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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Lami, 21 September 2017.

  1. Lami

    Lami Niche Football

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    Please post all your feedback in here for us to use when needed. This would help us immensely when we need to collate all the info and pass on to the PES team, instead of wading through 1000s of posts in the discussion thread. All in one place.

    Your efforts are much appreciated!
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  2. Paynekiller

    Paynekiller League 1

    14 June 2015
    Where do I begin?
    I've got something that many gamers may not have noticed. Watched an exhibition game in coach mode to test Ai game plan setups, after the game had ended the stats recorded 2 fouls but I can say with absolute certainty that no fouls occurred. I also saw no evidence of the referee playing an advantage.
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  3. shez

    shez League 1

    19 August 2005

    Non-Gameplay related stuff:

    - I think the replay camera needs to go back to PES6 days, We're seeing the replay from the viewpoint of an ant in the grass lol...We need to be able to raise the camera higher to enjoy the amazing graphics and animations.

    - Sliders for the broadcast camera need to be added as well as remove the auto zoom

    - Kit editing needs to have the ability to save and copy home kit to away and so on, Easier to edit stuff.

    - ML history ,Trophy cabinet and maybe a stadium viewer for more immersion.

    - Add face scanning capabilities for BAL through PES 2018 app

    - Free training mode for ML team on a training pitch with fouls,penalties and the ability to choose how many participants.
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  4. The game feels too end to end. I am playing top player on the master league and I am now regularly scoring 5 goals a game. If I play against a very good team, they can score 4 goals against me and I can get around the same

    Transfers system for CPU teams in the master league seems to go by what competition they are in. Good teams not in the champions league sell all of their best players

    There needs to be a way to move money from the transfer funds to salary. After selling a lot of my players, I have 50 million transfer funds, but cannot sign anyone decent as my salary cap is 2 million
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  5. elfie

    elfie Championship

    10 November 2003
    Gameplay feels good. Pace feels very good. Shooting has been improved from 17, but needs to improve further in my opinion. Still too many bullets and still feels kind of random.

    Assisted passing P1 feels too assisted. It was better in the online beta.

    The almost complete lack of fouls is really bad. This needs a patch.
    CPU is spamming the lofted through ball either to the wings or through the middle. Perhaps this can be sorted in the tactical options menu, but this was not happening in 17.

    Commentary still sucks but at least i can turn it off.

    Take these last 2 things out and i'm happy.

    Can't judge the other modes as i have not played them.
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  6. Paynekiller

    Paynekiller League 1

    14 June 2015
    Always disliked the way the gameplay camera freezes when the ball goes out of play. Would like to see the camera cutting to players or crowd, like FIFA.
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  7. tobi

    tobi "Pull up from 30!"

    5 August 2005
    Teaching the PHX Suns the 2 min drill...
    Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
    General player awareness is worse when using manual passing, many times it doesn't register that the ball is right next to them.

    Player positioning in Fluid Formations is still the same as 2017, it's very rare for me to have my players in the correct position for each phase (attack, defend and kick off). When I make one change, the game automatically moves another player to another position in another phase. When I correct the change, it doesn't stay permanent, it's an ongoing cycle.

    Bring back the wingback position properly (advanced instructions doesn't count), it's a legitimate position on the pitch.

    Restricting the saved formation slots to three is extremely frustrating, the PS2 games were restricted based on the size of your memory card. I have a 2TB HDD in my PS4...
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  8. Robbery

    Robbery stay cool its a Robbery

    2 October 2009
    Ruhrpott, Germany
    FC Bayern Munich
    First of all i would like to begin by saying i really like the look and feel of the game. I love the goalkeeper (great saves and animations), i really like how much control you have about the players and the fluid gameplay. I think it is a nice game with a lot of potential to be a great game.

    However there are a few things stopping me from enjoying the game while i playing it in singleplayermode against the AI.

    • Most important. Playing on PA1 the passing is much to easy. You can string one touch passes together with ease. Player Stats doesn't seem to play a role. This is a pitty because player individuality depending on the values was always the greatest thing and the heart and soul of PES.
    • Saying this the AI strings passes together with ease too. One touch, backheels, through-balls, even under pressure they pass it with incredible high accuracy.
    • The AI uses through-balls way to often.
    • I would love to play with PA0 (manual passing) but that doesn't make sense as long as the AI strings together passes like they are playing on PA3.
    • All the things above also apply to the shooting-system. It would be nice if we would see more shots over or beside the target depending on playervalues.
    • I'm still missing fouls and as a consequence of it penaltys and freekicks.

