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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by its999maggle, 2 September 2018.

  1. its999maggle

    its999maggle Custom Title:

    24 February 2018
    Borussia Dortmund
    The answer to most problems is proper communication. Might as well try it here. There have been many issues noted by a lot of people about the game, and a lot have complained. But complaining won't get us anywhere. It's time we draft a proper message to PES Productions and send it over, while being civil. I urge you all to share your Feedback about the game in this thread and after a certain period of time, a document will be drafted and you'll need to fill a Google Form as a way of signing the document.

    Here's what the feedback should be like,
    • Mention Positives and Negatives separately.
    • Give the game a rating out of 10.
    • Mention the main issues with the game.
    • Do not use aggressive language.
    • Try to provide videos and/or pictures to support your feedback.
    Thank you!
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  2. baguettos

    baguettos Championship

    19 November 2016
    No comment yet :D
  3. its999maggle

    its999maggle Custom Title:

    24 February 2018
    Borussia Dortmund
    No worries. Take your time.
  4. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    Good man. I will start working on it right away.
    Im on ps4. Whats the easiest way to capture and upload vids?
    Recorded one with my phone last night but file too big. Are there simpler ways?
    Any recommendations for converter app on the phone to reduce size?
  5. its999maggle

    its999maggle Custom Title:

    24 February 2018
    Borussia Dortmund
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  6. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018

    - ball physics
    - player movements
    - animations
    - more fouls
    - nets
    - shots
    - dribbling
    - graphics

    - menus
    - No division 2's
    - PassAssistance should be more free and have more error
    - MasterLeague needs improvements

    2. URGENT fixes:
    - AI Wing Obsession
    In Offline AI is obsessed with flanks. 9/10 times they use low crosses, and even start "glitching" when unable to do so. This makes gameplay boring, frustrating and predictable

    - Goalkeepers glued to the goal line
    Most of the time GK will stay on the line. Offensive/defensive attributes dont seems to make any difference

    - AI reluctance to score
    AI NEEDS to be more ruthless. Most of the time, having shot on goal they decide to slow down or pass instead of shoot.
    Happens regardless of difficulty.
    Absolute gamebreaker when playing BAL as team mates dont "want" to score.

    - AI needs more shots from distance. Games against AI need to be more unpredictable. AI doesnt attempt surprise shots from different angles/positions. 9/10 times they want to "walk" the ball in.

    Overall its a noticable step forward with broken AI for the moment. AI requires attention ASAP.
    More unpredictability, less patterns. Every team plays the same regardless of tactics.
    Wing obsession, reluctancy to score and lack of long shots from AI being main issues that require immediate fix.

    Overall score: 6/10 due to broken AI

    (I will be editing this post as I go and adding video examples if possible)
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  7. Bonano

    Bonano League 2

    2 July 2017
    Copenhagen, DK
    Not trying to be argumentative but wasn't this feedback supposed to be a write up of the most glaring AI issues that most users already fed back in the PES2019 discussion thread?

    These mainly being:
    - AI obsession with wing play and low crosses
    - AI not dribbling at you
    - GK not comming off their line (enough)
    - AI passing on the ball to a teammate in stead of shooting when in obvious goal scoring situations
    - AI not shooting from distance
    - Most AI teams playing short passes inside your penalty area
    (Maybe a few other I forgot)

    I just fear this thread might turn into a general feed back thread going in all sorts of directions, whereas a write up of what most of this community believe are obvious lackings in AI behaviour would be more straightforward and powerfull and therefore less easy to ignore on Konami's part (there's already stuff on Twitter on this as well).

    It's a good idea though to have users contribute videos where possible:TU:

    Here's on from me:
    AI Neymar not shooting in obvious goal scoring situation:
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  8. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    I agree. Think we should focus mainly on AI urgent fixes and back them up with hard evidence.
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  9. Antoine

    Antoine League 2

    28 September 2016
    Totally agree. Ill get my feedback in later.
  10. chelseafan86

    chelseafan86 Conference

    31 August 2018
    Absolutely agree with the positives. And fully agree with all the urgent fixes you mention, too. I just hope the patch is very soon as opposed to months
  11. chelseafan86

    chelseafan86 Conference

    31 August 2018
    The clip you posted is the exact thing that made me shelve it. At least offline. That is woefully broken i had it last night with Arsenal. Tippy tappy round the box until it hit the penalty spot then sidefooted in. The only saves my keeper has had to make are the ones smothering low crosses. It's rank. Adam Bhatti posted screenshots of his ML team signing Neymar, he must be noticing it lol

    Going to finally try online. :)

    PESFANnWENBisDEAD Non-League

    31 August 2018
    4/10 (online review)

    +Plays good
    +Good graphics

    -Hold X SQUARE pressure is too strong.
    -CPU defends more than player.
    -Through balls game.
    -MyClub is a joke.
    -Scripted shooting/GK like always.
  13. Antoine

    Antoine League 2

    28 September 2016
    Ok so after playing the game for four days I'm simply going to concentrate on the AI issue. As an offline player unless we get this fixed the number of users by Christmas will have dropped massively and most people will return to FIFA. Its simply too broken to be put up with and really spoils what otherwise is a nice game.

    Heres my list of AI faults I have found

    Constant wingplay: No matter who you play against and no matter what their tactical setup is the AI will always try and spam the wings. In most cases you will see the CPU putting low ground crosses, and whats worse they will put in weak low crosses. If they manage to get a low cross to a player in the box its usually 99% a goal as the CPU simply blasts it in around the penalty spot. You can kind of make a quick fix but it requires you setting all tactics to long ball, entering target, and giving wingers early crossing and pinpoint crossing traits. But it still exists afterwards.

    No shooting from outside of the box: The AI simply refuses to shoot from outside the box. Even if you stand off them they will work it backwards or back to the wings. I have only seen one shot from the edge of the box. If you give players long shot traits they don't use them or they don't work. Massive game breaker as it limits the challenge in the CPU and makes your keeper redundant unless you get a situation from the first point above.

    Lack of dribbling and speed: The AI will not attempt to take you on in a dribble and they won't run with pace with the ball. When the CPU is through on goal it almost stutters and in some cases turns back! Heres a video of a move that resulted in a goal by the AI for Bournemouth, it was a nice move and extremely rare but watch the receiving striker when through on goal, he starts running then stutters and slows down before dispatching. I shouldn't have a chance of catching him but my players almost do.

    Keepers stay rooted: Whether they have defensive or offensive trait they stay stuck on their line in a 1-1 situation. This is also bad because they hardly come from crosses and hardly punch the ball. Sometimes if you do a manual cross they will attempt a punch but its rare. Again ruins the keepers as they have some nice animations we arnt seeing.

    No penalties: I haven't had a pen in 4 days of play. The CPU just won't tackle you in the box and when they do they win it every time. Theres a lack of balance here.

    Headers: Headers seem off and difficult to execute and always end up looping over or bouncing wide. They are extremely weak and using SUPER CANCEL IS NOT THE ANSWER! When i throw in a cross I expect Mandzukic to be able to get his head on stuff and direct powerful headers!

    If we can get these working and right we will have a great game on our hands.
  14. Antoine

    Antoine League 2

    28 September 2016
    Update, another video showing the hesitant AI not going for goal.

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  15. bluewomble88

    bluewomble88 Championship

    26 September 2010
    Utterly game-breaking and completely inexcusable. That would be like the AI in Gran Turismo being in prime position to take the chequered flag but then slowing down for no reason on the home straight.

    Fifa again for me this year.

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