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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by ThomasGOAL, 17 March 2019.

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  1. NIK778899

    NIK778899 Premiership

    30 August 2013
    They essentially have done ever since, as that's when they've released, to steal a phrase, a #monsterpatch each year. They rush it out unfinished every year.
  2. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    Call me a nitpicker purist, but I have always liked more the Japanese denominations for positions. They even look more aesthetic/organic in the formation screen: LWG, RWG, LSB, RSB, ST, OMF :))).



    I wonder if anyone on this forum got the chance to play any version of Winning Eleven on current gen, perhaps they are better and more polished games?
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  3. 103SpooKy

    103SpooKy Die hard Arjen Robben fan

    27 July 2006
    The Netherlands
    With Asim gone, we might be going 2 steps back in terms of communication to us and just get info out of nowhere or hardly any info/trailer communication like in the old days :SMUG:
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  4. Pwalie86

    Pwalie86 Conference

    5 June 2018
    Swansea City
    Incredibly poor and just shows that no matter how many offline fans want changes, we seem to be treated like muck every year.
  5. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Jonas Lygaard will probably take that job, or Robbye himself.
    I don't think we'll be missing out on much though. After the whole "Dynamic Weather/Lighting" misunderstanding/lie last year coming from Asim's mouth, I don't think we'll be missing out on much...
  6. 103SpooKy

    103SpooKy Die hard Arjen Robben fan

    27 July 2006
    The Netherlands
    Jonas works in a completely different sector, he is the one that goes around the globe to negotiate for licenses like he once did for EA. Robbye his role in south america is also different.

    So unfair of you to say that last part and so unnecessary. Asim his role was to get the info out on official channels, marketing strategies. PR, etc. He is the one that set up all these info pieces in the wild and to be fair we get way more info then ever before him, sometimes some of the really foolish years we just had 1 teaser and then had to wait for a possible demo (no news on demo dates) to see what they had cooking in Japan.

    And that is just Info acquired from the Japanese studio... They have to send it all through... Who were certain they had Dynamic Lightning implemented.

    Asim just did his job very well. The fact that the studio suddenly came across the fact that dynamic lightning was not working very well with the fox engine in some of their cases later in development. That has nothing to do with Asim his role and job he did.

    I do think he will be missed but its an uphill struggle constantly trying to get something out of the japanese studio and communicate and assist. That must've been so hard for him but he fought well and I like all the info we have received the last few years as it was way more then I normally expect from this Medieval company. Really really curious who will take on that role as that guy is gonna get FUCKED. By his constant struggle with Konami Japan AND being on the forefront of the commmunity to be their scapegoat, the one to get shit on. Goodluck with your mental strength future employee! :SICK:
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  7. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    They still have Adam. And I heard that pes20 will be breath of fresh air both on and off the pitch!
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  8. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Fresh air? So wind direction and humidity are back since PES6??? :P
    Jokes aside and while I don’t use Twitter, all these names are mostly unknown to me, these Lindengard dudes etc..
    There are times that I think their PR team is bigger than their developers one. :)
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  9. Turdi182

    Turdi182 Conference

    30 August 2018
    He said a few months ago that he will not post anything Pes related on his personal channel anymore anyway.. since that day I never really understood what his job was at Konami as I always thought that it is his job to hype up the game on social media.
    To be honest we get everything we need or don't need (unnecessary hype) from the official Pes Channel anyway. So I don't really think we will be missing something without Asim.
    The only thing he will be remembered from me is that he blocked people and was offended by simple things like "master league is awful this year, it's just a change of menu colour". He stated things like this as "personal insults" and blocked people.
    Don't know why we should miss things like this.
    Don't even want to mention the super unprofessional cringy E3 interviews with him where you instantly saw how nervous he was.
    Wish him luck for the future of course and a much more appropriate job for the future as I have nothing personal against him. It was just the wrong job for him.
  10. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Golden Boot Winner

    7 January 2007
    Last year officialpes directly was hiring for a social media manager assistant role, so no worry i guess. We will get news. Hints at news a week before? How lively will be officialpes? Thats another question.
  11. 103SpooKy

    103SpooKy Die hard Arjen Robben fan

    27 July 2006
    The Netherlands
    Well seeing what you are typing here and being unknown by the job Asim did it makes perfect sense about some of the reactions here. Asim DID those official PES channel posts, He was in charge of all those official pieces to set them up correctly. This was his full role at Konami. He worked around the clock to make that all more accessible for us with more info pieces than before and promotions like the 50 years Konami Promo he was very proud of setting up for example.

