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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by ThomasGOAL, 17 March 2019.

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  1. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Undoubtedly now, their strategy is to focus on Asia and (to a lesser extent) South America - going back to their roots, almost. I remember reading a quote regarding the UEFA license termination that made it sound a lot like UEFA were happy for it to carry on, but Konami didn't think it was adding any sales (which it probably isn't, half-due to their half-arsed implementation of it).

    It's all well and good, but give us a fantastic editing suite to counteract this in Europe, for God's sake.
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  2. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    This and a proper face editor.
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  3. Mikhail

    Mikhail Championship

    10 August 2018
    Asian leagues, seriously?

    So what if we have 300 new teams? We’ll still be playing them at the Neu Sonne Arena, with the CPU scoring cutback goals and all of the other terrible stadiums that look like something from PES 3.

    I’m sick and tired of Konami and PES. Im gonna say it - it’s a shit series now. Dress it up how you want but...its shit. Really shit. It’s a $50 demo every September.

    But they give us FACES with updates!

    Konami, I’m done with you.
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  4. Ameppe

    Ameppe International

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    I don't know if you also follow other Konami related news besides Pes, but look at the way they are releasing their arcade collection for consoles. Bare minimum effort, lack of options,questionable decisions, lack of respect for their glorious past.

    This is Konami nowadays, they try to do as little as possible in console games. Pes is the best example of this and future looks bad if you ask me. Since the game needs a complete revamp in every single part i don't see Konami doing it. Pes will probably be the usual forgettable game released every year until they totally change their attitude.

    I mean, come on, are you really hoping for a much better editor? Just forget it. That would require a lot more work that Konami simply don't want to do right now. They see no value into enriching the offline experience.
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  5. Chucky VooDoo

    Chucky VooDoo Non-League

    20 April 2019
    Leeds United
    Hi everyone,

    Personally speaking I would love it if they sorted the AI! I've lost count of the times I've wanted to scream because of the game balancing, it's either too easy or impossible, and although I haven't played FIFA in years so could be wrong, I'm sure you were able to tweak some AI ratings, so you could still play a harder difficulty, but if you were finding the Fleetwood GK better than Buffon for example you could change GK difficulty. Why does PES, a game that boasts of it's realism (and to be fair is a very good game) not allow us to edit this?

    I would also like to see more focus on Offline modes, I appreciate some people may like MyClub which is great, but for those of us who don't we can be forgotten. I enjoy playing League mode, but get bored after 1 season as there is no promotion/relegation for most leagues. I get maybe having loads of D2s may not be possible, but maybe just allow us to replace the league structure each year so if for example I was playing a Chilean Primera and didn't finish bottom, let me replace whoever did with 2/3 of the PLA teams after the season so it looks as though it *is* a new season.

    I also wish they would have more 'Rest of Teams'. I don't know how licensing works in detail so won't be too critical, but there are no 'Other Asia' so the Champions League teams are fixed, plus it sometimes puts fake teams in the wrong zone so my Uzbek league teams end up in a group with teams from West/East Asia. Similarly the 'Other Americas' seems to have no country identity and pairs 2 Bolivians off in a Libertadores playoff. Again, these are only minor but when you want a realistic game things like this just annoy me.

    Regarding leagues/teams, I appreciate there isn't as much money as EA which is fine, and PES 19 did improve massively with licensing in my view, so I'd like to see that continue with maybe some more Asian leagues (Japan,Iran,Saudi for example) and South America (Uruguay/Peru/Ecuador). Seeing as the PL and Bundesliga are not going to happen, just give me either more 'Other European Teams' like Maribor, Videoton etc. or just another 20 fake slots and I'll do it.

