PES2010 PSP can't open afs file

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  1. t256

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    5 November 2003
    PES2010 PSP can't open afs file in GGS 7.4 and afs explorer 3.7,How can i extract it whith another program.
  2. hidayat225

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    28 June 2008
    AC Milan
    Use DKZ Studio 0.90.

    Go to and follow the tutorial there. Use google translator.

    "Re: problem ggs pes 2010

    Notapor melee8 "Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:57 pm
    I will translate more or less what it says.

    -Open the iso with winrar and extract all the content in the PES2010 folder (the you create on the desktop for example)
    -Open, one by one all the files in the folder afs USRDIR open with DKZ Studio 0.90 and save it to another folder without touching anything.
    "Now with the files from being placed on the UMDGEN and save the iso."
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