    The worst part about that job is you need certain communication with the studio itself as they are the ones making the game but sometimes its just so hard to do that, so lets say, he promotes a piece through officialpes. Or makes sure this nice promo is out or website showcasing the features they receive for next years game. And something is incorrect with it..... On that position you would also want clear communication with the studio.

    Him also using the info on his personal account to give the info was a mistake for him as people will look to him AS PES.
    He will be the one people would shit on, which is absolutely ridiculous. Lets say for dynamic time. That is part of all the info they have to spread over PES website / Social channels etc in a nice way. And then suddenly Konami can't finish that thing or finds out something is wrong with that addition. People ask YOU as a Brand manager why thats not in the game? or why they ''lied''? And you need a clear answer to give to people, so you inquire to the home studio, to japan as of what the next steps are into telling what happened. They don't respond, but you get shit on in your role as you are the public person and you need constant damage control. In one direction you get shit on by community / fans. In the other way you feel like you don't get enough support from the studio. That is a constant uphill struggle and battle.

    Chuny said above here that we wont miss Asim as it was coming from his mouth this dynamic time thingy.
    But if someone else worked in that role... Then it would come of that persons mouth. With or without him it wouldnt make any difference. The person on that role would put the info out they receive from the devs and they would be the ones getting shit on.

    There are people on the internet believe that it is all Adam Bhatti his fault (when he was on that role basically) as a forefront person or Asim's fault now that ''the game is shit''
    But in truth, you are not attacking the person who can do anything about it. You are attacking a scapegoat.
    The dude did great stuff getting all the internet noise and sent all the feedback back to the Japanese studio for them to chew on (Whether they do something with it or not is another question)

    One last thing I want to see, try to Humanize these things. Ofcourse Asim did a wrong thing to bring his job to his personal twitter account but imagine when people keep telling him to ''fix this in YOUR game'' or sometimes purely attack him in a sense. Your meter of how much you can handle of that will fill quickly and maybe the meter has been filled so high that even messages that aren't neccesarily attacks feel like they are attacks. I'm not saying that Asim reacts to everything the right way and you need a really really thick skin especially in a community like this and also when Japan doesn't really help you with being the forefront person. But we are all human. The same fact as how some people really think he basically IS the game. In my honest opinion thats also a Konami devstudio mistake as we hear quite a lot from these extension points / people throughout europe and South america but we almost never hear stuff from.... the frickin Devs! The ones that make the game there in the Konami office in Japan. Its such an obnoxious system versus the way how I feel as a bystander how other game studio's, european or American react to things on the internet and lots of devs on the forefront of their game giving info and being accessible etc.

    I see this happen with some other game studio's and PR people and its just so mentally challenging to be in that role.
    And then add this low effort in communication in the studio itself and japanese culture. Would feel like a hellhole sometimes to me.

    From what I recall yeah, Not sure if they ever went through with that though.
    I'm really curious to see how quickly this medieval studio will transition with a new guy doing as good as a Job as Asim. It might hinder us getting lots of great news pieces as in my opinion, for PES2019 the amount of news / gameplay / promotions etc we have received was way more then we normally have gotten a few years ago.
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  12. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    Good post.
    I always like to see both sides of the story.
    Two personal thoughts, tho.
    Not about Asim, just in general, about Konami PR people.
    1. Your post still does not explain all out lying to people. Not talking about dynamic lightning. Talking about ML screenshot, where people could see how bad transfers were in ML. Yet this screenshot was quickly taken down as "wrong one", replaced by another one, and people were assured transfers are smashing. This is pure dishonesty and borderline false advertisement. There is no excuse for it.

    2. If I was in their place and people asked about dynamic lightning I would ask headquarters what are my instructions and what to tell people. If I was ignored I would simply told the truth.
    "Sorry guys, dynamic lightning will not work with fox"
    If Konami went mad at me - tough shit, lads. I asked you what to say, here is my proof (mail sent), you didnt respond, I said what I believed to be right thing to say. Honesty is best policy. You dont like it - you can fire me and find another human shield.
  13. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Unfair and unnecessary? Who are you to tell me what I can or cannot say? Do you even know WHY I'm saying it? He might have been the best to you, but he wasn't fair or nice to me.
    I've kept my line and expressed it respectfully. I don't know what your motives to defend Asim so badly are, but clearly we have had very different experiences with him. Like I said in the past I'm happy he'll be no longer working on a game I want to see succeed. Just like if Adam stopped working on PES, I would be happy too. I don't think that is disrespectful, I've done nothing to make that happen. I didn't know Asim had a whole team of people that'd vouch for him and quite frankly I don't care because I'm speaking my mind respectfully as always. I haven't even delved in the motives behind all this which could be sensitive to some. So back off and let people express whatever they want.
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  14. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    EDIT: Please delete. I don't even want to carry on talking about someone I simply don't care about.
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  15. Turdi182

    Turdi182 Conference

    30 August 2018
    To be honest I rather have less info and more legit news than the usual hype that was made up the last years. (like the false news about dynamic lighting etc.)
    Why not just be honest in that case you mentioned? They have problems with the dynamic lighting on fox? Say it exactly like that and the people won't be as mad as if you lie to them and say nothing.

