PES 2014 Bugs and Issues thread (PC, X360, PS3)

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Trance_Allstar, 20 September 2013.

  1. Trance_Allstar

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    18 March 2006
    Figured this might be good to have, didn't see any other thread like this, the discussion thread moves so fast currently.

    The idea here is to discuss only issues and problems you may have with the game. I'll edit my OP and add things if we can verify that multiple sources experience the same problem or issues. PES2014 has alot of great things to it, but I've also noticed alot of broken or buggy things.

    If you disagree with an item on this list, post a comment so that we can see where user experiences differ, and what might cause the discrepancy.

    Considering there will be more patches released in the future, adding 11v11 online aswell as bugfixes, this thread may make for easy linking to Konami reps or otherwise.

    If not noted otherwise, the version of the game this has been noted on is 1.01, the currently latest patch available for the game.

    1. When using "manual shooting" setting, finesse shots (R2 + Shot) are broken. Using the smallest possible amount of shot power will sometimes land them on goal, but 95% of these shots will balloon over in uncontrollable fashion.

    This problem has been observed on the official PS3 retail copy and the official PC release. It was also observed on the leaked PS3 demo. It was NOT broken on the X360 official game demo, where it works correct.

    2. Advanced shooting is, for lack of a better word, also broken. Using full shot power and holding the stick towards the opponent goal (thus aiming towards the top of the goal frame) still lands a majority of shots on goal, hitting the bar, or going juuuust over the bar (hitting the bar can sometimes be a 6/10 shot result, which unfortunately can just look comical). There seems to be no logical error applied to these shots, and the design of this shot system seems designed completely separate from the basic and manual shooting.
    Adding full power, the resulting shot always seems to automatically scale the actual shot power to where the ball will end up near where you aim.

    This was an issue on, atleast, the X360 demo and the retail PC version. As far as I can tell the design of it hasn't changed in any version of the game that has reached the public (disregarding the leaked PS3 demo). What should be a shooting mode for players who want a more advanced system for aiming ends up being the least authentic system.

    3. Chipped shots (LB + Shot) are very unbalanced, in favor of the attacker. They have high consistency and accuracy, and the goalkeeper is generally too sluggish to deal with them with any consistency. I found that as soon as you are in the box, usually at a slight angle to the goal, chipping with moderate power leaves the goalkeeper hanging in nomansland, and they take a looong time to react to what is happening, where a real life goalkeeper on his toes would register the chip and start moving, very quickly, back within a second.

    4. R2 Control shots are generally very floaty. When at an angle and entering the box, using the R2 control shot you may want to put a curling shot into the far corner. What results is a shot that moves with the pace of a light chipped cross. They always feel more like chipped shots rather than someone putting their foot through the ball and giving it some pace.

    This has been the behavior on both the retail PC version and the X360 demo.

    5. Attacking headers are by many accounts broken when using the "Manual" shot method in the controller settings. Players simply will not head, opting to let crosses or longballs pass them by, or try to trap them instead.

    6. The PC version, including the 1.01 patched version, in some users cases, suffer from input lag. There is a constant slight delay in the commands from the gamepad being executed in the game. From my own experiences, the delay is around 200 ms. I have been able to directly compare the PC version with the Xbox 360 demo, using the same display and the same gamepad, and the 360 demo has instant response, most easily visible when looking at how quickly the powerbar shows up when making passes or shots. On the 360 version, the powerbar shows up the moment the button is pressed, whilst the PC version shows a delay. This goes for all commands, including movement and turning response.

    By looking at the gamepad settings in the settings.exe software and observing the graphic on the screen as you press buttons on your gamepad, the response there is pretty much instantaneous. Meaning the time it takes the command to go from gamepad to the settings.exe menu is normal and totally acceptable. There seems to be additional latency introduced when you play the game.

    This video illustrates roughly my delay in good detail: YouTube - PES 2014 (PC) button delay

    I was able to have my brother play on my PC, and he immediately was able to confirm that his game on his PC does not suffer from this input lag. He used the same gamepad he usually uses to ensure similar gameplay setups.