    Finally (and sorry for this being so long). I always liiked the fact PES was a little different and I now follow lots more leagues because of teams I 'met' in PES, so why can they not look to expand to CAF/CONCACAF/OFC? It should be possible to get the OFC/CAF Champions Leagues as EA ignore them, so a licensed tournament and some additional fake team slots should be doable, and whilst I know MLS and Liga MX are not possible, why not put a fake Central Americas League in, a further 12-16 fake teams and an unlicensed Champions League and we can do it ourselves?

    Anyway, I'm sure I've bored you guys long enough :-P have a good day all
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  6. Chucky VooDoo

    Chucky VooDoo Non-League

    20 April 2019
    Leeds United

    I read that too mate, and thought the same as you. I also read somehere else (poss. a forum but don't recall which) that it was because felt that the money spent on UCL could be spent on more leagues, which they then did get so I guess fair play. You're right about them not using it to the full, it's the same with Libertadores, Sudamericana and even the AFC Champions League seems to have not changed much since PES 2014. It's a shame because having these leagues/tournaments from around the world is a lovely feature on my view, but it does need to be used properly :-)
  7. koningfrikandel

    koningfrikandel Championship

    5 May 2017
    I get where you're coming from but I think the LAST thing PES needs is focus on more teams, MORE leagues, more... Whatever. In my view they need to make the things they already have better. The leagues they acquired are a good first step but like the champions league license before those, they aren't doing anything with it. Without a good master league, without player individuality, without decent cpu AI, without an immersive and believable match day experience OR the editing tools to create this ourselves all of those added leagues, players and whatnot will mean jack shit and will just be myclub-bait .
  8. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    I am pretty PESimistic that the new leagues serve only two purposes. Being cosmetic kits-badges to attract people from these countries to play myClub and most importantly to try to fish people for e-sports/pesLeague etc, as in these modes there is no individually needed, since the most player stats are flattened by the balancing mechanics, due to competitive issues.
    Sorry but i can't see anything more than this "dark agenda", considering the treatment all new leagues had this year, i.e. they did not even bother to re colour the score boards to add a type of pseudo-immersion.
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  9. goalgerd

    goalgerd File Maker

    30 July 2006
    dublin, eire
    Ringsend Rovers
    thought this game would have been cancelled by now, nothing like the new ps5 to kick the problems down the road
  10. Spursfan07

    Spursfan07 League 2

    10 February 2019
    My suggestions on how to make PES 2020 better than the last versions:

    1) Menus:
    Better menus should be in PES 2020. They don't have any excuses anymore to not have them untouched next version. What they did with PES 2019 is simply changing the colors of the menus and that's it. I can think of that in literally 5 seconds. Really those menus doesn't give you a feeling of playing a game. And I hope they get rid of those ugly menu colors.

    2) Atmosphere: Better atmospheres in stadiums, especially with local derbies. In PES 2019 when you play in a South American competition, just before the match, you quite often see a view of the pitch full covered in smoke, but when the kick off scene appears, all smoke is gone which I find a bit of a pity because it gives you the impression of a really fierce atmosphere.

    3) Animations:
    - Captain of the team gets subbed of, seeing him giving the captain's armband to the second captain of the team
    - An injured player seeing being treated near the pitch
    - Being able to run towards your coach when you score a last minute winner.
    - More indepth analysis about teams, being talked about before kick-off
    - Cutscenes in ML that invites you to engage in conversation, which would give a more indepth story mode.
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  11. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    Before we start seeing armband being swapped I'd like the basics to be fixed
    More fouls and penalties
    AI Attacking sorted even if that means going back to 2017 model
    More shot variation
    More midfield battles and less end to end
    Clipping sorted out
    Better master league with more divisions
  12. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007
    AI offline needs serious work this is where they can gain more fans if they made something innovative and alive where the AI is unpredictable and has the most variation possible

    will that happen? will it **** pfft
  13. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    More like the 2014 model.
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  14. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Golden Boot Winner

    7 January 2007
    I wonder if Konami keeps the announcment again right after the CL final. Just because they are no CL partners anymore. I still think its likely because thats when the dust settles after this year's season after all.
  15. Ameppe

    Ameppe International

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    Temfutebol, he is a bit of an insider, he says Master League 2020 will have real contracts. It means players will have contracts terms based on real life, no more fake numbers created by Konami.

