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PES 5 Option File???

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by diasex, 27 October 2005.

  1. diasex

    diasex Non-League

    24 March 2003
    Where I found an option file uptade (correct name, transfer, ecc)???

  2. LawzE

    LawzE Non-League

    12 October 2003
    Should be out tomorrow when the game is released
  3. BK_83

    BK_83 World Class

    7 June 2003
    may i know whereis the pes5 option file kept? i cant find it in my konmai folder

    edit: nvm i found it in my shared folder
    Last edited: 28 October 2005
  4. JayW

    JayW Guest

    my super option-file

  5. CeDRiC082k2

    CeDRiC082k2 Non-League

    4 November 2003
    Thanks JayW.
  6. BBB.

    BBB. Guest

    pls, can u use any other webhosting than webfile.ru?
    i downloading optionfile 0,4 kB/s :shock:
  7. tritommind

    tritommind Guest

    What's updated in your option file? Anything but player names/stadium names?
    Fast work, btw...

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