PES 2009 player feet issue

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by amarillo, 4 October 2008.

  1. amarillo

    amarillo Banned

    12 January 2008
    Hi. Is just me or when player run faster is so bad... you know when you buy a pair of shoes, but wrong size, a bigger size, you have feet like clowns and run with those pair of shoes like a clown?

    PES was so wrong this year because everybody has bigger numbers in the shoes than must have. And they ran and pass the ball too slow :SS it affect gameplay... but what can i say? the already did the game this way, so for a year i will be dissapointed, wothout knowing too if they will change that... but is worse than FIFA in this chapter of player foot and realism.
  2. frankmail007

    frankmail007 Non-League

    14 November 2006
    It's a pity, then you should give up this game. I love it anyway. I definitely will play it.

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