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PES 360 poor sales leads to silly offers already!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Adonis, 12 December 2006.

  1. Adonis

    Adonis Guest


    Just had a conversation with one of our buying team and it seems PES6 on 360 has dissapointed accross the board.

    Sales of the game have been awful. The main problem is that being a PES game, retailers and Konami themselves expected it to fly off the shelves. This meant a) Konami made a shitload and b) retailers bought a shitload too!

    With lack of sales it means you can know walk into a Virgin/HMV store and find the game in the 'buy one get one free' range, under 2 months after it was released! It shows that word of mouth does spread, and the public are aware of how poor the 360 version really is.

    Personally I think its great, as Seabass/Konami have learnt their lesson. Hopefully we wont see this rubbish appear again.
  2. deftonesmx17

    deftonesmx17 100% Werder!

    13 July 2005
    United States of Arrogance
    Werder Bremen
    I agree, but then again I'm perfectly happy with next-gen FIFA 07 though.
  3. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    Play have had it at 25 quid for a couple of weeks now, and sure Game are selling it at under 30 quid, which is funny seeing ti was worth 30 as a trade in a couple of weeks ago.

    It may make Seabass work harder, or it may just make them think, ah feck MS and their console, lets just work with Sony and PC. They probably looked at EA and what they did last year in releasing next-gen titles without features, but afraid it dont wash a year down the line, especially the feck up they made of it.
  4. spaceman

    spaceman League 2

    18 June 2003
    I just find it interesting how shortminded peeps are when we address a GAME, for i for one play GAMES because of GAMPLAY not for editing this changing that altering that. Now maybe im in the minority here,but i find PES6 on the 360 the most rewarding and fun GAMEPLAY since WE6FE, just a shame alot of you out there just dont feel the same.. After playing PES6 360 now since day one i have been back to WE8JL, WE9JL, PES6 and WE10JL on PS2 however, i just don't find the experience as much fun or rewarding anymore. Perhaps my playing experience has become more and more diluted with every new WE/PES release on PS2 that i finaly see that not much has changed since WE6FE. However when i play the 360 version it plays and feels very diferent to all my previous WE/PES experinces maybe it the windescreen mode or the much more smoother frames and slower gameplay. At the end the day i find that even with GOW and R6Vegas i still find PES6 my favourate 360 game at the moment.

    So all in all i don't agree that the 360 version is poor! infact its great..
  5. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    It horses for courses mate, I much prefer WE10 on my PS2 compared to PES6 on my 360, hence why I got shot of it. I found it almost impossible to find matches online, although since I got rid Konami did release a patch, but for me, there was something not right, I do agree that the game was probably at its peak back in WE6FE, with only WE9/PES5 coming back to its playability, but for me WE10 has it right and PES6 on the 360 just doesnt.

    It's not just the editing thats been removed from the 360 version, there are many stadia and also the random team and world challenge. I just find it's abit of a shoddy port, and I'm gutted it didnt play as well as WE10.
  6. danhammer

    danhammer Champions League

    23 February 2004
    gameplay wasn't bad on the 360 version, but i for one like to edit and that was what made me get rid and go back to the trusty ps2
  7. rockykabir

    rockykabir hello

    30 March 2003
    London -> New York -> San Francisco
    Liverpool FC
    I hate to say this, but that's good news Adonis..

    It's funny in that only a couple of years ago, we all wanted PES/WE to go more commercial to get more people playing(!)

    Konami needs to go back to their drawing board as something had gone wrong since PES3 (or maybe even the old ISS's on the PSX) imo. PES4-6 had me losing interest in the series tbh :(
  8. Clockender

    Clockender is back...but for how long?

    27 November 2001
    East Lower, Block 13
    Arsenal FC
    This is the best thing that could happen really, imo the game has got too complex. The simplicity of ISS Pro that morphed into ISS Pro Evolution 2 was genius and Konami need to go back to basics and start again.

    I have hardly played PES6 on PS2, and still rate ISS Pro Evo 2 as the best game they have done. Thats the benchmark and its 7 years old!
  9. .Shai

    .Shai Non-League

    13 August 2005
    "I just find it interesting how shortminded peeps are when we address a GAME, for i for one play GAMES because of GAMPLAY not for editing this changing that altering that."

    Bullsh** man (no offence)..What I want is game with great, no with THE best gameplay you can expact, with graphics so realistic I thought I was head-butting Materazzi personely, and I want to be able to edit every little detail in the game..Heck I wanna polish Beckhams vingernails if I would like to (well, not really, but you dig what I mean)..I want every shirt available per team, not just home and away, but all three of them. Thats what next-gen is all about. Making this cheap-@ss game is like Einstein inventing junior high math. So give us wat we want and need, and dont put us games off with something like this. Would you play Commodore 64 graphic games that play like the most amazing football you ever played? NO, we want the best visuals ever AND the most amazing football we ever played. All because they CAN make it, they just don't do it.....
  10. ash

    ash DeMinistrator

    21 March 2004
    Man Utd
    I'm still playing PES6 on XBox360, propably cause I haven't got COD2/GOW/R6LV yet.
  11. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    Finally, saw it for 50euro's in a gameshop but still think its too much, hopefully it will go down to 30/40 and then i might get the game. Am expecting the price to go down further after jan as the game is outdated after the transfer window. Seeing as they are unlikely to release an update patch (dont think they can due to licenses).
  12. HulkWogan

