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PS2 PES 3 Championship Manager 94-98 Patch

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by saintric, 5 April 2012.

  1. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007

    What is this patch?
    This patch will mostly be based on the 1995/96 season but will include the some of the best teams from 94-98 seasons in the classic Championship Manager games
    the National teams will be france 98 squads and kits for the 32 teams that appeared in the tournament all other teams will be kits and squads from 94-98 era

    The Master League will be dedicated to the Premier League with all 22 teams from that era in the correct divisions a seperate dedicated serie A version is being considered for the future

    Why this era and PES 3?
    In my opinion PES 3 is the best version of the old gen games the AI is challenging, gameplay fantastic and the graphics have great textures.There are hundreds of patches for PES 6 so I wanted to do somthing different and why not have a retro game for a retro patch?

    This was a great era in football with so many strong teams and great players when you play the game you will find some strong teams that actually under achieved can you change their past?

    Team List
    ARSENAL 96/97
    MAN UTD 96/97
    EVERTON 95/96
    NEWCASTLE 95/96
    BLACKBURN 94/95
    LIVERPOOL 95/96
    LEEDS 95/96
    BOLTON 95/96
    ASTON VILLA 95/96
    CHELSEA 95/97
    WEST HAM 95/97
    COVENTRY 95/96
    MAN CITY 95/96
    FOREST 95/96
    TOTTENHAM 95/96
    WIMBLEDON 94/96
    LEICESTER 96/97
    QPR 95/96
    SHEFF W 95/96

    MILAN 95/96
    JUVENTUS 95/96
    FIORENTINA 95/96
    INTER 95/96
    LAZIO 94/96
    ROMA 95/96
    VICENZA 95/96
    UDINESE 96/97
    BARI 95/96
    TORINO 95/96
    SAMPDORIA 95/96
    PARMA 98

    RANGERS 95/96
    CELTIC 95/96


    REAL MADRID 97/98
    BARCELONA 96/97
    VALENCIA 95/96
    DEPORTIVO 95/96
    REAL BETIS 95/96
    A.MADRID 95/97
    R.ZARAGOZA 94/95

    RAPID VIENNA 95/96
    DINAMO KIEV 97/98
    FENERBACHE 95/97
    S.MOSCOW 95/96
    ROSENBORG 95/96
    A.E.K 95/96
    LEGIA WARSAW 95/96

    AJAX 94/95
    PSV 95/97
    FEYENOORD 95/96


    DORTMUND 96/97
    BAYERN 95/96
    SCHALKE 95/96

    BORDEUX 95/96
    PSG 97/98
    MONACO 95/96
    NANTES 94/96
    AUXERRE 95/96


    PORTO 95/96
    BENFICA 95/96


    Every teams kits are done 100% alot of kits have never been made before in the PES community this was very time consuming but enjoyable at the same time.

    done 100% the boot pack is 90's based with classic predators ;) 8 non editable 1 editable
    Adboards done 100%

    are posing a problem since there are only 20 but I will most likely use re-textured english stadiums as thats the league the master league is aimed at LIST TO BE POSTED

    I have made alot of faces although limited due to not being able to use face models more than once

    Its now on to the hardest part which is the database,stats and appearances this will take a while as cutting corners is somthing that will ruin the patch so this will not be released anytime soon.If you wish to see any teams kits then please post a request and I will upload when I have time.I am doing this patch for me but if even one person is interested then that will be great I will Update when I can​
    Last edited: 12 April 2012
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  2. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007
    Re: Pro Evolution Soccer 3 Championship Patch

  3. matherto

    matherto 12 Times

    13 October 2004
    St. Helens, Merseyside.
    Manchester United
    Re: Pro Evolution Soccer 3 Championship 93-98 Patch

    Great patch, love the classic Predators.

    I still play PES3 on the PS2 religiously but I haven't got the tools or knowhow to put a patch on it.

    Did you make the kits btw? Any tutorials about?
  4. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007
    If you search for "The Wolf Tools & Utility Pack" you will find every tool you need to edit PES 3 its very different layout to other pes games but easy enough to edit im sorry i dont have any AFS maps it was a case of opening the files and searching

    There are loads of kit tutorials in the editing section I followed a few I cant claim to be the best kitmaker about but the beauty of pes 3 is they look fantastic in game as pes 3 uses better textures.

    glad you like the look of the patch alot of work to be done PES 3 is such a good game the players may not move as smooth as later games but its very playable and the AI is very creative in attack much more so than PES 6

    heres a few sneak previews of some kits

    Last edited: 12 April 2012
  5. maciekfox

    maciekfox League 2

    8 September 2008
    Re: Pro Evolution Soccer 3 Championship 94-98 Patch

    It sounds great Saintric. I can't wait for it. Greetings

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