    I could go on with things i would like to see in ML or things i don't like in ML. But i think first of all we should concentrate our feedback on things that are gameplay specific. Because maybe there will be a chance to patch some gameplay aspects over the year. Changes in game-modes are most likely a thing for PES2019 and at the moment not that important for me.
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  9. The Power

    The Power League 1

    18 July 2003
    - PingPong Passing: The passing accuracy is way to high. You see backheel passes in every game and all over the place. When you look closely to these passing combination you will see the players only tip the ball when passing it but the ball goes with high speed to a team mate. the pass speed does not fit the pass movement of the player.
    ....and yes even on manual you have pingpong passes with many backheel passes because the manual setting does not change the pass/ball physics.

    - The CPU plays (on superstar) as many players online do. They uses the flaws of the game. In this case the pingpong passing and lob passes.

    - Konami have decreased the speed for many shots. There are also some shots which go over the bar but still the shots have the same flaw as the passes. To accurate, the speed does not fit the shot movement of the player, not many variety of (bad) shoots and sometimes you have some rocket shots.

    - Due to pingpong passing you have 2-3 fouls in 15min game. The problem here is obvious: Why should I stop the ball when receiving a pass when the accurate is the same as you play a direct pass? So when CPU plays ping pong passes you don't have the time or the chance to tackel the player. Less tackles less fouls.
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  10. Here are my two cents:

    -More and better refereeing (different type of strictness) along with a lot more AI aggressiveness. All this results in many more fouls.

    -A lot less back-heel passes. Should happen much less frequent.

    -Master League. No more scripting in the gameplay. It should play and feel exactly like any of the other games modes. The difficulty in Master League shouldn't come from players responsiveness or certain predetermined outcome, it should come from the match itself (how good the players in your team are, how good they are for the other team, the match conditions, pressure, injuries, etc). Definetely need to eliminate the whole Master League code. Shuffle and deal the cards again.

    -Tactics/Strategies depth. We need many more options to set-up our team. Like we used to have in PES 2011.

    -Better gameplay cameras. More zoom/height/angle customization. Please bring back the little zoom-in the camera did at the start of each half, that was present in PES 2013. It looked awesome, just like real life TV broadcast.

    -Presentation: New menus, up to 2018 standards. Better scoreboards and ingame graphics (could be different for different leagues). Better broadcast atmosphere. Better chants, pressure, tension in certain type of matches (this does NOT equal scripting).

    -Injuries: Would be nice to have more injuries. Again, not through a script. But genuinely, they should come from a hard bad timed tackle or from lining-up a player too much, too often. They should happen within a match. Not in a cheap way (through a message in the menu saying X player got injured in a trainning session and will be out for 4 months. Because that would be scripted).

    -Sliders? Would be a great addition. Like shooting power/speed. Passing power/speed. Dribbling speed. Sprinting Speed. Defensive line height. Team width. Running frequencies. Man marking tightness. They shouldn't override players stats, but compliment them.

    I would like Konami to build the upcoming PES versions upon this "philosophy": Having TOO MANY options/settings to customize every little aspect, can NEVER hurt a game.

    *Gameplay *Tactics/Strategy *Graphics *Environment/Atmosphere/Off-The-Pitch. These 4 areas of the game need to be fully customizable.
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  11. flokiman

    flokiman League 1

    12 January 2012
    I want to add these:

    -Remove or replace the awful net sound. It sounds like basket hoop with latency
    -Fix the fluidity and animations of R2 movement (too clunky and unnatural)
    -Fix some choppy animations/transitions such as turning 90 degree (without running) or turning 180 degrees.
    -Add 3d grass from gameplay camera (the ball should sink a little in the grass)
    -Add Ball shining (like PES 2017)
    -Rework the footplanting to represent inertia and momentum better. (with fixed arm movement)
    -Bring back animated kits (like Pes 2014)
    -Better net physics
    -Fix floaty jumps and superhero jumps from goalkeepers
    -Fix the issue that makes almost every shot inside the box to look like slow motion (this is since PES 2014)
    -Bring back lighting of PES 2014 (especially for night matches)

