PES 2010 Manual Controlled Passing (Full manual capability) Is it a possibility?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by raffupperv12, 16 July 2009.

  1. raffupperv12

    raffupperv12 League 2

    22 January 2007
    Just wanted to start a thread & ask some questions at the same time,
    IMO if PES 2010 adds manual controls (not with right stick only like in previous PES titles) but full manual passing with all buttons, to be able to put passes exactly where you want, alongside the already improving AI, I think PES can make a comback on the football scene!
    IMO it should all start with manual controls(i.e. passing) being able to pass the ball to any part of the pitch (regardless where your players are). For instance the ball should lead the player, not the other way around, where it seems that the player leads where the ball goes. This is unrealistic.
    I have FIFA 09 for Xbox 360, & the only reasons I play the game is 2 things, PES 2009 was rubish & FIFA 09's capability of having full manual controlls makes it somehwhat entertaining, but gets repetitive with the AI.
    I always buy PES for the PC, so my 2nd question is: Can the wonderful modders make a patch to configure the controll buttons to be manual? (I imagine it is almost impossible as it has to probably something to do with programming, but was curious)
  2. TiezZ

    TiezZ I ate all the pies!!!

    25 September 2008
    I don't think it's possible, i think the xbox360 controller has not enough precision to get the ball in every angle you want it to... Although the precision of playing in depth should be somewhat like Fifa with the displayed gauge.
  3. vitalic

    vitalic Banned

    13 July 2009
    One step at a time mate. It's taken them three years to remove the sandbags from behind the goals.

    Also they've had no time to think about manual controls because TeamVisionĀ© 3.0 has been their main priority this year.

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