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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by PES Russia, 24 June 2015.

  1. PES Russia

    PES Russia PES Russia

    17 January 2014
    This article will be sent to the developers.


    Dear users of! :))

    Innovations of PES 2016 are announced and known to everybody. In order not to waste any time we have started to prepare materials for PES 2017. We will mention all those innovations and improvements that fans want to see in the near future! Therefore I would like to ask you to remark on the following items:
    - What kind of innovations would you like to see in the series;
    - What improvements from the previous parts of the series would you like to see in the game again;
    - What features from the other sport simulators(not only from footsims) would you like to see;
    - What weaknesses which ruin the impression of the game from year to year you would like to eliminate once and for all.

    I look forward to your response and lively discussion. This topic is actively discussed on all Russian PES portals. Soon I will create a similar topic at,,, and other!

    We plan to gather all the information from all the forums in September. Then we’ll process, sort and send it to the developers in the form of an article. We look forward to your support and help!

    Best regards from Russia!
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  2. radiator

    radiator Banned

    22 June 2015
    - good graphics with life like stadium lightning
    - get the snow back
    - good injury system with different body type injuries
    - reworked editor with options to create different national leagues and different league structures
    - stadium creator (not editor) with lots of options
    - bring the pes2011-2014 gameplan, the new one is very sluggish
    - youth academies and scout networks that takes time to become reliable way of finding young players
    - make the nets feeling like they are actual nets
    - shirt pulling that was in pes2008 and diving

    when i get sober i will come back with more
  3. Deluxe

    Deluxe Championship

    2 September 2005
    - Coin toss before kick off
    - A dedicated button for manual instant replay. They must disable automatic repetition after every shot or foul asap. It's annoying and there's a lot thing that you want to see more than a shot or foul.
    - Dynamic weather anytime. Not only after second half.
    - Fix net physics please.
    - Real time throw in, corner kick and goal kick. No more black screen between them.
    - Disable assisted free kick, goal kick and corner kick pointed guide. Please!
    - Old free kick executions (like PS1/PS2 days).
    - Change between shirts, shorts and socks.

    That for the moment...
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  4. bluewomble88

    bluewomble88 Championship

    26 September 2010
    Fix the goalkeepers

    That's all.
  5. proxi

    proxi Champions League

    9 February 2003
    Tottenham Hotspur
    + Coin toss before kick-off (cred to Deluxe).
    + In-depth stadium editor.
    + Endless slots for everything.
    + Ability to mix & match shirts, shorts and socks from available kits.
    + Realistic injuries that can cause different recovery periods and have a small chance of recurrence (CPU-controlled players too).
    + Rare chance of career-threatening injury.
    + Ability for the club to use funds to help player recovery from serious injury. Cuts 25% or 33% off recovery time.
    + Professionalism stat (1, 2 or 3). Affects possibility of going AWOL if upset at the lack of first-team chances, also chance of player rolling around on the floor more often when tackling.
    + The ability to overreact to a challenge, with potential punishment. Subtle things only with this.
    + Vanity stat (1, 2 or 3). If '3' he'll likely change his hair every couple of weeks to a randomly-picked style. Modern footballers are vain pussies.
    + Highlights to be at 100% speed instead of slowed down.
    + NPC managers moving clubs in ML.
    + NPC managers to have playing style attributes, creating attached team to play their way.
    + Menu music to read from USB music player on PS4.

    - Shit menu music.
    - Sky-high top scorer totals by players on other teams in ML.
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  6. radiator

    radiator Banned

    22 June 2015
    - better presentation
    - realistic supporters attendance that also depends of the clubs performance
    - real referees
    - paramedics
    - smokes and bombs and better stadium atmosphere
    - different pitch condition that can affect the gameplay
    - bus parade after winning CL
    - injuries during training
    - futsal (I hope the rumors are true)
    - changeable sponsors on tshirt in Master League
    - the option to combine different part of the kits like in pes5/we9
    - air comes out of the mouth when its cold
  7. Jimi_Zuko

    Jimi_Zuko Jimi Zuko

    20 January 2003
    A proper stanina system especially for online, to penalize players for pressuring all game with 3 players
  8. xicpanad

    xicpanad Championship

    27 March 2009
    Come on, some shit is horribly wrong and no one calls it?
    Lack of fouls! We want a realistic foul system.
    We want better CPU defensive AI. And we want realistic GK, ability speaking but also with animations. PES´s GKs are soooooo oudated!.
  9. profit90

    profit90 Forza Reggina

    28 August 2004
    Reggina Calcio
    Option to turn replays off after fouls/offsides.
  10. Gazprom

    Gazprom Wait a better Soccer.