    I still don't get why we will have much less news than the last years because one employee left? You think they won't post the news on their official Pes channel anymore only because Asim left?
    And again I can only speak for myself here but I rather have less news but the ones we get are legit than the disaster last year. (dynamic lighting, Ibrox and Celtic Park, the Master League transfer photo etc.)
    That was just hype and got backfired really bad as a lot of people stated they won't buy Pes ever again because of all these false promises.

    By the way I never said that I think this isn't a hard job. I would never want to work for a company like Konami. I just think you have to be self aware about what you can do as a person and what you can't do.
    Asim seems to be a really sensitive person (talking a lot about personal problems and stuff) and that's cool but he's definitely not the person to work as a community manager because everyone knows that you get abuse from all those weird people on the internet who take a game way too seriously.
    Don't want to talk too much about Asim anyway. Of course it's not all his fault. But I just don't get why a lot of people are panicking just because he left. In my opinion his role at Konami was way too small for that but of course I don't know everything he did at his job. Who knows?
  16. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Golden Boot Winner

    7 January 2007
    Yeah we know you clearly dont care about him after your 10th post about him.

  17. Bond!JamesBond!

    Bond!JamesBond! PS2 PES Greatness

    19 October 2013
    North America
    Chelsea FC
    agreed, Pes 5 wasn't made from the community and it was a big success, its the developers that need replaced, they suck!
  18. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    I don't care about Asim,i don't care about Adam.
    Just bring me some Pes 20 news please madame.
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  19. janguv

    janguv League 2

    2 November 2016
    I find all the chat about Asim (and formerly Adam) really asinine, frankly.

    Yeah maybe at times he was too sensitive, maybe he overzealously blocked one or two of you; maybe also things like nuance were lost in the cramped space and frantic speed of tweets. Maybe others were genuinely rude and were harrassing him, which meant he became defensive.

    Etc etc

    Why does anyone really care? At the end of the day we have a very limited understanding of how things work at Konami, and perhaps a small irony is that Adam and Asim have claimed to be part of trying to make the process of interaction between devs and fans more transparent, but are lambasted for bad communication.

    Ultimately, it's still obscure, and likewise it's not totally clear who is to blame for that. My money would be on the executives and project managers though.

    What's clear to me, anyway, is PES badly needs vision. It needs a design philosophy, core principles, and a team willing to work in order to realize that vision. More than anything, this is what it lacks. That's evident when you find out snippets (through Adam and Asim), such as that data gets fed up to the executives along the lines of "We did a questionnaire and x% of respondents like having PA2 and PA3 in the game."

    Satisfying popular demand is just a pure market strategy. It's not about love of the art, pride in the product. "Give the fans what they want" is an unhelpful slogan: in business, it becomes "satisfy those who pay the most"; in fan forums it becomes "satisfy us, the real fans who have stuck through thick and thin". A battle is then conceived; a fight for the attention of Konami between the sweaty online crowd and the holier-than-thou offline crowd.

    Really, Konami ought not to aim at satisfying any particular type of fan. Not until they've identified what kind of game they want to make. That's an artistic and philosophical decision, one best taken on their own terms and without distracting fan input. Only at that point is a feedback process especially helpful.

    My vain hope is that the PR silence indicates a more determinate, closed process behind the scenes, which isn't about pleasing the paying majority. But I've got no basis on which to say that. The thing about silence is you can fill it with your own noise very quickly.
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  20. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Golden Boot Winner

    7 January 2007
    Also you should be really thinking hard about yourself if you feel proud, happy, cool, talking down because someone going through though times clearly. No matter who the person is. What does that tell about you?

    As for Asim we dont know his "daily" tasks or the hierarchy at the company so you have no idea exactly of the impact he tried and he allowed to make. So no point there is in this guessing game.
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  21. pacpes

    pacpes PES ♥

    5 August 2015
    Chelsea FC
    Hold my beer.
    You mean you don't like all the "DAT CAMP NOU, DAT FACE, DAT SNOW" tweets? :SHOCK:
  22. Stan

    Stan Allez les Lionceaux !!!

