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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by henry14saim, 26 April 2007.

  1. henry14saim

    henry14saim Conference

    20 August 2006
    hello, yesterday i received a system update, now i have done that, pro evo works smoothly as ever, YOU CAN EVEN GO ONLINE !!! if you don't believe me chec on ign.com it is on there 2 in the ps3 news ;)
  2. EPG

    EPG League 1

    3 November 2006
    yup, the 1.70 firmware update solves previous problems with online/offline matches
  3. cmedeiros

    cmedeiros Non-League

    18 November 2006
    Where is that face from in your avatar? That's amazing.
  4. EPG

    EPG League 1

    3 November 2006
  5. Unique

    Unique Non-League

    21 March 2005
    Please Konami make the players faces in the next WE look like this!!
  6. [CoN]sole

    [CoN]sole Dutch pride

    7 May 2003
    The Netherlands
    Argentina/AC Milan
    Even better, make the faces vary from time to time, just like in real life!! diff. hair styles, facial hair, skin color
  7. hullybul

    hullybul Banned

    31 December 2003
    Well i think pes6 ps2 on the ps3 is playable now, but it isn't 100% perfect as it was on ps2. It still has some lag (also in OFF-line games), which isn't the same stuttering as we know from former pesgames (when it's too croudy) this is a different lag. When playing pes6 ps2 on the ps2 there isn't any lag in off line games.
    Sony agrees on me that the game isn't perfect on the ps3 yet:
    Visit this link:

    As you see, it says that you can play PES6 ps2 on the ps3 with some minor issues!!!

    Hope firmware 1.80 solves everything.
  8. petersmith5

    petersmith5 Conference

    7 September 2006
    I cant see any stutter or lag at all, it plays as smooth as silk, even smoother than it was on ps2, i connect online very quickly too anD my online games are totally lag free and stable, on ps2 i had terrible lag most of the time, and, through HDMI my graphics are pin sharp!!...i just cant wait for PES 7!!!
  9. hullybul

    hullybul Banned

    31 December 2003
    Pin sharp? I didn't play it on ps2 so i cannot compare, but on my Pioneer 427xa HDMI it's vague... (576p).
  10. Junka

    Junka i hail from ISS time

    9 November 2004
    someone release a PS3 option file ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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