    4 December 2014
    My suggestion is konami stop moaning on PC users.
  11. Ipswich69

    Ipswich69 Banned

    25 July 2011
    Foreget PES 2017, 18 etc... Konami should just release either PES5, PES6 or WE9LE in HD with updated rosters and kits. They're never going to make a better football game.
  12. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    So Konami should give up trying to make PES better and more realistic despite the advancement of processing power etc.?

    Are you trolling or what, seriously?
  13. Gazprom

    Gazprom Wait a better Soccer.

    4 December 2014
    I just miss one guy is on the back from PES6 Cover.

    Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuda.
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Master League is really amazing.
  14. Ipswich69

    Ipswich69 Banned

    25 July 2011
    Grow up chap. It's called an opinion, even though you may not like it. And yes, I am serious. After 8 years of varying levels of tripe, I don't think it would be a bad idea if Konami gave up trying to make PES better and more realistic. An HD PES5, 6 or WE9LE would do me and many others fine. Just my opinion though.;)
  15. SiuMing

    SiuMing League 2

    4 December 2005
    Hong Kong
    - Don't use capital letters for the whole player names and team names on default. Programming is able to convert the whole name to capital letter when it is needed.
    - Support accented letter on shirt name.
    - The length limit of shirt name should be longer.
    - Coin toss before kick off. It was implemented in the another collapsed football title by Konami.
    - J. League and Japan national team full license.
    - Remove all fictional teams and players like PES United and WE United. It is acceptable if players' name and appearance is fake but the player itself exist in real world.

    Exhibition mode / Match mode
    - Add penalty shootout mode, which is originally implemented in the old generation (PlayStation 2) of PES.
    - Number of spectators (also implemented in old-gen PES).

    Master League (and all Football Life modes)
    - Real-world player registration limitation like no more than 3 non-Asian players for AFC Champions League.

    Training mode
    - Make the "challenge training mode" like the one in FIFA. Indeed, it is originally from WE6 / PES2.

    Edit mode
    - Able to add competitions, national team or clubs, instead of modifying fake teams and competitions.
    - Support more league structures like MLS, Scottish Premiership and J. League.
    - All 209 FIFA member countries should be selectable as a "nationality" of players. Some Asian countries like Myanmar (Burma) and Guam is missing.
    - Cross-platform Edit Data (also known as option file) sharing.

    System settings / Game option
    - Able to download other languages of commentary.
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  16. DuduBR9

    DuduBR9 Champions League

    25 July 2010
    This should be a priority.
  17. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    I couldn't go back to 8-way movement and assisted passing/shooting. It would feel so limiting now.

    As you said, opinions.
  18. chiefrocka4real

    chiefrocka4real Champions League

    30 August 2013
    many :)
    Better Cam options, specially for online matches
  19. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    i think we should be more detailed about improvements than "better this and better that"

    just came into my mind if the old controuls + 360 degree controls could be done for the RE remake, maybe the 8-way movement could be done here too as an option. or maybe im completely wrong

    i dont know about 2016 but since it wasnt mentioned so probably these arent included:

    - realistic fouls/injuries (the new collision system can make it happen) with head, arm, leg, upperbody injuries related to injury resistance, player balance of the colliding players and type of fouls. this is a must
    - different types of referees in strictness, about 10 different referee team at least with strictness level 1-10 for example
    - diving button, seriously. i would never use it but its part of the game nowdays and it adds more flavour to the game. it was the best part of PES 2008. the new collision system could make this fun
    - dedicated servers for online so we dont have button lag at all or go back oldschool when in one half one player was the host, in the other half the other. i had better games recently online with PES6 where someone runs the server in his home on a single computer for a 100 people than in PES 2015
    - 2on2 online
    - just like the latest 2016 amazing kit editor. make it available for us to import adboards, pitch patterns, nets (colours ), for every team personally in the same way. maybe have a couple of plain balls so we can add textures to them aswell
    - a bit of keeper and shooting overhaul, we should wait about this until the demo but a bit concern that in the box 1-on-1 the keeper still doesnt have a chance. scoring goals should feel rewarding from close and long distance aswell, even with top players, improved ball physics also needed to add more variation to the shots, every shot feels the same strong and mostly hits the target or goes a bit wide, there are no really awful shots wich go really wide, or over the bar like in reality
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  20. angus

    angus Premiership

    23 November 2010
    Man, if they could do that one thing FINALLY it would be a huge improvement. And miracle. Konami needs to pull a football Watergate: secretly break into EA's offices one night and download FIFA's GK coding, and then insert it into PES.
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  21. Ameppe

    Ameppe Champions League

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    We already have a feedback based on Pes 2016 without even playing it. Not only that, we already have a Pes 2017 suggestions topic.
  22. broxopios

    broxopios mind the trap

    14 February 2004
    AEK Athens
    - Better shooting system, with more variety, more error depending on player stats, which foot he use, the angle of his body and much more variety in ball tranjectories.