    I have tried to force vsync off and triple buffering off in my ATI Catalyst settings, but noticed no difference.


    By using Catalyst Control Center for my Radeon GPU and setting pes2014.exe to NOT use triple buffering or vsync, and using the "RadeonPro" app to set Flip Queue Size to 0 (install app, open, select the "global" switch top right-ish, then "advanced tab"), and playing on Medium detail level in the settings.exe

    I now have very little input lag. What very little is left (compared to the xbox 360 demo) I would be willing to chalk up to consoles simply being absolutely optimized in every respect for low latency input.

    The nVidia equivalent to the "Flip Queue Size" settings is reported to be "Maximum pre-rendered frames". Reducing that should hopefully give a shorter delay from controller input to response from the game.

    7. When using my Xbox 360 wired gamepad with my PC, I have a broken behavior with changing player using LB + Right Stick. Trying to execute this command gives erratic and often nonresponsive results making them completely useless. Also the arrow graphic on the pitch, which shows which way you point the right stick to select a new player to control, only shows up when you point the Right analog stick in the left, right, up and down directions.

    So, if you are not in possession of the ball, and (holding RB) rotate the right stick quickly 360 degrees, the expected result (verified by the 360 demo which works flawlessly) should be a arrow graphic on the pitch which exactly mirrors the angle of the right analog stick.
    The actual result however is that the arrow graphic only actually shows up when the right stick points directly left, right, up or down.

    Also many times, even when constantly moving the stick all over, no arrow shows up at all, as if you are not moving the stick at all.

    HOWEVER, when in possession of the ball, and using the same command (LB + Right analog stick) to select a teammate to initiate a run, the result works perfectly, with a smooth, entirely consistent behavior of the arrow graphic on the pitch, which mirrors the Right analog stick angle.

    AND, this problem does not show up when I use a Logitech RumblePad 2 with the Logitech drivers with my PC. Also it does not glitch when using a PS3 controller, connected via usb cable, with the MotioninJoy PC drivers. It only shows up when using the Xbox 360 wired pad for me.

    I have tried both official Microsoft drivers from 2006 and 2009, aswell as the XBCD drivers for the 360 and original Xbox controllers.

    If someone else using the 360 pad with their PC can verify this problem, that would be appreciated. Currently I've not seen any other reports of this.

    8. In Copa Libertadores, a behavior has been noted where changes to your lineup at the main cup menu is ignored once you start the match.

    Video of the problem by user TheTud: YouTube - PES 2014 lineup reset bug (PC)

    9. The 1.01 patch version still has a huge catch-up bug. Even though you are clean through on goal, and you ran past an almost stationary opponent who clearly would need to go through the acceleration phase to get up to speed, the defender will catch up after just 15-20 meters. Looking at the replay, the defending players have an extremely unnatural-looking acceleration about every other step, where one step looks natural, but the next propels them much farther than it should.

    Messi clean through some Nigeria defenders who had to turn and change direction as he flew past, it doesn't matter. The patch clearly did not address this behavior. Also this has to be a programmed behavior, because in no other stages of the game can this weird acceleration behavior from the players be noticed.

    10. When playing the Xbox 360 version, it is impossible to get the first data pack installed. Downloading takes ages (2 hours) and after finally finishing, the install process fails, mostly on 50% of the installing progress.
    You get an error message that the data pack is broken.
    This means Xbox 360 players cannot play online, because you need this particular version data pack.
    There is a workaround, using an USB stick and the PC program "Horizon", but there is a safety issue here, because installing Horizon puts several malware on your computer.

    This issue has reportedly been confirmed by Adam Bhatti, the PES community guy, on Twitter, who also encouraged the Horizon solution (again, keep in mind that a third party program is involved if you try this solution). Hopefully this will be remedied asap. If other Xbox users have any other experiences or info feel very free to report in the thread.

