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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by tonci87, 17 December 2014.

  1. tonci87

    tonci87 Non-League

    24 June 2013
    PES 2014 had some of the most awful, most inconsistent player ratings I've seen in a football game. There were players from Thai teams that could have slotted into top teams in the top European leagues.

    Admittedly, 2015 has an improved rating system but there are some very bizarre, downright puzzling overal ratings. I am not talking about the superstars of the game. You have youth players who have not established themselves as first team players rated several points higher than players who have.

    See Montell Moore (71) & Andre Gray (56) at Brentford. Then you have Argentine wonderkid Sebastian Driussi at 44... Almost the lowest in the game! I highly doubt he is worse than most Saudi, Qatari & Uzbek club reserves.

    The overall ratings of teams look suspect too...
    HJK Helsinki have an attack and midfield comparable to UCL regulars Olympiacos
    Uzbekistan is 3 stars. Lebanon is 2.5 stars, yet Iran is 2!
    Ecuador is 2.5 stars. China and New Zealand are also 2.5 stars. Is there no gulf in class there?

    FIFA has had a generally decent database since they started doing weekly updates. Hopefully Konami can follow.
  2. robbieryan

    robbieryan I dream of occasional fanzine mentions

    21 August 2011
    Ignore the overall ratings. They mean nothing
  3. kežman

    kežman DB10

    1 September 2003
    It is true, that the overall is overrated, but all in all it seems that the database became too big for Konami to make it good at all.

    In my eyes most of the players are generated. Look at old players, that absolutely fit into their teams overall (example? => Raúl at 61).

    All in all it seems, that Konami created teams instead of players - that is why I still miss the depth of the game, containing detailed (average) players (the top class is okay - as usual).
  4. Stringer

    Stringer League 2

    6 June 2009
    So the "Combined Ability" doesn't have an effect on the player's ability, it's just simply an indicator (or info) of the player's overall ability?

    Just concentrate on the "Ability" stats?
  5. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
    Yes, that's right.
  6. Review

    Review One year wonder

    7 October 2012
    MUFC and NY Knicks
    Even young players. Look at Bayern`s Bernat. Defn underrated stats. It`s a good thing we can fix them with the editor
  7. Epsi

    Epsi Non-League

    14 November 2010
    I can say with all my heart that PES 2015 Database is TOTAL GARBAGE. Dumb tentative to copy FIFA's stats and overall ratings and the result is players being s**tty replicated and having nothing but weird stats to keep the overall rating at certain number.

    Having Giovinco at 80 Dribble or 83 Agility is absolutely nonsense to me. Pirlo to 79 Dribble? Are you f**ing kidding me?
    Handanovic 81 Saving? (old Goalkeeper Skills)
    These are just small examples of how you can ruin a game by trying to fix it by changing stats. Why not fixing the game instead? Or the overall rating calculation? Nonsense again.

    These stats are a joke. Literally

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