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  1. mateusznw

    mateusznw Non-League

    1 June 2010
    I've got a question to you guys - which strategy (formation etc) in your opinion is the best for PES3 ? It's a little bit different game than PES2010, 2009 or even PES5. Sth that works in PES5 doesnt have to work in PES3. I tried a few strategies but none of them is 100% perfect - especially an attitude of forward wingers.
    any ideas?
  2. vihn78

    vihn78 League 1

    22 July 2006
    Częstochowa, Polska
    Real Madrid, Napoli
    Most of the time i play a 4-4-2 formation, a custom one, with one DMF, one CMF and 2 SMFs on midfield, plus one of the CF moved a bit back (like a modern ST on pes2010) and i find this formation quite effective
  3. FalCoN

    FalCoN U početku beše reč...

    3 November 2009
    Niš, Serbia
    FC Red Star Belgrade
    i preffer 4-1-2-1-2
    with dmf,omf(amf)and 2 strikers
  4. Goldrake

    Goldrake Banned

    28 June 2010
    Do you guys have an updated option file for that beauty? i just decided to go back to it.
  5. profit90

    profit90 Forza Reggina

    28 August 2004
    Reggina Calcio
    One of the best versions ever.

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