    Noted smaller quirks and behaviors:

    - If you exit settings.exe having selected Low detail level, certain higher resolutions will not be available next time you open settings.exe. You need to select a better detail level, exit settings.exe, and then open it again to show all resolutions again.

    - Using Anti Aliasing or similar filtering in some cases will cause the audience to disappear from the stands. Disabling the AA or AF should bring it back.

    - Online play for some has problems with controller input being duplicated, meaning for example one press of the pass button results in 2 passes in the game.
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  2. Han

    Han Very senior member

    22 December 2001
    XBOX version:
    It is impossible to get the first data pack installed.
    Downloading takes ages ( 2 hours ) and after finally done, the installing fails, mostly on 50% of the installing progress.
    You get a message that the data pack is broken.
    This means we XBOX players cannot play online, because you need this particular version data pack.

    BTW I think it is a good idea for people to add if they have the XBOX, PS3, or PC they are complaining about.
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  3. maremas_

    maremas_ Sve delije od Srbije!

    5 August 2007
    Red Star Belgrade
    What's wrong with the optimization of PES2014 PC version?

    On my PC game works fine, responsiveness is almost like in PES2013, but on the brother PC the game is unplayable! Response is awful, fps is stuck at 60 but the game is sluggish, the cursor changing delayed almost one second. The Game behaves the same at low and high details.

    I see that many have problems with the game :?

  4. Nik

    Nik ARHS na goustaris!

    30 September 2009
    ARHS Thessaloniki
    The Port is terrible. New engine, new problems for the dev team.
  5. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    All the OP

    switching is a problem - although tuning on auto switching sorted some of the issues
    response on some occasions - first time shooting in the box the majority of times
    near touchlines when receiving the ball - at times the receiver seems to ignore the ball then make an attempt to gather it and walk it out of play - seen it 5 times now and not sure if its me or an auto selection problem or part of the response problem
  6. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
    The music is really quiet in the PC version, anyone else got that problem?
  7. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    Great post, good info to have. Since you have tried different setups your input and reactions are very valuable.

    I can compare my PC version to the Xbox demo, that's how I noticed the input lag I suffer from on the PC version. :)

    Good posts everyone. I will be adding stuff to the main post as we go.
  8. preak

    preak Special One

    4 December 2010
    1. Completly lack of fauls, except slides of course ! (PC)
    2. Gameplan menu coursor is moving way to slow.
    3. The role of your body trying to fight the ball is way too big, its almost like rugby.
    4. A the momement, online game is completly unplayable, because of massive lags.
    5. Input lag.

    ps. even printed manual is fucked up - black and white, poorly translated & without skillmoves. Im depressed.
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  9. zlac

    zlac League? What league?

    2 February 2007
    You - quad/triple core cpu + nvidia gfx, your brother - dual core cpu + ati gfx

    Could be some kind of a pattern here?
  10. Zakov

    Zakov Championship

    13 June 2004
    I've got the same issues as you regarding the RT shooting. Input lag though I've rectified somewhat with Dynamic/Adaptive Vsync.

    I'm also having issues with erratic passing on 0 bars, strangely enough it works fine when I use full manual(LT being held) passing. But as explained in the main thread, sometimes the power meter and direction of the stick doesn't translate properly to the pass. I understand the factors that may contribute to a player passing poorly(body positioning, pressure) but this happens even when the player is relatively under no pressure at all.

    For example, a player with no opposing players on him, hits a strong pass to the furthest teammate even after aimed at the nearest teammate. And this is a regular occurrence after playing two-three quick passes.
  11. maremas_

    maremas_ Sve delije od Srbije!

    5 August 2007
    Red Star Belgrade
    Friend with this spec have the same problem... quad core cpu + ati gfx.

  12. barcafanforever

    barcafanforever League 2

    29 November 2006
    My spec:

    GTX 760
    8GB RAM

    Players are slow on response. Turning is like they are 100Kg weight!?
    FPS is 60 constantly but everything is a mess in terms of response.

