PES11 - Broken!?!?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by xPJRx, 9 December 2010.

  1. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    Firstly, this isnt a rant just slating the game, I love it to bits, play every night and just want the best PES experience possible but recently ive been playing PES and largely enjoying it. just playing it for what it is and trying to not concentrate on all the bad points, but last night, I had possibly the most infuriating session ive ever had with the game, every single bad point/bug/flaw that we know about reared its head in one single game.

    Somebody mentioned that the 1.02 patch has increased AI pressure which we know is true as it was listed in Konamis press release, to the point where every player on the CPU team harasses you cosntantly all game long, leading to not very many chances created and unrealistic floaty spooned shots when under the tiniest bit of pressure.
    So there was a suggestion to edit the teams pressure slider down to 1 to counter balance the aggressiveness imposed by the patch, so though id give it a go.
    Next up in my ML was Shaktar Donetsk, so i saved the game and edited their game plan settings and moved pressure down to a setting of 3 (was on 14).
    restarted my ML and began the match against them…
    I got walloped 5-0!!!! the most ive ever conceded in a game. Every single flaw with the game was úber apparent.

    I scored a rasping volley just inside the CPU’s penalty box, only for the defender to slide tackle me after the shot had been performed, cue the referee…. he blew and gave me a penalty instead of the goal, which i duely missed (penalties are horrible in this game). 5 seconds later the CPU attacked my goal only for the CPU CF to literally run into my defender like a bulldozer whist he had the ball, and the ref deemed i had fouled HIM!!! so penalty to the CPU, obviously scored.
    from then on it was like the CPU was in super mega mode. Elephantits near the touchlines, my player receiving the ball and running 5 yards in the wrong direction before i gained control of the player, and finally the stumble bug …..
    CPU attacks my goal, theres a melee in my box, ball rolls loose, the CPU CF again walks past my defender, who acts like he was shot with a tazer gun, stumbles, and goes into that famous animation where i have no control over him at all, as a result, the CPU just sticks a toe out and pokes the ball into an empty net.
    I have recorded a clip of this scenario which i’ll upload tonight, absolutely infuriating.
    I turned the game off after that. seriously considering a prolonged break. This is the most broken footy game in history.
    People slated FIFA last year for all the bugs within Manager Mode etc but at least year on year, FIFA’s core game play is pretty much 99% spot on, even if there are no decent modes to use it in.
    PES11 is so broke in so many key and basic areas of normal game play that i seriously doubt konami did ANY play testing whatsoever
  2. sir_poc

    sir_poc Quite literally League 2

    9 October 2010
    Gosport, England
    Portsmouth F.C
    This is one of the most dramatic post I have ever read. Give yourself a beak from the game mate, you clearly let it all get to you.

    Some of the things you experienced might of been frustrating, but realistically if you lose 5-0, you must be doing something wrong, and you just didn't play well, I think you know that. The game certainly isn't broken, I've never felt that way despite the odd destroyment from the AI to me.

    As for pens, I personally think they are superb, go to training mode, spend 15 mins and you'll never miss one again :)
  3. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    Appreciate i probably had a rant at being so peeved about that game, maybe i do need a break!! ;-)
    I did have a stinker and losing 5-0 was probably testament to that but as a flip side,can honestly say that at least 3 of those goals were not down to me playing badly and conceding them but rather bugs or flaws in the game allowing it to happen.
    As i said, I love the game, have been playing PES since PES 3 and not here to just rant, im 31yrs old, not 13, have played footy professionally so have a great respect and knowledge of the game but seriously, can you say that its ok for players to stumble for 10 yards when they are breated on by a CPU player? forcing into an animation that you are locked out of, have no control over and therefore allowing the cpu to score a totally assisted goal that you could never have stopped due to the flaw in the game!?

    My point was that its such a good game with such great potential that its a shame there are so many little but very annoying flaws in it, which unfortunately, often add up to produce a frustrating experience.
  4. Jimmy G-Force

    Jimmy G-Force Resident PES Fanman

    13 April 2003
    Middlesbrough F.C.
    I dont think it's any coincidence that people feel the game is at it's most broken after getting a good old fashioned spanking by the CPU. It's usually followed by claims of ridiculous scripting as well. In reality, it's a case of just one of those games where nothing goes right, the CPU seems god-like, and you can't hit a cows ass with a banjo.

    Dust yourself off, swallow your pride, take it on chin, roll up your sleeves, and get back into the mix. Or, sit and sulk, blame Konami for producing the most broken game in history, forget all about the great games you had before this shellacking, and wait for PES 2012.

