PC PES 2010: Enjoying it again, back to the sim. approach

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue, 4 May 2012.

  1. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010

    after being totally disappointed by 012(with yair etc.) and not being fully happy with 011(yair etc.), 6, 5 and other WE Versions i installed 010 again and its great.

    • latest DLC and patch
    • Kitserver with better LOD, smooths out the animations a bit.
    • speeder to 0.90, slows down the game, fixes some ping pong and hectic AI movements and decisions.
    • 15min. games, smarter CPU AI, less AI cheating.
    • superstar difficulty(less cpu team defence blackouts than on pro., less cpu team ping pong and more attack than top player)
    • vsync on via settings.exe(best solution, works better than d3doverrider or catalyst/nvidia)
    kind of corrects the game, everything feels solid and at a normal speed
    • frame skip off
    • render ahead limit/flip queue size 1!, nice response boost
    using d3d antilag tool setting it to 2(same as 1 with other tools like ati tray tools, 0 is off 1 is 0 render ahead and 2 is 1 :) )
    • AA and AF need to be on application controlled in your grafix settings, game runs best this way, game using its own aa, and if u force af it feels kinda slowish
    • dont forget to run every .exe in pes folder with admin rights, and better disable UAC

    to do list:
    global stats edit do make it even more balanced.
    balance stat needs to be globally -
    response +
    agility +
    teamwork +
    stamina -
    attack +
    defence +
    and some other things like dribble speed - for strikers
    after this game becomes harder and more balanced

    and there is gameplay.exe by jenkey, i found on some vietnamese forum, need to check it out
    off course there are other great tools like replay tool and cam tools etc.

    this thread is for 010 lovers who still play the game sometimes, discus setups and patches here etc.
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  2. AntrAcsA

    AntrAcsA Banned

    8 November 2006
    For me, PES 2010 is one of the worst game of the series and your topic name is just shock me !
    Awful dribbling and control, fake shot gone, bad passing system,so so so unrealistic shots, mad Refers , terrible online mode, and a lot bugs and more and more... basically for me , PES 2010 and PES 2008 are the worst football games ever . Even after all this patches, gameplay ad-dons and mods , the damages are caused and hardly I, myself would be returned to this game, even if my life depend on it :)
    However, I'm glad that you found that game to enjoy, good luck
  3. Buzzy

    Buzzy Ready 4 the knackers yard

    14 December 2006
    Yeah i thought about giving this another try a while ago but then remembered how bad the refs were, especially in giving penalties.
  4. renatofenix95

    renatofenix95 Non-League

    30 April 2012
    São Paulo - Brazil
    Real Madrid
    I love PES 2010 soundtrack :P
  5. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    u can reduce balance stat so the ref is giving more fouls
    and dribble and pass u need to know the players well to do it, and the situation, its more hard than 011 and especially 012

    back then most of the players felt it was unresponsive, but with the right settings its quite responsive even with slower gamespeed, and u can do some natural dribbling w/o to make fancy tricks

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