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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by zeconha, 13 September 2017.

  1. zeconha

    zeconha Non-League

    18 December 2004
    Good afternoon,

    I need some help! I'm trying to install PES 6 on my computer but I can not play without this one having LAG.

    I have tried in many ways and none of them. is strange because it is a recent computer and with some good features. I can play fifa 14 in the best resolution without problems.

    I really appreciate your help in trying to play this game perfectly. Thank you

    PS:Brand: Xiaomi
    Model: Xiaomi Air 13
    Type: Notebook
    OS: Windows 10
    CPU Brand: Intel
    CPU Series: Core i5
    CPU: i5 6200u
    Core: 2.3GHz,Dual Core
    Caching: 3MB L3 Cache
    Graphics Type: Graphics Card
    Graphics Chipset: GeForce GT 940MX
    Graphics Capacity: 1G
    Process Technology: 14nm
    Power Consumption: 15W
    Threading: 4
  2. Energia

    Energia Premiership

    22 December 2003
  3. zeconha

    zeconha Non-League

    18 December 2004
    I just tested now and it did not work out, it looks like it still got worse. but with this computer this is normal? thank you
  4. Energia

    Energia Premiership

    22 December 2003
    use your nvidia controll panel and set the pes6.exe with high quality and with the high values for all the filters... and v-synch on... if you can limit the framerate set it to 60 fps
  5. zeconha

    zeconha Non-League

    18 December 2004
    I have also tested this and it does not work. I can see that it is impossible to play the best PES ever on these computers!
  6. Lexypoooo

    Lexypoooo Conference

    15 April 2017
    There must be a solution. Maybe it's something simple like changing compatibility mode to xp service pack 3 or something.
  7. zeconha

    zeconha Non-League

    18 December 2004
    I've tried it, but it's still the same. Lag is little but quite annoying.

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