    I think the first option is probably the better one. :)

    P.S. Look on YouTube for a PES 2011 Penalty tutorial, there are only 'horrible' because you dont know how to take them.
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  5. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    Yep I agree Jimmy, hence why i posted here as i knew id get sensible rationable feedback from people who love the game just as much.
    I shall be back tonight hoping to rectify my battering in the last game.

    I do know how to take penalties, have done the youtube tutorials and put in a considerable time practising them in game, just feel they could have been implemented with the angles etc a little better.
    I guess they were horrible last night cause i missed one!! ;-)

    just a sidenote though Jimmy, do you not feel that the 'stumble' animation detracts from game play and isnt that realistic!?
  6. amier

    amier The Great One

    9 August 2004
    for what it's worth.. it can only be considered broken if this were to happen on a consistent basis.
    i'm pretty sure that isn't the case. ;)

    seriously u gotta give pes more love cuz of 'shit' like this, because the drama is second to none when it comes to AI 'cheating'
  7. Jimmy G-Force

    Jimmy G-Force Resident PES Fanman

    13 April 2003
    Middlesbrough F.C.

    It's a slow, clumsy animation that we really needs sorting. I understand the theory of split-second loss of balance, which I think we do need, it just needs implementing better.

    Myself and Steekbal had a cracking game last night that went to penalties. We both know the system inside out, and it was a great shoot-out. What I will add though, is I think a couple of penalties I scored were a little glitchy. Those floated penalties to the side, where you tap away from the goal just before your player makes contact with the ball is pretty much impossible to save. These need looking at badly in my opinion. :(
  8. sweetmusicman

    sweetmusicman sweetmusicman

    12 December 2006
    Springboks and Manchester
    That is why I play on regular; that way there is less frustration when you see how Konami tried to ad difficulty for the CPU by means of cheating/deliberate flaws/glitches, call it what you want. I enjoy the game immensely and probably going to be most played at the end of next year. Only thing missing is finding an option file(ps3) BLES 21 with the Bundes league and Championship/Npower league teams.:BOP:

    P.S. I think on a lower difficult level it is harder to noticed these flaws even though their are there on a regular basis.
  9. Professor Nutmeg

    Professor Nutmeg ML Fanatic

    3 July 2002
    Master League
    I have to say, i've watched this and practiced them in training mode. They're still pretty bad though. A real gamble. In games i tend to miss completely and when i have scored, it's been in off the crossbar (skin of my teeth style).
    Fifa's penalty system was really smooth and fun in '10 (i haven't played '11). You could choose power, finesse etc and actually watch it from behind. Quite satisfying. PES2011 penalties are a chore imo.
  10. Granulated

    Granulated Granulated

    2 December 2009
    I'm starting to wonder if the AI on the PC version is 'more' dodgy then XB360 and PS3 because I keep seeing people disagreeing with people who suggest that 2011 is 'broken'

    I'm on PC and it DEFINITELY IS NOT right.
    Examining the game files shows there's bits and pieces still in their from a few years ago.

    It's still addictive as hell though. BUt it's an angry addiction rather than a nice one !
  11. Granulated

    Granulated Granulated

    2 December 2009
    oh..just noticed this is a PS3/x360 thread..sorry!
  12. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    haha no worries mate, still good to hear feedback.
    Jimmy was right to suggest that I was being harsh in labelling the game broken, however i stand by my views that all is not rosy in the PES 11 game play world.
    There are several things that happen consistently that should never happen that grate me and hamper my enjoyment of the game, not because of how i play or how good or bad i am at the game but purely because its forced upon me by the CPU and i have no say in it.

    As i stated in my original post, i love the PES series, i just want to play the best PES game possible, so this isnt a rant, am not asking for the konami dev team to be sacked or my money back, im just looking for light at the end of the murky tunnel.
  13. ilfenomeno

    ilfenomeno La Gueule

    12 October 2010
    A couple of years from now KONAMI will state in their press conference that PES 2011 was unfinished, that it was rushed on the market and that it wouldn't suffice the quality standards but that it had to be released because PES is released every year. KONAMI will also state that despite all the flaws that the game had, people still enjoyed it and that really suprised the Seabass' team because in their eyes PES 2011 was an early alpha version of the game they actually wanted to create.

    Well, I'm saying it all now, couple of years before the press conference. Too bad that in few years nobody will remember that a user on evo-web forums named ilfenomeno predicted it all.
  14. sir_poc

    sir_poc Quite literally League 2

    9 October 2010
    Gosport, England
    Portsmouth F.C
    Don't agree with this to be fair. There is a lot of skill to penalities in PES 11, especially if we are comparing it to FIFA '10. Fifa 10 you could master it, and it would go in the same place every single time. Pretty much the same power, it'll go exactly the same place. Halfway between the post and the corner into the roof of the net, my brother did this practicing pens on FIFA 11 (so it's still the same pretty much) 50 times in a row, in the training ground before giving up. Same power spot, every time, keeper nowhere near it.

