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PES2012-how to activate the preset tactics

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by cadburyho, 23 October 2011.

  1. cadburyho

    cadburyho League 1

    5 March 2005
    Hi guys,
    Noticed that it possible to set 4 preset tactics under the Gameplan. For eg. I have done as follows:-

    Preset tactics 1- Standard
    Preset tactics 2- All out attack
    Preset tactics 3- Counter attack
    Preset tactics 4- All out defence.

    I have even changed the formations in all 4 preset tactics. I normally starts off with preset tactics 1 and when I am winning, I switch to Preset tactics 4 under the Gameplan. My question is how do i know for sure that preset tactics 4 has been activated. Even though I have chosen preset tactics 4 in the gameplan but when I exit and re-enter, it will revert to preset tactics 1 and not 4 that i have chosen earlier. Is preset tactics 4 actually running cos on the radar I cannot see much difference.There are no icons which I can attach to the preset tactics so I do not know for sure. Am I missing something? Grateful if someone can shed some light on how to activate the preset tactics correctly.
    Last edited: 23 October 2011
  2. cadburyho

    cadburyho League 1

    5 March 2005
    Re: PES2012-how to do a knock on correctly?

    Hi guys,
    I have another question. Hope someone can help. In the past it is quite easy to do a knock on. Just merely holding R1 and then depressing R2 and at a turn we can push the ball far ahead. But in PES2012, the knock on is hardly noticeable. In previous version, we can easily beat the defenders with this move but now this move is easily snuffed out. I have read the command list but nothing has changed. Do you have the same problem?
    Last edited: 23 October 2011
  3. CalcioCalabrese

    CalcioCalabrese Weekend warrior

    29 November 2010
    Adelaide United
    Mate - with the preset tactics, you can press right on the D-pad and in the bottom right corner of the screen there is an image of the coach waving instructions and it says Preset 2 or preset 3 etc, depending on what you've changed to. If you don't see it come up, it's because you're control settings aren't correct. You need to make sure that you have only the left stick selected for controlling the players. The option will have D-pad, left stick or both. You don't want both as it means you can't use the other one for tactics as they're both assigned to moving the player.

    The knock on does work but make sure you have a slight angle to the stick. So if you're running from left to right and want to do a longer knock on, try moving the stick to the right but off centre. So kind of diagonally.
  4. cadburyho

    cadburyho League 1

    5 March 2005
    Thanks Calcio, fully understood now I know what i am missing.

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