PES 2009 - Release Date for PS2

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by robson_vn, 9 October 2008.

  1. robson_vn

    robson_vn Conference

    25 April 2006
  2. Professor Nutmeg

    Professor Nutmeg ML Fanatic

    3 July 2002
    Master League
    Correct. 31st October.
  3. valroy

    valroy League 2

    4 August 2005
    shocking how the release dates are staggered across the different platforms....PS2 on 31st oct, while PS3 owners have it a full 2 weeks before??? and what about the wii owners? they have to wait till spring, when the season is pratically over.....well, for spurs fans anyway! :LMAO:
  4. eddy edwards

    eddy edwards Premiership

    2 September 2003
    Lol!!! And I think you're being generous there - Christmas could be a more realistic target!! At least I'm not gonna miss the release as I'm back from Cyprus on the 29th PHEW!!!
  5. XCristiano1992

    XCristiano1992 DFL OF for PES17 PS4

    27 August 2005
    Stuttgart, Germany
    FC Bayern
    on German Amazon it still says 16th.
    i hope i get it then ._.
  6. pj_puttz

    pj_puttz League 1

    13 October 2006
    I checked Amazon today and although the release date has been logged as the 17th since early September, they have now changed it to the 31st.

    Surely the PS2 version should be released sooner rather than later than the next gen versions? Especially when you consider the next gen versions required a total overhaul and the PS2 version is only being tweaked slightly! Also, why has there been such confusion over the release date? HMV also has the PS2 release date as the 17th, I checked today. Are Konami giving these sites and shops duff information or what?

    FIFA comes out bang on time and across all formats, not to mention earlier than Pro Evo........AGAIN. The product might be not very good but at least they have a slick and properly functioning PR machine in place. Plus they can manage to release the game for all formats at once. Right now the game (in my opinion) isn't up to much but it's catching up with Pro and when it does it will still have all of these advantages PLUS all the licences.

    What will happen to my beloved Pro Evo then? Sort yourselves out Konami FFS.
    Last edited: 14 October 2008
  7. ryu1999

    ryu1999 Non-League

    30 June 2008
    The release date is on the 31st October, you can get it at a good price from the hut hopefully the control system is not changed like the crappy next gen versions.
  8. Burak_FB1907

    Burak_FB1907 Conference

    18 August 2005
    it is unfortunately
  9. Georg Urbanski

    Georg Urbanski Non-League

    17 March 2005
    I've got the game (for PS2) on Monday, 20.10.2008 (from a friend near Bolton in England)
  10. teddyfreddyroddy

    teddyfreddyroddy Non-League

    26 November 2007
    Lucky you...

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