PES2008 I regret buying this crap...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by hellenes, 2 November 2007.

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  1. hellenes

    hellenes Banned

    4 September 2005
    I just bought the game to play online...However the response time and lag is unbearable I hit 4.5k lag in gameplay which drops to 300s in replays...
    Dear KONAMI if I wanted a same screen multiplayer or single player game I wouldnt have bothered buying it...
    I hope that their awful online spooks enough people from buying the original game so they improve it...
  2. LeviathanPT

    LeviathanPT Non-League

    4 January 2006
    Sporting C.P.
    I havnt felt any issue playing with a friend in france, are you sure its not your problem ? :)
  3. asmz

    asmz Banned

    2 November 2007
    Are you living under a rock?
  4. BlaZiNgSPEED

    BlaZiNgSPEED League 1

    25 August 2007
    London, UK
    Manchester United
    Don't chat rubbish its for your own interest too u don't want to cry that you are unable to play smoothly online, do you?:shock:
  5. johnj201

    johnj201 League 2

    6 August 2005
    I played my first online game last night at around 11:30 and it was horrible.
    Flicky stuttering framerate.
    Thats after the patch BTW.
    Konami excel themselves once again.
  6. MatTheCat2

    MatTheCat2 Banned

    23 October 2007
    Then take it back to the shop and get a refund.....

    Just tell them that the game makes your system freeze up.

    I done this and by the reaction I got from the assitant at the counter so have a lot of other people.

    Fuck Konami....the way I see it, charging money for PES2008 amounts to theft..... VW wouldnt sell you a car with bits missing and things not put together properly.....why should people put up with MESS2008?
  7. GWADanny

    GWADanny Non-League

    3 September 2007
    ffs lol taking it back that soon, i bet you all get the game again, i think they will fix the problems, i went online today and it was jerky but kinda fun i lost 4 v 1 but the guy was lucky ;) soon it will all be sorted out and every one will stop crying ;)
  8. Savage

    Savage Non-League

    26 November 2004
    KONAMI endorses piracy...:lol:
  9. jordan989

    jordan989 Non-League

    18 April 2005
    i did exactly the same, using the same excuse! i bought fifa 08 about a month ago now and was thinking it would just gather dust once i had pro evo - but no, it was a pisstake.

    another thing, on top of the shit editor mode, the lack of licenses, the awful framerate, crap online etc etc etc, was that konami overlook tiny things such as danny murphy still playing for tottenham - and tottenham are licensed! sort it out..

    i've bought every pes since PES1, and loved all of them.. but this year, fifa owns. It's actually a really good game if you give it a chance, the other day me and 3 mates were playing together against some other people online - no lag, easy to set up, great fun.. get that game \\:o/

    UKRSHEV Non-League

    30 September 2007
    go kill yourself \\:o/ pc fifa is the same scripted piece of crap. it's not even worth of being compared to pes. PS3 or x-box versions are really good but still behind.
  11. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    why the fook is the fps locked at 30? its bloody unplayable at this rate!
  12. ste09

    ste09 Non-League

    3 January 2006
    it shouldnt be unplayable.....a film runs at 25fps. do you not watch films because they dont go at 60fps?
  13. Unevilized

    Unevilized Banned

    28 June 2006
    I regret buying this game too, the only people who would like to play this crap are noobs that couldnt own at pes6, thats why they feel like this game dosnt make them like retarded noobs so they like it, this game is shit in everything, even the graphics, the pitch looks like shit, the physics is very bad and unrealistic, how the fuck could seabass be pleased about the work in this shity game?
  14. nikos

    nikos Non-League

    2 December 2003
    films run at 25Hz interlaced, which equals to 50Hz, and that's for NTSC. PAL runs on 60Hz.

    Anything below that is very hard on the eyes, especially taking in mind that you sit 0.5 to 1m away from the monitor.
  15. ste09

    ste09 Non-League

    3 January 2006
    i like the game....i was good at pes6 online you sir are WRONG. although i do agree that really shit people can still win easy online with just a default barca formation and a combo of messi ronaldinho and henry. So you use the smaller teams and then its more competitive.
  16. filipusis

    filipusis Ex Facemaker

    17 August 2007
    Sibenik, Croatia
    dont talk like that

    it is not so bad
  17. racecar10101

    racecar10101 Banned

    5 November 2006
    It's crap the only people liking and playing it are only doing so because they paid for it.
  18. MatTheCat2

    MatTheCat2 Banned

    23 October 2007
    nope, its worse than that...

    its plain fucking tragic.

    time for Seabass to resign and go and have his midlife crisis in peace....let somebody with a little more drive and creativity take over the series.

    I plead to EVERYONE who has bought this game....TAKE IT BACK...get a REFUND dont encourage Konami's complanceny and arrogance.

    If you have PS3 or 360....get FIFA08 instead..its not too bad....If u have PC..keep serial number and play it aynways till the point where it becomes so unbearably bad that you cant take no more...then uninstall and never go back to it again.
    Last edited: 3 November 2007
  19. Adrianoo

    Adrianoo Non-League

    20 June 2006
    I think it's pretty amazing that a lot of people owning either ATI or NVIDIA graphic cards all complain about the same faults and that KONAMI can't create a decent game without us having to switch 30 settings in order to play one PC game. I love PES, I think it's 10 times better than FIFA, but their greatness should also be measured with how much effort they put into making a normal Pc-compatible game - gameplay is a lot but it's not everything.
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