PS2 [PES 2014] AFS Map

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  1. PS2 Legend

    PS2 Legend Banned

    1 November 2013
    I started looking through the files and I finished O_text. I think I did not miss something, but if anyone finds more please reply so that we can have a complete map

    500-511 -- Referee kits
    1521-3520 -- Faces
    3521-5839 -- Eyes,Hair,Noses,Brows
    5840-5987 -- a strange green symbol
    7074-7195 -- Shoes
    7211-7228 -- Shirt Badges
    7230-7246 -- Shirt Fonts
    7247-7378 -- National Team kits
    7379-8590 -- European Club Team kits
    8591-9046 -- Copa Libertadores kits
    9047-9430 -- Champions League kits
    9431-9433 -- Training kits
    9435-9515 -- Some more faces
    9600-9645 -- Adboards
    10232-10245 -- Stadium TV screen, stewards, fans sheets

    If anyone used to edit PS2 games in the past, please tell us any method that could be useful, where to find more items, how to edit unlicensed teams. This game is similar to all PES from 2009 and after. Also it is the last game released for the PS2 console.
  2. Hirou

    Hirou Non-League

    22 November 2013
    Which file of 0_TEXT for team logo? (PS13-14 PS2)
  3. pavel

    pavel Non-League

    20 December 2013
  4. lnhieutq

    lnhieutq Non-League

    24 February 2014
    How to map song SLES_556.76 PES 2014
  5. Andrew1960

    Andrew1960 League 2

    27 October 2005
    Help me, please! My GGS(7.4.0 version) open only referee kits .bin-files(500-511). Why I don't see kits, stadiums, banners, etc.?
  6. Rahmat14

    Rahmat14 Newbie

    22 October 2014
    Bandar Lampung , Indonesia
    How to edit .cpk file ??? I'm newbie :D
  7. carly404

    carly404 Banned

    13 January 2015
    hi mates, this could ussally aplies on psp ? tnx

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