    About shooting.
    I like the old PES (4-5-6) style. When the player is out of balance or pressured, the power bar loads very quickly and uncontrollably. When he has good pace, posture and angle, the power bar loads more slowly, so you can control the power/height with more precision.
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  12. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    Fouls inside the box
    Less scripting in ML
    A totally revamped ML which is very customisable (transfer frequency, team spirit on or off, with or without regens,...)
    A lesser difference between PA0 and PA1.
    Tutorials (the new defending system seems more intelligent, but not for me, i struggle. A tutorial would help).
    More intelligent player notes at the end of the match (very important for BAL).

    And most important of all: sliders (juste take a look at the NBA2K franchise, that is how to do it).
    Better presentation (not that important).
    Better commentary (not that important).

    And also very important: better and more honest communication and information. In the end too much PR talk is bad PR, in the long run being honest and communicating transparant is good PR (i know because i do something that is similar with tennants of council housing).

    If somthing isn't possible, just explain it, the loyal fans will understand.

    The game is close to being very, very good but it's a missed opportunity because of the things i've mentioned in this post.

    And finally, i do understand, but licenses are an issue after all. Why not more partnerships (and when will we know about the other partnerships??? Something went wrong there? Just communicate about it).
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  13. Smokey_CL

    Smokey_CL World Class Player

    30 September 2015
    Audio department and menu graphics need a total revamp. The amount of generic chants and their repetitiveness shuns away the immersion the game could have and it could really benefit PES to have realistic chants, crowd reactions and varied goal cheers depending on regions. Stadiums like La Bombonera, El Monumental (River Plate's) must sound colossal and suffocating for the visiting teams instead of the dull sounds heard. That is key for complete immersion and get a different feeling of the game. Borussia Dortmund's atmosphere is a good example of great chants and general atmosphere (again) but everything could be better regarding this.

    Hopefully, they'll gather audio from other leagues and teams (Hopefully Chilean, Argentinian and Brazilian leagues since they're known for their chanting-for-90-minutes type of supporters. I'd like to see more English, French and other important league chants of course. There must be a difference drawn between playing in South America and Europe, specially when you're moving from Europe to South America or viceversa on Become a Legend or the Master League.)

    National teams must also have chants of their own for everyone's enjoyment. Playing the World Cup and hearing generic cheers just make it so dull and not fun at all. Anthems are fine, however.

    Also the commentary. No more scripted lines, if you're going to have regionallized commentators for every country at least let them speak freely and do their thing instead of reading from the same script every year. It sounds weird for everyone and not everybody wants to hear the same thing over and over just with different voices. Each of them must sound different if you want to get a good taste.

    And for the great uprising of the franchise, the menus could use a complete revamp in the next game and leave behind the archaic design that's been reused since PES 2014.

    Broadcasting packages could also be something to consider in the future, although this is more licensing related and I'm aware of how difficult and expensive it is to get something into the game. Regardless, I'll make a few suggestions:

    Acquire more stadiums from South America and regions were the game is more popular. (Europe being the major one, as far as I'm aware of. Still, pretty hard to settle something down due to EA's involvement.) - Many important stadiums from this side of the region could drastically bump up the game, just make a poll and see what the people would like to see implemented. Or at least put two stadiums per country, same thing as you've done with Argentina so far.

    Simple face scans (Or 3D scans, either way) for important teams, if resources are available. KONAMI has made a great job acquiring licenses yet the player likenesses are as important as having the kits, players and anything else in the game.

    PS: I'm aware most of my suggestions aren't related to Master League or gameplay in general but the next PES iterations could really benefit from the things mentioned above. I'm sure the rest of the PES players here on Evo-Web will expand on the things that I didn't mention here. Always considered myself an atmosphere/crowd/sounds/graphics nutjob so it's my pleasure to point out whata I like and don't like so far. Hopefully, KONAMI will hear us out and deliver once again.
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  14. thapelo

    thapelo League 2

    13 October 2015
    Please, someone tweet this to bhatti :PRAY:
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  15. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    Great post Chuny.
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  16. manmachine

    manmachine League 2

    22 June 2008
    All these may sound like asking for the moon and the stars but at the end of the day, simplify things.

    There's no point in having dozens of stats and skills when one of the more important things, passing, has no gameplay effect. If need be, simplify the stats, make sure that that 5-6 key football stats actually WORK. Same goes for tactical options. Offline is boring, it needs back that missing depth, and people need to tweak the game to play a different brand of football. At the end of the day it shouldn't come as a surprise that some pes fans, old or new, want to play fantasy football and not fantasy ping pong.