    PES 11, you have a lot of control over the pens, yet you can make a slight twitch (much like it real life) when you are feeling the pressure and you've fucked it. Fair enough chipped pens are a cheat in PES 11, but as long as you don't do that, every pen situation is different (even with a cipped pen you can put it wide under pressure holding to long), wheras in FIFA 10 it was like learning and remembering the perfect amount of power and you could get it like I say, the same place, every single time. Stupidly unrealistic system in FIFA, felt way to assisted.

    There is a lot of things FIFA does that PES 11 can learn from, but personally, in the last two versions of both games, pens is definitely not one of them. I would agree that I prefered pens in pes 10, but the idea is exactly the same, just for some reason they added an extra sequence to the button combination, which actually took me about a week to work out they had done :LOL:
  15. IIHUII

    IIHUII Banned

    3 September 2010
    I'm agree with big part of xPJRx post .
    PES 2011 is... i don't know.. it's not like football games, this is something different
    The players control is so bad and lacking any sense of movement and animations, the players look like retired not like a profesional footballer, the new defence system is just .. bad.. dosen't work аt all.
    Shot and ball phisic is so unrealistic and bad, Online mode is so uncomfortable and bad, the new penalty shot system is the worst in football games history, A.I. and CPU system is ridiculous.
    Yes there some moments where the game look like real football match but.. the big, key part of the game is just broken !
    I do not expect that to change in PES 2012 because ....just watch what crap is written in the feedback section of WENB .. but also by Konami can not earn a good game now the fifth year ... no way to do it now.
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  16. Ern Dog

    Ern Dog Championship

    23 October 2009
    I think it works brilliantly, its just not necessary to use it.

    I kind of agree with ilfenomeno, the game is VERY rough around the edges.

    Its probably not wise to be so but I am very optimistic about next years game. PES2011 is a very good base to work on IMO.
  17. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    If they ever do say that then I'll be surprised. Unfinished, and rushed, and still this amazing? How would a finished product have looked like then :SHOCK:

    Seriously though, that'll never be said about this game. This isn't 2008. This is a very, very good game missing a few things here and there. Imo, this game is the best in the series, and might be remembered as a classic.
  18. Jamezinho

    Jamezinho Golden Boot Winner

    10 June 2003
    Ipswich, England
    Ipswich Town F.C.
    I agree, although I do think there is some truth to what ilfenomeno said. The game certainly does look a bit rushed in some areas, even though I think the final product has that PES magic back and is great fun to play.

    PES2011 will be remembered the same way as PES3 - a very solid base from which a much better PES will develop.
  19. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    I agree, i think PES 11 is a decent game, maybe even one of the better PES's to date, but i think alot of us expected it to be the saviour after a dire few years of PES titles (bar 2010 - that was a very decent game) and its actually not, its a good solid platform for which to build better things on, whether its 2010, 13 or whatever, its just a shame as several of the points raised by people are things that could and should have so easily been apparent to Konami had they put in some extended game play testing, which maybe they did, but if so you have to question why they chose to ignore such 'flaws' for want of a better word.
    Of course the Niggles are heightened when your not having much success with the game, if you're winning constantly then maybe you dont see the bad points so much.

    Just wish as much care and attention had gone into making sure the released product was a smooth as playable as the focus that was put on rebuilding the passing engine for example.

    Penalties i have changed my stance on, theyre not easy but neither are real penalties, the slightest indecision, hesitation etc can lead to misses, look at Rooneys last night against Arsenal, a weird run up, last minute change of mind resulted in a botched spot kick, as opposed to FIFA's 'sweet spot' style method i think PES has got it more right.
  20. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    Yeah, most football games have lots of rushed elements in it.

    PES 2011 has a few more than your average game but not as many as people are complaining about.

    Most of the time i actually enjoy getting beaten by the AI when i'm using a shit team for 3-4 games in a row (ML) By then i get angry and it makes it so much better when i stop the rot!

    I actually like it in Europe when i come up against some inspired team and get spanked by them playing the game of their lives, just funny tbh! Adds to the drama!

    The game does cheat, like every other football game in histroy but much, MUCH less compared to any other football game where the cheating at times (PES 6, 4, 2, PES 2010, Most if all fifa) is crazy!

    Many animations seem rushed though!
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