    We must address this to KONAMI so they can fix, without that we are stuck with unplayable game.
  13. ramgamer

    ramgamer La Liga

    22 July 2013
    fc barcelona
    i agree i have the fps at 60, and 1440*900, medium settings, but the player response is sluggish slow, the player is too slow when not using the sprint,
  14. maremas_

    maremas_ Sve delije od Srbije!

    5 August 2007
    Red Star Belgrade
    PC are with this specs above, recorded by my friend.

  15. MadbaLL

    MadbaLL Interista per sempre!

    11 February 2008
    "Curva Nord"
    Inter Milan
    the game definitely needs a patch that will address all graphic cards related issues.
  16. ramgamer

    ramgamer La Liga

    22 July 2013
    fc barcelona
    i'm playing on e8400 3.0/4gb/ram/gt 220 1gb ddr3 1gb vram, everything is smooth as silk in the match, but players as i said are very slow when not using sprint, like walking with the ball, response is sluggish when turning the player
  17. l3af

    l3af Non-League

    20 September 2013
    I'm playing at High quality settings. All works fine, 60fps, except the goal kicks, corner kicks and so on when the game suddenly decides to lag. It's pure slow motion for a few seconds then it jumps back to normal.

    This is a serious flaw as it does not allow me to finish a match in online mode. As soon as I have a goal kick and the game goes in slow motion I'm getting disconnected due to a bad connection.

    Anyone else has the same problems? I feel sad, the game seems to have great potential.
  18. Zakov

    Zakov Championship

    13 June 2004
    I can accept the slow response issues if it really does pertain to the player stats and physics(inertia and whatnot) but even player switching has a slight delay, it's like PES2010 or PES2011(can't remember) where the game was released with response times issues out of the box.

    On 1.01 here btw.
  19. Imortal

    Imortal Non-League

    21 September 2013
    There's no crowd in my game for some reason. I've uninstalled and installed it multiple times but nothing changes, and I can't seem to find anything about this in any forum/google. Help?
  20. sportyfox

    sportyfox Fairplay Maniac

    18 August 2011
    Assuming you have an ATI card, turn off AA in control panel, that should bring back the crowd.
  21. Imortal

    Imortal Non-League

    21 September 2013
    It did, thanks a lot mate. Why does that happen though?
  22. maremas_

    maremas_ Sve delije od Srbije!

    5 August 2007
    Red Star Belgrade
    For Adam Bhatti delay in controls and in cursor changing for PC version is more an opinion than a real issue If I understood well? :CONFUSE:
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  23. Matt1234

    Matt1234 League 1

    13 June 2004
    Last edited: 21 September 2013
  24. Imortal

    Imortal Non-League

    21 September 2013
    Player awereness is quite poor overall, that's probably my biggest issue so far.
  25. sportyfox

    sportyfox Fairplay Maniac

    18 August 2011
    No problem, glad it worked.

    As to why it happens, I really don't know. Doesn't make sense to me but maybe someone who knows about this kind of stuff can explain? I'd like to know too.
  26. kouroux

    kouroux I have no imagination

    24 July 2005
    Manchester United
    Is it only for me that there is a ridiculous drop of framerate during slow motions ? I mean, wtf ?
  27. Dazzlà

    Dazzlà UTG!!

    20 November 2007
    Bristol Rovers

    #cant download the data pack
    #response times are shit
    #the ball is corrupt
  28. ziagg

    ziagg League 2

    3 October 2011
    Thanks for that thread idea Trance.
  29. oliverryan09

    oliverryan09 Non-League

    21 September 2013
    I'm having the same issue, if i play at low quality the crowd is the there but at medium and high no crowd just the the sound of them?? whats the AA in control panel??? really bugging me now.....thanks
  30. oliverryan09

    oliverryan09 Non-League

    21 September 2013
    I'm having the same issue, if i play at low quality the crowd is the there but at medium and high no crowd just the the sound of them?? whats the AA in control panel??? really bugging me now.....thanks

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