    - I'd like to see again the offline community mode from PES 2012.
    Last edited: 22 October 2015
  23. PES Russia

    PES Russia PES Russia

    17 January 2014
    The things we are talking about is a desirable innovations (and the stuff, that should be returned from previous games). Innovations in PES 2016 already announced. It'll be too late to send a list of desirable innovations three months after the release of the full version of PES 2016, because developer's priorities will be already set at this time.
  24. angus

    angus Premiership

    23 November 2010
    There is a point in there I can see... stick with what works. But at the same time and after years of mis-steps PES is finally back on track with PES 2015. No need for going backwards at this point, PES in its latest iteration has now surpassed anything that's come before it, and PES 2016 is looking even better.
  25. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    some great stuff in this thread. i'm going to post mine with some diagrams on how to do an injury and stamina system.
  26. Topaz

    Topaz Programmer/TheAwesomeGem

    21 October 2011
    United States
    Chelsea, Spain
    More varied A.I like PES 6. Copy the whole A.I system from PES 6.
  27. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    I think its useless to look at PES6 for the future of PES gameplay, that game was in 8 directions which says everything and how long since we moved on from that. The AI wasn't varied on that game either. Most defences just camped in their box.

    There was no long balls from the AI on PS2 PES, everything was ground passing.
  28. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    thats acutally not true. most of the teams in 6 kick the ball forward if u set the strategy right. counter and auto-attacking does that

    btw do you know why we like older PES games? they maybe are on 8 directions, but certanly had better ball physics, just play a PES 6 match if u cant remember righ, u will feel instantly that anything could happen to the ball unlike in the latest PES games(ofcourse i didnt think about passing). and on top of that they were fun balanced games with player individuality.
    thank God with the new british studio it looks like we are going there again.
  29. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    No, i played it a few months ago, it was just fun and easy. Very restrictive in regards to passing. Manual and 360 degrees has opened up new worlds now. Things you just can't do in PES6 which makes it so, very dated. I play that game while massively blazed, with music on. Its just all fun. Not something tactical or deep like the newer games where on the manual passing or 1 bar settings with longer matches you have to focus hard on each opponent.

    I feel as if the majority of PES6 loves just haven't embraced manual or even 1 bar passing whatsoever and are still trying to play modern PES games like it was back on the PS2.

    What i mean by long balls is few seasons back along with Stoke under Pulis, or like most Championship clubs who literally just punt the ball forward to their target man, no passing or one two whatsoever, just smash the ball to the big target man. This doesn't exist in any PS2 PES game or any PS2 football game period. Because there was no first touch element whatsoever, the ball is just glued to you.

    Also on the nostalgia from PES6 When people first played that game this was in a far, better era of football compared to today's crap! The teams back then where more exiting and there was just more individuality in football period at that time. We can't forget how poor the quality of football is and how its dropped. Modern teams aren't as fun as 8 years ago. Even when you play the updated patches i still get this underwhelming feeling and find it hard to find fun teams to play with compared to previous eras.
  30. PESnoobest

    PESnoobest Non-League

    12 December 2013
    - Dedicated servers for each region (for the PC version)
    - Make the PC version as good as the PS4 version please.(If possible)
    - Better Stadium atmosphere(Be it crowd, substitutes, LIVE commentary and replay)
    - Ball Boys please
    - Hair movement(JUST LIKE FIFA)
    - Kits can be taken off
    - Keep the previous records for each player! ie. Schweinsteiger's previous team is Bayern Munich, so he won't celebrate if he scores against them...
    - In ML, please emphasize on the LOAN RECORD, ie. Falcao is on loan from Monaco...He must return to Monaco at the end of the season unless Chelsea want to keep him.
    - Offline Master League with friends (1 person = 1 team in the league)
    - Improved decision by referees! (Possibly when 2 people play against each other, the third player can become a referee.)
    - Increase cut scenes and animation in ML
    - If a team was leading 2-0 and the opposition scores 1 goal, it would be better if the opposition's player quickly pick up the ball...not celebrate....
    - Improved Penalty system
    - Handballs
    - More licenses for Asian Leagues
    - Possible to EDIT the faces of the crowds
    - Tattoos
    - Goal line technology, Vanishing spray
    - Include fake trophies for every competition in the game

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