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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by its999maggle, 8 August 2018.

  1. gomito#10

    gomito#10 World Cup Winner

    9 May 2003
    DC, USA
  2. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
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  3. Yeah, AT LEAST.
  4. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    You really need at least 6GB video RAM? That seems over the top in my opinion
  5. PES is a poorly optimized game, my friend.
  6. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    Ah ok thank you mate
  7. felipepif

    felipepif Non-League

    17 January 2019
    Hi. If you intend to play exclusively PES or FIFA. This 3GB graphics card will serve you well for a few more years. But if you want to play some other triple-a games, you better go on a 1060 6gb soon. I would not hesitate to go in the 6GB since the price difference does not seem to be so much. Another good solution is to see if the prices of Rx 580 4gb or 8gb are lower. Gtx 1060 and Rx 580 are very similar boards. Both are still enough to play in full HD 60fps.
  8. Paynekiller

    Paynekiller League 1

    14 June 2015
    Does anyone have a definitive and permanent solution to the Micro stutter issues? Disabling cores works but this is only a temporary solution, even when I use something like Prio or project Lasso the fix stops working if I re launch the game.
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  9. incas36

    incas36 Champions League

    4 November 2015
    I disable core every time launch the game. I didn't find any fix.
  10. Paterson

    Paterson OF Editing PC

    19 November 2014
    For example, a RX 460 4GB has no problems to run PES 2019 at 1920x1080 and highest settings. ;)
  11. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    Hello everyone. How is a laptop setup with 256 gb ssd 1tb hdd 16 GB ram ddr4 ram 1060 6gb graphics card and the i7 7700hq processor for PES 19 at HD? What quality (Low Medium High or Ultra) and what fps should I expect? Also how many years would you expect this to be good for the next gens of PES? Thank you I highly appreciate everyone's input.
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  13. aussiepesfan

    aussiepesfan Premiership

    17 April 2002
    Hey Chuny, interesting post.. haven't fully read it, just skimmed it, will have a better read when I get the time. But this Pes2019 experience (including pes2018) on PC has been a real interesting
    (frustrating at times).
    Last year I got the following gaming laptop: summarise its got a:
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 GDDR5X 8GB
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7820HK CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2904 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
    32gig of DDR4: 2400MHz

    Anyways, its basically a Desktop replacement, which I keep connected to my projector in the gaming room - that's how I play pes2019. Yes its a great gaming laptop, but for me, and for gaming laptops in general, despite the power, I think it has to do with heat - that's the main cause of frame drops and stutter.

    My experience of paying pes2019 is that it plays awesome/smooth to begin with, highest settings, 60fps at 1080p/60hz (projector). I choose the "optimise" setting on the Nvidia Geforce Experience - home screen shows Pes2019 (as nvidia picks up this game) and I click the image, and then can click 'optimize', which I do.

    So it plays smoothly, but after about 2+ hours, when my laptop starts to heat up (even though I have the max fan settings 100% set in as soon as the cpu reaches 70 degrees), I do start getting the odd stutter, and thermal throttling from what I can gather. Its quite frustrating that a laptop of this power does that. Makes me think I really should have just got a power pc, and not bothered about he flexibility of a gaming laptop. Obviously im going to play around with some cpu undervolting, but yeah.. ill give your article a proper read aswell :)

    While talking about the PC version, while ive been mucking around with it lately, one great thing is that I can finally make 60fps recordings of gameplay via shadowplay (nvidia finally fixed the issues that didn't allow proper 60fps recording). Here is a youtube clip I uploaded at 1080p60fps... (although youtube processing stuffed up the last 15 seconds causing some stutter). That's the great thing about the PC version.. looks so damn good, the mods, the fact I can use my all time favourite ball: adidas Telstar Mechta. The camera angles... im using the default mods via sider5.1.1, at one point in the video you can see the overlay and the figures. I show how this affects my original fav angles of 6,7,10 and 5,3,10. Then at one point I try dynamic 10,9,na, which looks pretty damn good..

    Chuny, just a question regarding cameras. Is this cam mod that's in sider5.1.1, the same as the one in evoswitcher. I hear everyone talking about evoswitcher.. whats the benefit of that over sider5.1.1 which im already happy with. As its so easy to use???