    HulkWogan League 2

    21 August 2006
    Who wants to pay for merseyside red versus man blue when you know that it cannot be changed.
  13. mathewsss

    mathewsss Champions League

    24 December 2002
    California, USA
    Liverpool FC
    Totally agree....I went back to WE-10 on the PS2, and it's
    amazing playing on it, so much better than any other footy
    game on the XBOX 360....
  14. El Diego

    El Diego Guest

    I can't stop playing PES6 on the 360, REALLY hooked now. Great game.
  15. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    I know, that was the deciding reason for me to not get it at full price. However i think ill end up doing a small team spanish/italian ML when i do get it cheap as i just cant standthe thought of playing the english league. Could be fun, in the old school style with castello and allt hose other losers. Have only played real teams in the ml for the past couple of versions but then i usually end up doing a treble after 3 seasons on 6*. Afer which i only end up developing youth players anyway.
  16. Adonis

    Adonis Guest

    Like Holio pretty much said, each to their own.

    For me it was everything that dissapointed me. What puts me off the most though would be player representation. Its just awful in the 360 version. All the players have the same skinny body/long arms/long neck look. And some of the players faces look nothing like their real life counterparts.

    Something like that should never happen in a nextgen game.
  17. NickSCFC

    NickSCFC Banned

    18 July 2003
    Stoke-on-Trent, UK
    Stoke City/Liverpool
    PES6 on 360 was never a priority for Konami, why bother making a whole new game for 360 when it's Japanese?

    Konami will always convert the playstation version to xbox.
  18. MFKR78

    MFKR78 Non-League

    19 January 2006
    Manchester UK
    Manchester United
    I'm so dissapointed. I now have no PS2 because aside from PES there's no games I want or need on the console anymore now that I have a far superior 360. However I have deliberately steered well clear of getting PES6 for the 360 because I know I can't edit. Taking options OUT of next gen games is unforgivable in my opinion. I don't care if it's the best game in the world ever, if it's missing options that are clearly present in current gen versions then it's nothing but a p***-take.

    I can't play PES with ridiculous team names, and since I've been using option files for real kits and transfers since PES4 now, I just can't go back to plain old kits with no badges or sponsors. So for me I'm stuck with FIFA07, which is good but it's no PES by a long shot still :(

    So I hope this news makes Konami give us a damn good PES7 with ALL editing options in it and more next year. That will do just fine for me.
  19. gocho07

    gocho07 Golden boot ??

    31 August 2005
    Man U
    I think that this game was probably rushed to make it's deadline,
    or they did what EA did with RTWC06,I've been playing since ISS Pro 98 on my PS1, and I also have played all of the Fifa games,PES6 on PC is buy far the best of them all excluding ISS Pro 98 still very fun to play .I had bought Fifa07 on Xbox360 and I took it back, the game just feel's flat,you score a goal and the crowd is dead, the camera is wack no zoom level,the free kick camera is to far you need a telescope to shoot the f@#%$^ing ball,I enjoyed playing with ronaldinho and the keeper (loading) beter than the game itself. Don't get me started about the headers..lol.The only good thing the game has going is the new ball independent physics,the graphics and grass.World Cup 06 Is far more better than Fifa07 on the Xbox360.As for WE/PES6 Xbox360 I will buy it,Because I know that the gameplay will be there, as for the editing and the lack of licences !shit happens!,we will probaby get what we whant for the next version ,we will just have to wait for the WE/PES7 Xbox360 to get more stadiums,clubs,editing etc...
  20. king dey

    king dey Conference

    11 November 2006
    I do love the 360 version but have been playing the on-line mode rather than trying to win all the cups, master leasgue etc which is what i used to do on the PS2. The lack of editing is annoying but only cos i want to change my team's (Villa) strip but the gameplay is top-notch, although things like blasting a shot against your team-mate is a pain. Have had some great games online - last night i was 2 - nil down & came back in the 2nd half to level, eventually ended 4 - 4. Konami need to sort out the cheats. Will probably buy the PSP version.
  21. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    i love the 360 version, but i think its turning people away for more reasons than the editing. What about everything else thats wrong with the game:

    no liscenced premiership
    lagging / mass cheating online
    lack of new game modes

    personally i am still hooked on it, but only because im playing on live, havent encountered a cheater in a month and im very close to those achievements
  22. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    It's all good news and I hope it means a far better product next time, I think it needs a cull at high level to bring in fresh blood and fresh Ideas!!
  23. FlawlessCowboy

    FlawlessCowboy Stunted

    5 July 2004
    Coventry, UK
    I also love the 360 version but I still think this is good news. I love the gameplay but the missing features are just not acceptable. Hopefully this will make Seabass see that they just can't release a half finished game

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