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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by its999maggle, 8 August 2018.

  1. Paterson

    Paterson OF Editing PC

    19 November 2014
    Data Pack 3.0 Trailer:
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  2. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko League 2

    12 November 2009
    Google for Broadcast Camera Zoom Disabler. I am not sure if it’s compatible with the latest Datapack, tho.
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  3. incas36

    incas36 Champions League

    4 November 2015
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  4. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko League 2

    12 November 2009
    I’ve noticed that in those situations there is generally an unmarked player a bit further down the field standing at the sidelines (you have to check the radar). You can use L1 and right stick to select that player and have the goalie kick it directly to him.
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  5. greenmachine

    greenmachine League 1

    5 November 2003
    Has anyone seen snow in a game ? I see it in the Stadium intro and cut scenes but not in game , I used all the default camera, nothing, well something that looks like a shimmer and now and again very very tiny slivers of something but basically no snow - 1080 card with 11 Gb on it
  6. lopiop

    lopiop League 1

    26 November 2014
    any patches compatible with data pack 3.0?
  7. greenmachine

    greenmachine League 1

    5 November 2003
    Got an answer from CelticFC SLO when I added him and the club into my tweets to Konami

    1. Maybe Celtic can get a answer from them, because they never answer their paying customers come @celticfcslo on get an answer for the fans when are they adding Celtic Park and not the usual in a DLC we have been waiting coming up for 5 months

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    [​IMG]Celtic FC SLO‏ @CelticFCSLO
    Replying to @mefw4 @officialpes @CelticFC
    They’ve all been done so I expect it’ll be very soon, they look brilliant
  8. Skylark

    Skylark Premiership

    29 August 2013
    what is the best patch right now?
  9. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    What is the most sure-fire way to avoid this update from happening? I'm on PES Galaxy with Evoswitcher and I don't want anything new ruining my seasons.
  10. lucagian

    lucagian Championship

    13 November 2010
    S.S. Lazio
    Did Lustig just do a sort of crocodile (like Brozovic vs. Barca)? :LOL:

    Or does this happen all the time in this game and I'm only noticing now?
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  11. RiseAgainst911

    RiseAgainst911 Non-League

    8 November 2018
    Austria, Salzburg
    FC Liverpool
    Does anyone have since the Date Pack 3.0. some issues with stuttering? I don't know if this problem is because of Date Pack 3.0 or with the new Windows 10 Update (1809). I have installed Data Pack 3.0 and the new Windows 10 Version at the same time, so i don't know whats the problem is. Before the updates, everything was running smooth, so my pc is not the problem (especially i have the RTX2080, Ryzen 7 2700X and a 256GB SSD...)
  12. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko League 2

    12 November 2009
    I'd say go to the settings and in the online tab set your port to 0 and uncheck the 'Automatic' checkbox.

    I mean the settings.exe (the one you open before starting the game for the first time) not the settings in the game
  13. Paynekiller

    Paynekiller League 1

    14 June 2015
    In my experience stuttering is often windows related. Windows Updates have caused performance issues for PES gamers in recent years.
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  14. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    Ok, thank you. And once it's been updated, is there any way to go back?
  15. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko League 2

    12 November 2009
    Difficult, I’d say. There is Evoswitcher 3.0 out which is supposedly compatible with DLC3, but I found the camera and speed settings don’t work.
  16. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    I happened to have had a PTE install saved from the last update. I created a copy, uninstalled PTE, and copied over all the PES Galaxy content. Just have to see if that works.
    UPDATE: Didn't work. I guess there's more to the Galaxy install than copying things into the right folders. I guess I have to wait for the Galaxy guys to update their mod and see if it brings my seasons back.
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  17. vulturu0707

    vulturu0707 League 1

    25 August 2008
    Getting bored of MyClub I started yesterday playing in Online Divisions with 0 pass assistance and advanced shooting - I must say, wow! Totally different experience and never felt like i had so much control over players movements and direction of the ball.

    Is there a group of players who play on manual? Looking for some challenges against 0 assistance passers.

  18. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko League 2

    12 November 2009
    After a bunch of games I must say I genuinely hate the newest patch. They've made the AI (even) more aggressive and increased the speed so that everything feels too fast on 0 and too sluggish on -1. The keepers now catch bullets like it's no deal and I am hitting the crossbar in every match.

    Does anyone know how could revert to the 2nd patch on Steam?
  19. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    Not possible. This is why I keep a clean install of each version until I find one I'm happy with. However, that is admittedly easy for me because I don't play online at all.
  20. incas36

    incas36 Champions League

    4 November 2015
    Sure @bromi can help you mate. He hates 1.03 patch too!
  21. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko League 2

    12 November 2009
    Thanks incas. I'll ask him. Have you found a dt18 that goes well with the new update? I've used an Editor to lower most player stats globally by 10-20 points but it's just the damn Team Spirit in ML which ruins everything. I am playing with Newcastle's original lineup and I don't understand why they start with a TS of 58 and why Konami thinks this is motivating anyone to play more.

    If someone could just disable this godforsaken "feature", we'd probably have a decent game.
  22. incas36

    incas36 Champions League

    4 November 2015
    Agree for TS! As for player stats you can see here
  23. bromi

    bromi Championship

    1 November 2014
    just replace the new exe with the oldest one. Then you probably have to change the dpfilelist configuration to make the mods work (it depends what you have isntalled and what version)
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  24. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
  25. Tinker

    Tinker Championship

    23 April 2008
    This. Played yesterday with the new patch, default exe and dt, and am very happy to agree with evaluation above. Great to see gameplay stepping up from the previous exe, which felt shallow very quickly (made me stop playing PES 2019 in fact).
  26. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko League 2

    12 November 2009
    Thx. Where would I get an old .exe from? I am using sider 5.1.1 with GFX Mod and PES-Universe v3.
  27. bromi

    bromi Championship

    1 November 2014
  28. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    Are we saying that the only thing that makes the update happen is a new exe? It can't be that simple, can it?
  29. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
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  30. chiefrocka4real

    chiefrocka4real Champions League

    30 August 2013
    many :)
    My settings:

    20 mins, full manual, EvoSwitcher with game speed, PTE Patch, inca´s dt Bravo.
    Playing ML in premier league on regular and this game feels awesome!
    Played a match against Westham which I could win, even they tried to score...but my defense was good.
    Won 1:0.

    Then the next match against Liverpool, I got hammered 1:3.
    It seems like strong teams are harder and weaker teams are more easy.
    I hope it´s not coincidence, because that was a big turn off in PES ML´s...when low teams play like Barca and vice versa.

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