    This would be a step forward, Fifa has it since years.

    This is just a rumor for now, but everytime he said something with his own sources everything has been confirmed later.

    He knew Master League D2 leagues were going to be removed weeks before it was confirmed last year.
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  16. Emroth

    Emroth Premiership

    18 August 2018
    He usually is spot on, thats true.
    My worry is that they will sell the game based on things like this, but in reality it wont make any difference.
    Contracts are just contracts. Transfers are still all over the place in Fifa. Adjusting the numbers wont fix the mess.
    They will add few minor things banging the drum of 3 year plan delivered and we will end up with same old pile of crap, just in different wrapping.
  17. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    Hey Guys, haven't posted here in a loooooong time due to ditching PES 19 a month after release due to the absolute horror show mess it was. Got a good 10 seasons career mode out of FIFA 19 and enjoyed it,far from perfect but at least it felt like it was a modern day game.

    Thought id check in to see if there was any PES 20 rumours or news, all seems a bit slow for this time of year?
    Also keen to see if Adams widely stated '3 year Plan' for ML is built upon, I'm guessing it won't be and there will be 1001 excuses for more false promises, also interested to see the hype train build up again soon and what other lies Konami can throw at their customer base this year.
  18. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    No matter what they do with transfers,there will always be some ''weird'' ones.
    Even in real life we have weird transfers that no one would expect.
    Like,what can they do?Stop good players from transfering?
    Then we will complain that good players don't transfer.
    The magic word is balance,but i don't know how easy is to find it and program it correctly.
    It's not a simple thing.Yeah they could improve it so a team won't sell it's best three players in a transfer window for example,but still there would be some transfers that someone could find ''weird''.
    At least having real contracts and budgets will help much with a realistic feel and it's a big step forward.
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  19. Emroth

    Emroth Premiership

    18 August 2018
    Good to see you back, pal.
    Not much to report here unfortunately.
    We've been on a journey, i must have played more football games this year than any other years, due to all the mess we have.. :LOL:
  20. Emroth

    Emroth Premiership

    18 August 2018
    I do see your point, however knowing half arsed way of doing things by Konami I dont expect much. Id rather if they announced some simple, yet game changing feature, like Fake editable D2 that you can add to any league. At least we would feel the difference.

    As for transfers - its not as complicated and impossible to program as it seems.
    EA released a nice patch recently.
    Players consider status of the team before they agree to transfer. They also consider their current role Vs role they will have in new club.
    These are all simple rules, but make huge difference. Add to it good players who will not agree to go to lower division and transfer market should be reasonable.
    Im not expecting it to be perfect and I do realise there will always be some weird ones, but it can be done the way it makes sense most of the time.
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  21. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    I hear ya mate, as I said, ditched PES 2019 back in Sept, due to the low cross spam mess and all the other broken elements, popped it back on the other day just as a test after applying all the updates, Superstar, played Chelsea as Liverpool, had 67%possession, 11 shots at goal, Chelsea had 1 shot, 1 goal, and it was a low cross and 6 yard tap in, nothing has changed at all.

    Really enjoyed the 10 seasons career mode I played on FIFA, the presentation, commentary and variation in team play styles at least made it feel worth playing, and after all Konami's blatant lies to loyal customers last year, this year will be the first year I won't buy a day one copy of PES.
    In fact, it will have to have a completely revamped, quality ML mode, Solid AI, and UI that doesn't look like a Grey Dulux Swatch card for me to even consider buying it this year.
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  22. Ameppe

    Ameppe International

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    True, contracts are just the way Master League starts. Then the issues come later...