    12 September 2002
    Imagine being evaluated on the internet by people who haven't got a clue of what your job is? Would you like that? Don't think so.

    This is what is happening for years now with Adam, Asim and before that Seabass (i remember somebody here wishing Seabass and his kids got cancer).

    Can we please stop that. We don't have a clue if those people are good or bad at their job.
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  23. elloco

    elloco League 1

    19 November 2013
    in some terms we know was Adams Job is/was , Community Manager, interact with the community is for shure one part of this job and thats no secret that in this part he had absolutely no clue how to work professional.

    some of his twitter battles are really embarrassing and not professional. he cant deal with critics from the community and thats not the best behavior for a community manager...

    cant remember that Murphy or even the account of official PES make such a drama like Adam... its just not professional like a lot of other stuff Konami do.
  24. Gale Kast

    Gale Kast Conference

    7 August 2018
    Have your beer back, I can beat that :)

    Attached Files:

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  25. kernowdoc

    kernowdoc Court In Session...

    13 November 2011
    Green Army
    Konami/Pes is like trying to crack an enigma machine. You never know what you are going to get out of it!
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  26. Stan

    Stan Allez les Lionceaux !!!

    12 September 2002
    You must be very smart if you know why Adam was a bad community manager. Perhaps his bosses really liked his work, because he was promoted. It's not because you are convinced that somebody was a bad community manager, that he really was one.

    What is happening here is that an employee of Pepsi Cola is ostracised by people who once preferred Pepsi, but now like Coca Cola more. Those people don't have a clue if that person has had the slightest influence in the fact that they now prefer Coca to Pepsi. Perhaps they simple are other persons and like Coke now because their very subjective taste has changed… Perhaps someone higher up decided to change the ingredients of Pepsi (or Cola).

    What i try to make clear is that Asim is not to blame for the fact that you don't like PES anymore.

    I try to imagine what it must be to see my work evaluated on open internet must be horrible. I would not like that. Would you (regardless of the fact that your job is being community manager).
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  27. Lons


    I miss Jon Murphy as well. He was a guy who spoke with community in a good way.
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  28. elloco

    elloco League 1

    19 November 2013
    absolutely right and for sure the most people dont blame Adam / Asim for this fact !!

    They blame these guys for being disrespectful, harsh and not professional on social media, thats all... not more not less...
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  29. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    Adam is a terrible community manager and you don't have to be smart to know that. He constantly lies on Twitter then bans people or hides behind "this is my personal account". I would suggest Konami are generating enough income from Myclub to warrant a promotion or maybe he is good politically within the Company. I work with many people in industry with no subject knowledge, no technical capability and no people skills but still get promoted because they are very good at the political game. And before anyone asks the kind of lies Adam has told over the years. No problem with fouls - 2018 - refused to show stat screen when questioned, denied AI attacking issue on release, low shot issue in 2016 or 15 where ai bent it into bottom corner every attack..i am sure there are more examples.
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  30. Ameppe

    Ameppe International

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    This is important. I really believe that Asim "lying" about dynamic lighting is not a lie, but simply the Japanese dev team not managing to make it in time. We also saw a tech demo at GDC (i seem to remember it was there) where they showed the dynamic lighting working in Pes, but probably didn't have enough time to optimize it. So, they really were trying to implement dynamic lighting, they communicated this, but in the end we just had lighting changes at half time.

    The real mistake is coming from the Japanese dev team, Asim and also Adam only reported what they were told to.

    Let's be real: if Pes was awesome in every part we would thank Asim and Adam for being so useful for Pes, now that Pes is frankly bad in most parts Asim and Adam are the shield put there by Konami to protect themselves by having to answer about their constant failures.

    How much time is it since a Japanese Pes developer or manager directly addressed community concerns? I really hope they will go back to release dev interviews and videos showing the process of creating a new Pes, last time was with Pes 2014 and Masuda explaining MASS and other new additions. That is what Pes community really lacks, right now there is so much distance between fans and developers that just one intermediate man like Asim couldn't do much to improve the situation. As usual, it's the Japanese team that really needs to understand we are now in 2019, no more in 2000, where you could release a teaser trailer then launch the game, because there were no means to directly communicating with fans. In 2019 fans really should be able to communicate so much more and more directly with the people actually making the game.

    Around the Pes 2018 release Adam promised on Twitter they would have released a video showing the process of making Pes and interviewing developers, it never happened. Guess you could say it's Adam's lie but i really believe he would be happy to do that, but simply he wasn't allowed to.
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