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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by BPLGonzo, 23 November 2006.

  1. BPLGonzo

    BPLGonzo Guest

    Are you best online player? Prove it! Play...

    PES International Online League

    Apply for PES International League!

    League will consist of max 20 participants. In case of more applications two leagues will be formed. League will be hosted on BPL System ( Each player will get detailed instructions how to use it. Choosing of teams will be determined later. First, after applications, draft list will be formed. Then, by the draft list, players will choose team. Draft will be also held on BPL website wich supports live drafting of teams.

    Apply here now! Play against best online players!

    Players that signed so far (from all forums):

    1. daviebhoy
    2. lazoli
    3. ciko07
    4. Emmanuel
    5. robinmccready
    6. Mouta
    7. stoni90
    8. pickford
    9. Goztepe2002
    10. dipesh_patel
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  2. Pickford

    Pickford Banned

    10 February 2006
    How do you apply?????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Steenkoud

    Steenkoud Non-League

    21 April 2006
    too much croatians, they lag.
  4. lazoli

    lazoli Premiership

    16 February 2005
    Just put your online ID and the country you are goint to play the game from. Like this...
    Online ID:
  5. Pickford

    Pickford Banned

    10 February 2006
  6. BPLGonzo

    BPLGonzo Guest

    You don't play with croatians, you will play this league. They just use same software for running their league.
  7. BPLGonzo

    BPLGonzo Guest

    I'll put you in as 'Pickford'. Later when you meet with opponents and tell them your online ID.
  8. BPLGonzo

    BPLGonzo Guest

    PES International League starting!

    It is decided that PES Internationa League will start in experimental phase with just 10 players.

    Draft order is determined by applications order. Draft will be hold live on BPL webisite:

    All players will get username/password on their Personal Messages on forum. For any other instructions and questions you can contact me on: My Email Link

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