    The solution is just look at Football Manager. Obviously not so detailed, but most of the basic of transfers should come directly from FM, including team role in contracts, subs players understanding they cannot ask more compared to a teammate always playing as starting eleven, players wanting to transfer, players never wanting to leave because they are good in their teams no matter what other teams offer them... Things like these.
    Last edited: 23 April 2019
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  23. MafiaMurderBag

    MafiaMurderBag Purist

    3 November 2009
    Liverpool FC
    This guy gets it. Trivial animations and cutscenes aren't the priority if the game is going to unfullfilling. PES 2014 & PES 2017 were the 2 games that showed the most gameplay potential and for some reason, usually from pressure from consumers and corporate, they regress it back to an accessible, end to end rocket league influenced service.

    However i do agree with this one;

    You could have all the leagues in the world but if it doesn't feel like i'm playing in a new cultural environment, then what's the point? Even on PES 2014 they at least had different fan models depending on where you played and FIFA knocks it out of the park in terms of unique atmosphere.

    Go head, add more Asian teams, hope they enjoy playing their 38 master league matches in the Konami Stadium.
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  24. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Any new feature in ML is welcome , regarding that they do not remove anything else from the old staff to add new...
    But before all these , talking about ML 1.01, isn’t it the time we get rid off the stupid by now (2019) maximum cap. of 5 negotiation offers and the (even recent) 40 players squad?
    Especially the 5 negotiations cap. is present since PES 1. It is amazing after 20 years of annual versions, the only game you could make more than 5 offers was 2016, and there only if you used an “exploit” outside of transfer windows especially.
  25. Turdi182

    Turdi182 Conference

    30 August 2018
    Nope not really slow. More like completely normal if you look at the past years.

    Pes 2019 announcement was at 09.May 2018. So that would be in about 2 Weeks if they keep it the same time as last year.
    Pes 2018 announcement was even later at 17.May 2017.

    I think everything seems to be pretty normal right now as it was always like you don't get any glimpse of info before the announcement. But not long time to go now.
    I also like that we don't have to wait long to play it ourselves when the game is released at the end of August. It's only 3 months from announcement to demo which is cool I think.
  26. Yeah, definitely.
    If you take last year as an example, they released the full game earlier than ever before, yet the first news appeared around the same time, which is early/mid May.
  27. Turdi182

    Turdi182 Conference

    30 August 2018
    When did they ever do this? If you look at the announcement dates of the past years it was never after the Champions League Final.

    CL Final 2016: 28.May 2016 Pes Announcement: 25.May 2016
    CL Final 2017: 03.June 2017 Pes Announcement: 17.May 2017
    CL Final 2018: 26.May 2018 Pes Announcement: 09.May 2018

    So I think it never really had something to do with the Champions League final.
  28. Well, even if it had something to do with it (which I highly doubt), they certainly wouldn't pay tribute to that license now, would they?.
  29. SaberRider

    SaberRider League 1

    4 December 2014
    So, i guess that new engine rumors are only rumors.
  30. tobi

    tobi "Pull up from 30!"

    5 August 2005
    Teaching the PHX Suns the 2 min drill...
    Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
    I want my players to not get in each others way.

    I want my players to be aware of what's going on around them.

    I want the player switching to stop having a negative affect on players. I'll be switching through players trying to get to the player I actually want to control and as a go through the players they all stop what their doing, some will even run in the opposite direction.

    I want my defenders to have the correct body position where appropriate.

    I want my players to stop treating the ball as a ticking bomb and stop literally running away from it.

    I want my players to show urgency (sprint) when appropriate.

    I want more animations.

    I want more tactical options (I don't want my winger in the box defending corners).

    I want the player cards to actually mean something and for players to have the correct cards.

    I want my players to be able to think for themselves.

    I want the game to stop misinterpreting my intentions.

    Imagine this scenario - one of your players makes an off the ball run, he's even pointing to where he wants the ball. You pass the ball where he wants it and the player stops running... :BRICK:
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