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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Becanes, 23 July 2011.

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    I pretty much just started playing the MLO and I'm coming up against some tough teams. I've only had a chance to bring in 5 70 rated players. Any tips you guys could give me on formations, players, strategies? I do want to do most of this on my own but any general tips would be helpful. I struggle against the through ball and I struggle to create chances.

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    go to the bluechamps tactics thread.. and learn how to set your tactics
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    There is a thread dedicated to MLO, you'll find a good amount to start with.

    This is my post from that thread when I first started:
    Dont only look at players' overall ratings, at this stage just check what attributes you need for what position and decide based on that. Don't neglect the Player Cards and the "Form" attribute - lower the number the most likely he'll have a purple arrow.

    One of the members also created this website: you can search for players easily :)
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