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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Lami, 11 March 2013.

  1. SiuMing

    SiuMing League 2

    4 December 2005
    Hong Kong
    I also want to try PES 2014 again after getting tired of the current style of gameplay. Let's me investigate into copying the J.League data from the Japanese PS3 version.

    Meanwhile, I am also searching for the ways to play WE 2012 and 2013 J.League...
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  2. Alx1234

    Alx1234 Championship

    26 July 2018
    Kaboul has the ball moving in front of him yet decides to runs across and away from the ball to allow Hull City to keep possession to score.

    Just ****ing great.

    [ Edit : I just stumbled across this youtube vid whilst searching for Burnleys PES name. Its some Fifa gamer trying out PES and whilst I don't endorse FIFA gamers this guy is probably playing PES the way its meant to be played. . ]
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  3. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
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  4. josev

    josev Conference

    24 December 2013
    does any of gameplay patches really remove\reduce input lag and catchup thing?
  5. MafiaMurderBag

    MafiaMurderBag Purist

    3 November 2009
    Liverpool FC
    I'm playing on the last official Konami patch on PC, vanilla gameplay and there's no input lag for me. I think the PC version is the only acceptable way to experience PES 2014, The console version is just unacceptable performance wise.
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  6. josev

    josev Conference

    24 December 2013
    good to know that, but how was the catcup bug though? last time i tried 2014, it was really bad, forced me into the posession style football too much, which i prefer anyway, but i felt frustrated that i didn't really have other options, also felt that some animations cannot be cancelled once executed which subjectively increased input lag, especially when dribbling
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  7. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    I think animation having long execution tines, is a general phenomenon in FOXengine games. Especially the most physical versions 15/17/19, even the more responsive-arcadey 16/18 have some dribling and shooting animations that can " lock" your player for even more than two seconds, which in a footie-sim is too much time.
    But i think this is KONAMIs formula to keep things more solid in terms of physicallity and animations, at leaste in comparison with FiFA which is uber-responsive; by the time you press "shoot" for example, it is executed immediately, no matter the prior animation.

    For me the biggest issues until now, is my teamates AI, which is like KONAMI forgot to program it sometimes, i can shield the ball and been pressed by two or three opponents and my teammates keep staying immobilised and holding their initial positions. The second issue is the ML, which is the most naked and dull ML in the whole series, everything is pretty shallow.
  8. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    Gameplay video using yair gameplay+Jenkey's tool:

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  9. MafiaMurderBag

    MafiaMurderBag Purist

    3 November 2009
    Liverpool FC
    Have you played with this Yair gameplay patch yourself? If so, what did you think of it?
    Also interesting is that in his video, The LOD seems to be fixed, This is the one thing i can't get to work properly with my Jenkey tool. I've got the 4K resolution sorted though but the LOD is just horrible... I'll try his files tonight in the video and see if that works.
  10. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    Yes, it plays nicely. It is perhaps the way the game should have been.

    Gameplay reminds me a little of Fifa 11/12 with a touch of PES 2012 which is always a good thing. LOD is fixed :)
  11. cosmo

    cosmo El Frentudo

    15 September 2015
    I remember some videos back then showing the almost non existing factor of player stats, like speed for example, does my memory serve me well? Can someone do a quick test in train mode with a slow and fast player and count the time or something?

    Player ID (like animations etc) is fine and all, but stats is the groundwork.

    so i found this

    and this

    weird :THINK:
    so the one with messi one can see he is slower, but the other vid is totally different, is there some trickery involved?
    ps ok so the second vid is sprint only (no double tap or stick), so its the slowest form of sprint, unlike the first video i think? (ball is still not far from foot dunno)
    so that would make it like this: on slow sprint speed does not matter, only on the faster speed?!
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  12. ninety3twenty

    ninety3twenty Conference

    10 August 2018
    I’ve actually just started playing this as missed out on 2014 gaming all together.

    I’m quite enjoying it. For me, it’s better than all of the iterations since. If PES 20 incorporate some of the animations from this I would be happy. Not the goalies of course. Some of them have been terrible but the gameplay feels like more of a match the recent.
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