    Here is the clip btw, which shows how bad I am at manual passing on the pc version. The manual seems so much more precise and easier to use (response time) on the ps4 version (which is why I keep going back to the ps4 version - just wish it had my favourite balls aswell as the 60fps cut scenes):
  14. ballsinwater

    ballsinwater Non-League

    8 August 2018
    I’m about to give up and return PES. I’m a pretty big PC noob, most of my gaming has been done on console throughout my life, however my girl recently picked up a new laptop for work and I thought it would be able to run PES. The specs are:

    HP envy 360x
    Intel i7-8550U CPU @1.80ghz (8cpus)
    12gb RAM
    Nvidia GeForce MX150 4.0gb

    Tried pretty much everything the last few days. Following various suggestions for changes to the Nvidia control panel, low render settings, windowed mode with borderless gaming program - nothing has worked. I still experience stutter.

    Is my system just not strong enough to handle it? Is the mx150 not meant for gaming?

    I’d really appreciate some insight, again I’m pretty new to all this and I apologize for the longish post.
  15. Fakku

    Fakku Non-League

    27 November 2018
    Hey, just play a few games and your performance will be better, dunno why it's like that for me since 2018 version, and I'm playing with Laptop btw, here's my Laptop specs:

    -i3 2310m
    -4GB Ram DDR3
    --GeForce GT525M

    I get about 24-27Fps, Low with something i made Medium or even High, pretty awesome right.
  16. Paynekiller

    Paynekiller League 1

    14 June 2015
    Thanks Chuny!

    The steam link you provided was immensely helpful. What worked perfectly for me was using Ghuuuuu's. method #2 which involved creating a batch file to run PES 2019 from. I made the necessary changes to run PES 2019 and it worked perfectly. All I had to do was change the path and all references of NFS to PES 2019. My batch file looks like this.

    @echo off
    start "PES2019" "C:\Program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\Common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\PES2019.lnk"
    timeout /t 30 /nobreak
    Powershell "Get-process PES2019 | Select-Object ProcessorAffinity"
    Powershell "$Process = Get-Process PES2019; $Process.ProcessorAffinity= 127"

    This launches the game and 30 seconds later disables core 8. Hope it helps others.
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  17. Alx1234

    Alx1234 Championship

    26 July 2018
    I had similar probs with 2018.

    A fresh windows install worked for me.

    IIRC, ppl also mention trying disabling GPU core 7 (I think this in taskmanager) but you may already have tried that [mentioned in post 3124 here :]
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  18. zlac

    zlac League? What league?

    2 February 2007
    Another batch of weird Steam updates for PES today? Every single PES in collection wants an update ... and 0 bytes again, every single one of them :CONFUSE:
  19. benzema69

    benzema69 Non-League

    30 January 2019
    Probably some kind of drm checking periodically if the game is legit. Cause thats way more important than fixing the game.
  20. What is Konami doing to us?
    Are they lowkey checking our browsers history? I hope not! :D
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  21. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
    These are likely only redistributables being updated.
  22. ForzaMilan1899

    ForzaMilan1899 Non-League

    12 January 2019
    Sorry but the anthems in EvoSwitcher 3.0 seem not to be working at all. It's so hard to say because they are being working probably in EvoSwitcher 2.3. Any help?
  23. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    LUFC O.K.

    Take it to the Evoswitcher thread and ask there please.
  24. ForzaMilan1899

    ForzaMilan1899 Non-League

    12 January 2019
    Can you give me the direct link to that thread?
    Thank in advance.
  25. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    I got an update just now and all of a sudden my Galaxy patch gets completely put back to stock logos, etc. What do you do when this happens?
  26. dylanez

    dylanez Conference

    13 January 2019
    Hello, I am wondering how do you install mods such as stadium and chant pack, they are .cpk files but I have no idea how to. I already have sider and evoswitch 3.0 and some others, I just don't know where to place these .cpk files
  27. Kunglao

    Kunglao Non-League

    16 September 2017
    what's up with the removed songs from the game with the latest patch?
    are they insane? were they using music without having rights?
  28. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    LUFC O.K.
    Guys, I INSIST this thread get s back on topic,its the PC discussion thread, not a random question and answer thread.

    We have threads for Evoswitcher,★-random-questions-ask-someone-may-know-the-answer.79143/page-45

    We have threads for all popular tools in Editing section,★-pes-2019-tools-thread.79147/

    We have threads for all types of game servers to add to Your game.★sider-modules-servers-thread.79431/

    All questions for the editing section need asking in this thread,link below.★-random-questions-ask-someone-may-know-the-answer.79143/page-45

    I urge all new members to read more and use the searchbox,

  29. elloco

    elloco League 1

    19 November 2013
    did anynone notice that the kick off from the keeper is broken in full manual ?

    doesnt matter how much i load up, the keeper shoot the ball hell out far away , short direct play is not possible.

    just with FM settings.
  30. chiefrocka4real

    chiefrocka4real Champions League

    30 August 2013
    many :)
    Watch this video:

    He explains it very well.

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