES games to revisit, easily. I fired it up last week after not playing it for many, many years and was absolutely impressed with the gameplay. It's still addictive in 2018, which blows my mind.
  17. Titch

    Titch Premiership

    4 October 2004
    I have often thought about updating it. The ML was my favourite in any PES. I can't remember the structure though. I like the idea of playing that again. I used to love editing PES6 but there was always so much to do. PES3 OF anyone? :)
  18. Lami

    Lami Niche Football

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    I'm currently going through my PS2 pes and we games and stuck playing we10 Europe league edition. Incredible fun and good football at the same time.

    Bring back seabass I say. He can have his shark heads as well.
  19. Titch

    Titch Premiership

    4 October 2004
    And penguin suits :D
    I must say I have been playing 2018 recently for the first time and it's not bad. The menus confuse me though as I'm still used to the old style.
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  20. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    I picked up 2017 on sale and it's not bad but still not as good as the old one's. I totally agree on the menus. The worst for me is if you want to organise a custom cup with teams from different leagues, god what a long winded cumbersome task that is, backwards and forwards to different screens. Talk about lose the will to bother doing it in the end! You can't even seem to pick it randomly to just have either club or national, it mixes them up.
  21. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    I've got troubles playing pes 3 on my brand new laptop. I guess it's related to windows 10. The game stutters a lot. I've tried a few things (d3doverrider/radeon pro/nvidia settings/compatibility mode) without any success yet. Anybody having windows 10, and playing this game ?
  22. Titch

    Titch Premiership

    4 October 2004
    Yeah still seems fine on my laptop. Only game that doesn't work is PES5. Yet PES6 works...
  23. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Okay... The game plays well out of the box ? Pes 5 is working fine for me with radeon pro v-sync and triple buffering.
  24. Titch

    Titch Premiership

    4 October 2004
    Yeah with the actual disk. Seems random doesn't it?
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  25. Orhainmalz

    Orhainmalz League 2

    16 March 2018
    Arsenal F.C.
    Heh I've been playing PES3 lately and I have to agree with what sonix said. The aesthetic of the game is brilliant.
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  26. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Anyone know where i could find an afs map for pes 3 ? Or any kind of modding tutorial ? I didn't find anything about it.
  27. Madmac79

    Madmac79 Premiership

    11 September 2006
    Since lately I'm on a retrogaming spree, after reading this topic I decided that today was the turn of Pes 3. So here is my little (re)take on.

    The first thing that jumped to my perception directly after starting the first game, it's that it indeed aged quite graciously, possibly (to me) way better than other important chapters: when I tried to retake Pes 5 around a week ago, I simply couldn't get over the general clunkyness even though it's my favourite and most played Pes ever, it all seemed so alien and far away that I decided to leave it for the time beings..

    But with Pes 3 it was completely different: one minute pad in hand, and it felt like I was already home! This game has a way to immediately hook a long time player of the saga (or at least me, eheh) that I completely forgot of in the years, maybe even because at the times I consumed WE7 but played really little time to this one.. all the match has a sort of general, elegant flow that actually encourages playing soccer, from the refined, soft and well tied animations to the rhytm, it all contributes to it.. it feels faster when it needs to be fast, reasoned and slow otherwise.. I find it hard to describe it with aything but: how the flow it's supposed to be.

    @sonix was spot on with his post above. Pes 3 is maybe less deeper in a sense than the ones that followed just after, but decisively not inferior by any mean. In the end, this game truly feels like the great, ultimate sum and evolution of the wonderful Psx era and early Ps2. Immediacy, some strong real soccer spirit but also that colorful light tone that got lost forever after this.
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  28. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Holy words. I personnally hate the new PES generation (14-18), PS3 era was meh despite retaining some good gameplay bits from ps2 era, so i stick mostly to ps2 games. At first, i only played pes 5/6, but when i dusted out my pes 3 box, it was difficult to come back to pes 5 and 6. What stand out the most for me in pes 3, is the AI and the individuality. The AI is so much more a challenge than pes 5/6, especially offensive-wise. In PES 5 (and WE9LE), the CPU struggled to score any goals, and the nearly only way to score was a through ball from 50 yards. It was better in PES 6, but still sometimes the cpu shoots in closed angle and do that annoying chip that go always for a goal kick. In PES 3, the CPU attacks in very different ways, and it's very rare i concede a cheap goal (rebound goals happened too much in pes 5/6 also).

    The stats never worked better than in PES 3. Fast players were fast, technical players like Zidane stand out, injury-prone players were injured, you were bullied by powerful defenders like Stam. The team individuality was not the best, but because of the individuality in players, each games and teams played differently.

    Then, there is the master league. 8 teams less than in pes 5/6, but man this master league edition was maybe the best in ps2 era... First, there were three options for transfers ! Transfer frequency, acquisition difficulty, Level of players acquired by the CPU. As a result, you had mostly more realistic transfers from the cpu than in pes 5/6, no Real Madrid buying Castolo, you couldn't also as D2 team sign some top players. Big teams were scary and lesser teams could be hammered. Since PES4, i don't know why but KONAMI made the better teams easier to beat than the lesser teams. For me it was very evident in PES5/6. What i also found amazing in PES3, is that the cpu changes his formation and his tactics. I met Milan home and they were playing classical 4-4-2, then later in the season they switched to 3-5-2 when they played away !
    Developping players was not yet implemented, but i always felt that player's growth in pes 5/6 was overpowered and had no sense, you'd have players with red figures in most stats...

    Maybe the only slightly annoying things in pes 3, were the header goals are maybe overpowered and the volleys/scissor kicks happened too much. Long range shooting is also difficult, but i prefer that to pes 6 easy long range goals. I also miss the great array of modding possibilities in pes 5/6, but gameplay will always be my priority.

    Don't get me wrong though, pes 5 and 6 were amazing games, but i feel like in singleplayer against the cpu in a master league, there is no better pes than pes 3.
  29. MadbaLL

    MadbaLL Interista per sempre!

    11 February 2008
    "Curva Nord"
    Inter Milan
    holy words, guys ;)
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  30. ISS1970

    ISS1970 Conference

    20 September 2016
    I am glad you people rediscovered this wonderful game, i stil play it every once in a while and i think it's much more enjoyble than pes5/WE9LEK....i think it has the best keepers animations ever and stunning visual. I also like the pace tempo and passing in this game. Zola being my fav player in this game and stanford bridge being the best looking stadium. I wish it had a decent mod could be a wonder with a nice looking patch!
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