PES editor problem (got frooze when loading optoin file)

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by schmeir, 6 March 2007.

  1. schmeir

    schmeir Conference

    2 July 2005
    After replacing ide hard disk with sata2 hard disk, PES editor is getting frooze on the way loading option file. So I am not using this tool now. Please help me!!
  2. skip-br

    skip-br League 2

    28 March 2005
    What version of Java you have installed?

    It used to work fine with 5_06... I have an issue exactly like that when I upgraded to 5_08. Latest version of Java is 6 and there are also a 5_11.

    Btw, just tried it before finish my post and java version 6 works fine.

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