    Sure many people like end to end goalfests and don't know how to break down a defence and no one is saying to exclude them, but let's face it, the difficulty levels are BS. The game can still be played casually by everyone, and more seriously at the higher difficulty levels. That's where the extra difficulty should be found, not in AI cheating and impossible blind backheels.

    If some basic sliders will help with all that, add them.
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  17. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    This game could end up being another Pes 2014 and shelved. . .people asked for a slower game and the ball to be a separate identity. .it looks like they've tried it with this and the ball is looking harder to control which makes the response of players look too slow. .. this could be a great game no doubt .. konami will never be transparent .. how dumb are they trying to appease Fifa fans . .they will put themselves in a situation of similarity with Fifa but will lose out because Fifa will always have the licenses and there will only be one obvious option ... we can blame ourselves sometimes . .Pes 2017 was dropped by fans too early. ended up being possibly the best game we've had and was recognized by some of us through persistence and patches throughout the year. . .too many options in tactics used together makes the game a mess sometimes . ...under the hood the game is there to be developed. . .Konami have a quirky way of looking at things and I don't think that even with the two A's on board that they understand what we are looking for.
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  18. sincover

    sincover Championship

    16 August 2010
    Attacking gameplay is king this year but I felt the same way last year as well. I'd like to see a few things in the area of defense changed or improved though.

    AI pressing, AI tackling and fouling all need work. There was a significant step back this year and I'm not sure why they felt the need to change it. The CPU standing tackling in 2018 is way too 'safe' - they don't take risks or make mistakes. In addition, they appear to read the user inputs 1:1; I think adding a 'human' reaction delay along with more enthusiastic tackling would help a lot.

    Defending needs an overhaul as well or perhaps the systems that support it. For one, player switching is horrible - using the right stick to choose the right defender is not always accurate; they should work on having the system make more intelligent choices. Another supporting system that needs work is player awareness of the ball. While it's much better than the iterations of years past, it still needs a lot of work. I still see way too many balls roll in front of players without the appropriate reaction. Defending is all about intelligent positioning and anticipation - there's no point in getting in a great position only to have the ball roll a few inches ahead of you without any effort from the player on screen.

    Replays! When the competition does something better, there's no shame in aping it and improving where you can. Why not have a list of highlights where you can view the different replay angles at will. Too often I find myself frustrated with the inability to view a specific highlight (without going through all of them) and then not being able to get a good angle when I finally watch it. Using the new ANSEL mode on PC just highlights how limited the current system is.

    Of course there's the usual stuff like commentary and licences, but I don't think those can/will be fixed anytime soon. I'd be fine if they just focused their attention on improving the core loop and giving me a better way to appreciate/share my cool moments.
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  19. manmachine

    manmachine League 2

    22 June 2008
    Also Adam once said that people like a slower game. This got me really excited, but I think that was all a big misunderstanding. Everyone seems to talk about the speed of the ball and the animations and player responsiveness. Which I get, it can be fine tuned. But was that really the problem? The game has adjustable speed, and with some mods (sider) you could fine tune the game speed to just where you wanted it anyway.

    But was that the issue? The type of football played can still be too fast or slow regardless of the speed of the animations. Pes18 is too fast, because the AI is always going forward, there is no midfield resistance, passing is easy, and it's end to end. This pace of the game, the one-dimensional football at display is what I think is a problem.
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  20. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    Both games are trying to copy each others gameplay in certain aspects .. Pes shots and headers are going slightly wide a lot of the time to add realism and Fifa are using more longs shots which are flawed, more of a mid strength dipping shot where keepers are allowing the ball to go in...this is to attract fans from both sides.
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  21. Chelsea4ever

    Chelsea4ever League 1

    12 March 2003
    A few things, most have already been said, but as Adam etc say on twitter, they need more people to ask for things to be implemented.

