PES2008 faster with PS3 System Update 2.00?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by trojanfoe, 8 November 2007.

  1. trojanfoe

    trojanfoe Gooner

    11 June 2002
    Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK
    I wasn't one of the ones who've be suffering with slowdown to any great extent, perhaps as I have a Sony Bravia telly, but after updating the system to 2.00 I'd swear that it's going even quicker. There is still a slight slowdown in places, but generally the play is much snappier, and I think the same as the XBOX360 version (can't do side-by-side comparison as I don't own it - a friend does).

    Anyone else had similar experience?

  2. stephenb5203

    stephenb5203 Non-League

    12 August 2006
    No it really isn't for me, it's still a festering pile of steaming shite! And I really want to love it, but cant :(
  3. trojanfoe

    trojanfoe Gooner

    11 June 2002
    Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK
    You updated to 2.00 and it didn't change anything for you?
  4. thesmudge

    thesmudge Non-League

    21 August 2007
    I just got game and downloaded 2.00 before i played. If it has been improved how bad was it before as from what i have played of it so far i haven't been impressed.
  5. donfrancesco

    donfrancesco Non-League

    3 August 2006
    i wasnt suffering from slowdown to a great extent either, but it was noticable. I am using a standard TV with the standard component cables. I installed the new software update but the game didnt speed up for me.. although i installed PES2008 to my HDD and have now noticed that the game speed has indeed quickened up a little... and i have NO slowdown or frame rate issues while playing offline, although replays are still not 100%. Online mode is still a joke!
  6. stephenb5203

    stephenb5203 Non-League

    12 August 2006
    Game wise no it hasn't. I am really fed up with this no decent option file and the slow down when there are lots of players on screen is criminal. For the first time ever I am thinking about getting FIFA, I feel so dirty :shock:
  7. pes4don

    pes4don Non-League

    25 October 2007
    alot better for me!!!!!!
  8. trojanfoe

    trojanfoe Gooner

    11 June 2002
    Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK
    That's good news - not my imagination then. Wonder it's affected so few others...
  9. kensuke

    kensuke Non-League

    22 May 2003
    After the update the game seems to be much faster and smoother
  10. CBG

    CBG League 2

    5 August 2003
    i agree it seems better after the update !
  11. Hella

    Hella Bajare

    17 June 2006
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Still some slowdowns when you play, but the replays and cutscenes have improved a lot.
  12. RenzoLouis

    RenzoLouis League 1

    22 February 2004
    same not better ...
  13. movershaker

    movershaker Non-League

    13 May 2006
    For me the game runs a touch faster, more like the 360 version now. i think i prefered it slower before!

    the cut scenes have defo improved, frame rates seem better especially on shots zoomed out. still not amazing but a least i dont dizzy when watching the cut scenes now!
  14. KOC

    KOC Non-League

    11 August 2007
    Using an old TV (not HDTV). Just updated to 2.0 and having a go. Much better for me. Smoother. It isn't perfect, but much better. Hope it helps others too.
  15. Gedtillo

    Gedtillo Mediocentro defensivo

    13 July 2004
    Lot better than before! Very happy with 2.0 fw!
  16. dungbeetle

    dungbeetle Non-League

    7 September 2005
    Yep, seems to be some improvement here too ...


    ... Konami, if you're listening, we still need a patch from you as well please, because there is still slow down in the area when the ball pings around with lots of players.

    Also, tearing is still an issue and we really would like to be able to choose kits in cup, league and masterleague competitions to avoid kit clashes ...



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