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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by xxxToasTy, 11 June 2012.

  1. xxxToasTy

    xxxToasTy Non-League

    3 April 2011
    Hello all! I am new to PES6 and i was looking for some advice. I just downloaded and installed the Shollym patch and i just can't score... I don't know exactly what I am doing wrong. I Have played a lot of Fifa video games and some other PES games, so I'm not new to football games. I just tend to sky balls miles over the net when i get into the box and even that is a hard thing to do for me. Any help is appreciated
  2. balikelectro

    balikelectro Banned

    23 December 2011
    pangandaran, west java, indonesia
    Persib bandung
    if you hard to score in Shollym patch, because Shollym patch is a great gameplay in pes 6 patch, you can't edit the gameplay but it is a challenge of game, mate..
  3. casperld

    casperld Premiership

    25 August 2008
    Manchester United
    Just keep playing, setting up a formation that fits your players is super important and make sure the player roles are set correctly in your formation.
  4. eric_mali

    eric_mali Non-League

    24 June 2012
    I already lived that, my firsts matches on Shollym patch were tough, after some loses and ties, i get used to with gameplay and timing to score, in my case the shoot bar is very sensitive, but the timing is the key.

    just try...

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