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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by fanbros, 22 February 2010.

  1. fanbros

    fanbros Non-League

    27 September 2007
    1.) Export of players from PES2009 OF. From for that that arrangements of some teams in PES2009 does not correspond in PES2010 it is necessary to change the country after export.
    For example you export the German football player from PES2009 and so Germany is located on 10 positions and in PES2010 on 10 positions France is located, you will simply change the country

    2.) In Stats Adjust are added the list of national teams
    Also work function is changed, now at a choice of a team it is not excluded also changes occur only on the chosen team

    I have begun only studies programming in Java if to me somebody helps me, I can export the data from OF to a database

    PES Editor 2010_v1.2
    Last edited: 22 February 2010
  2. Phato

    Phato retired PES editer

    2 November 2007
    Bari [IT]
    A.S. Bari
    Looks such a great work!!! I'll test it as soon as possible!
    Thanks a lot, mate! :TU:
  3. sekularac

    sekularac League 2

    18 April 2009
    Serbia, BELGRADE
    Thanks man, good work especially with importing 2009 OF data:WORSHIP:
  4. Anis

    Anis League 1

    12 December 2007
    Sounds very promising ! Many thanks for the effort. :))
  5. maflores

    maflores Conference

    26 October 2007
    great work, thanks, :APPLAUD::WORSHIP:
  6. Crossas

    Crossas Conference

    10 December 2005
    Are you planning on some new features such as player appearence edit/kit editing?
    If you could include an option to assign special hairstyles to a player, it would KICK ASS!! :D

    Congratulations for your work and thank you very much =)
  7. Juan

    Juan Non-League

    26 September 2008
    I'm worried that there is no source code available for this year's versions...
  8. fanbros

    fanbros Non-League

    27 September 2007
    It is possible to use an old source code and to make the new, I hope for it

    I meanwhile so well do not know Java programming
    Last edited: 26 February 2010
  9. Crossas

    Crossas Conference

    10 December 2005
    Thats ok man!
    You did an amazing job already :D

    P.S. Is it possible to add the option to edit the development curve of a player in the edit player window?

    Thks for everything :)
  10. Luiz FS

    Luiz FS Non-League

    20 October 2007
    Santo André-Brazil
    São Paulo FC
    One sugestion.
    If you can edit the popularity the Players and Teaams in the Master League?
  11. fanbros

    fanbros Non-League

    27 September 2007
    I do not have enough knowledge to make it
  12. Crossas

    Crossas Conference

    10 December 2005
    That's ok my friend. :) U've done more than enough already ;)
    Thanks again :D
  13. Phato

    Phato retired PES editer

    2 November 2007
    Bari [IT]
    A.S. Bari
    Well done, Fanbros, it works fine! :BOP:

    I've noticed a sort of bug while using the "export from 09 OF" function on an "Edited National Players" slot.

    Apart from that, I hope to see soon a final version of your fantastic work!

    P.S. Guys, please note that importing players that in PES2009 had short socks (socks type - 3) means... cut out the imported player's legs!!! That's because in PES2010 there are "socks type - 3" no more... :FAIL:
  14. Maskered

    Maskered Graphic Maker

    18 April 2009
    Thank's bro
    Great Job
  15. KaKa1022

    KaKa1022 Non-League

    16 November 2008
    The program is grateful...
    A consultation, can you do the same thing, but that also opens the option file of pes6?
  16. fanbros

    fanbros Non-League

    27 September 2007
    Sorry I can not precisely tell but in the future it can is possible to try simply now at me there is no time
  17. tenente

    tenente League 2

    18 August 2006
    great fanbros, could you make the same option in the davor's editor for pes 2011 ps2? thanks in advance for your kindly reply.
  18. PIPE

    PIPE Wlpes HexEditor

    15 July 2010
    Veracruz, Mexico
    Cruz azul

    PD: you are a crack, fanbros :WORSHIP:

    I edit ps2, much about hexaedicion, relinkeo, all PS2, no one looks at the ps2, there are several that we edit the ps2. Please friend the PS2 edition does not die, to show our forum WLP. :(

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