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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Mr_Wenger, 21 August 2007.

  1. Mr_Wenger

    Mr_Wenger Arsenal's miracle worker

    10 November 2003
    Westcoast, Scotland
    Im pretty good, and play online nearly every day, win more than i lose, i think im about 57%wins. but there is one thing that is annoying the hell outta me, and its holding me back and costing me goals, as well as games::::


    and im not talking about heading to score, im talking about just general middle of the park contesting a header. every single one i contest, i lose, out of 100, id lose 100. i just cannot for the life of me win a header, so it means when the opposition keeper kicks it out, the other player gets possesion, and when my keeper kicks it out the opposition also gets possesion.

    its killin me.

    can anyone tell me the secret to winning headers, and please dont say practice, as ive played well over 100 games and cannot work it out.

    eagerly awaiting some help
    thanx in advance!
  2. jambotommy

    jambotommy Praying for the miracle..

    7 August 2004
    Try holding down the A button,then let go just before the ball comes to you.
  3. sonicboom

    sonicboom Super-Sub

    3 March 2007
    Man Utd
    Try shoving the other player with super cancel or holding you ground. ie if you are in front, back into him. If you are behind nudge him forward.
  4. deadbeat777

    deadbeat777 Trad Brick

    10 August 2006
    Manchester United F.C.
    or quickly keep on tapping the button as the ball arrives
  5. Mr_Wenger

    Mr_Wenger Arsenal's miracle worker

    10 November 2003
    Westcoast, Scotland
    thanx for the replies guys, i'll give that a try, because its what really gets me beat alot of the time, and because i cant win them, it means its generally always 60% 40% possession in the oppositions favour, and if you dont have the ball, you very often cant win.

    so cheers lads, i'll give those tips a bash, much appreciated!
  6. Arunav

    Arunav ●•Lινєяρσσℓ Fαη•●

    16 December 2006
    28.63N 77.24E
    Liverpool F.C
    I use R2 + ShortPass, this will render either the opponent lose the ball or he won't be able to jump, and ball will land up behind you, so move stick backwards to get the possession.

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