    - A free camera for replays, why would they not think to add the ability to go up and down??
    - Playing on manual, when you do a fake shot/cross the bar changes to green (the colour for assisted), which gives away that you're doing a fake shot.
    - Way less back heels and flicks.
    - More fouls.
    - Player switching needs improving.
    - Better nets (I know), but the nets on FIFA look great this year.
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  22. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    Everthing that you've said except nets .. .
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  23. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    - more fouls
    - lot more variation in shots and passes. not just animation but trajectory wise. shooting and passing should depend more heavily on body position, shot/pass accuracy, foot, ball movement, the direction & free space relation
    - bring back the following attributes: team work, pass technique, shoot technique, vision
    - less open space on the pitch, more midfield battles
    - bring back player insturctions
    - goalies are inconsistent, catch rocket shots but drop oddly slow balls
    - stamina impact on the attributes

    - get rid of team spirit and use the ability team work again its much more complex and unique way and never caused any cheatie feel
    - have form and player rating after matches affect the form arrows for real (in 2017 it was broken) instead of being random. currently consistent players dont matter
    - bring training session where you can increase player ability but in the meantime mess up form arrows perhaps or cause injury
    - have injuries and different ones to add to the immersion, have injury prone players. also add a random injury like sickness a very rare one which could affect form arrows. have a player bad form after getting back from an injury
    - get rid of regens. have unique players with realistic names (just create a few ones, hell even commentator names for them too)
    - youth academy from age 15- where you cant see overall and detailed abilites just short reports like " J. Jones is a very promising lad, shows lot of confidence when it comes to headers" then option to Call up/Dont call up once he is 16. then you can see his abilities
    - expectations, goals from the board also can be improved which were invented this year. clever idea
    - transfer system properly done with loans, swaps included
    - give a player a loyalty level attribute on which he wont leave a certain club

    - i would like to see fun facts, historical facts of the players, clubs during loading screens which Konami are partners with
    - commentators could have more lines of these clubs, players
    - real 3d managers for these clubs

    - commentary is very robotic. There is room for improvement there. Take a look at FIFA, NBA2K. Half of those is enough.
    - more original Konami but also realistic looking stadium
    - improve chants or implement a sound importer for chants.
    - the match intros should have more TV feel to it
    - replays are great, there could be cut scenes of previous fouls, shots, goals, tricks, tackles, player emotions, during throw ins, goal kicks, once a scorer is subbed
    - copy the match highlights from FIFA!!! or let it show behind the stats screen instead of the stadium and let us watch it full screen by pressing R3
    - 3d grass during spot kicks
    - cut scenes of managers and option to edit the appearance of the unlicensed ones

    Champions Leage:
    - bring back scenario mode for the CL. where you would get weekly challenges to complete during the CL campaign after real games for GP. in fact you could put GP on the line and have a multiplier according to the difficulty you play on. lets give the license some treat, it also helps people lure into myclub. a nice colab for offline and online play

    Random selection:
    - get it online
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  24. manmachine

    manmachine League 2

    22 June 2008
    Heh, from what i've seen in the fifa demo, the nets feel really bad, like they are made of steel. But maybe it's a demo/net tension options thing. It would be nice for pes to include nets in different shapes and forms though like fifa does. Something beyond a simple colour change. I can be very specific when it comes to nets, but I will admit that right now that is the least of pes' problems. Seems like something that is steadily improving just like the GKs did.
  25. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    Gk's are excellent sometimes in Pes 2018 . .that and dribbling are the best improvements this year.
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  26. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    A lot of people wanted the big pitch/small playesr from 2013 and now they have it they don't want it. . shooting this year is catering for the Fifa model of shots just going wide etc ..too many of them.
  27. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    I just give feedback. We can discuss this in the other topic. I'd like to keep this clean perhaps we can send this link to OP once.

    This comment can be deleted as well, i wont be bothered.
  28. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    I forgot which thread I was in.
  29. incas36

    incas36 Champions League

    4 November 2015
    Only nesa24, juce,zlac kilay and the others Evo Web's genius can save us from throwing in the trash this year's pes. All Bhattis promises are.words in the wind and I don't think we can have a so big patch that can solve all this issues. Forgive me if you can!
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  30. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    It needs a lot of work.

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