PES 2008 smooth on NTSC PS3

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by cmw112uk, 12 November 2007.

  1. cmw112uk

    cmw112uk Non-League

    2 September 2003
    Just wanna know if anyone else has had the chance to play PES2008 on a NTSC PS3?

    I own a 40G Pal PS3 and have experienced the same problem with the frame rate as ev3body else but when I played a mates 60G PS3 which was bought in Hong Kong, the game played perfectly smooth!!!

    Has anyone else noticed this??? If so, is this down to the larger Gig size or down to the fact that its NTSC version?

    Cheers for any answers!
  2. gio_2santos

    gio_2santos Non-League

    11 October 2007
    i own an american ps3 and the game runs excellent, i only have slowdown on some replays, but during the game everything is great.
  3. cmw112uk

    cmw112uk Non-League

    2 September 2003

    Is your ps3 60G?

    English was perfect =)
  4. Toshiaki Kawada

    Toshiaki Kawada Non-League

    5 September 2003
    I just got my PES 2008 on Friday. I have an SDTV in Canada, running the game on a North American Ps3, and I have no slowdown at all. Not even on replays. I have the 2.0 firmware update.

    So no problems here. Which makes me happy.
  5. Blublub

    Blublub Conference

    17 May 2002
    I have a 60 GB NTSC and I have no problems with slowdown during gameplay, but replays and cut scenes are still pretty bad.
  6. gio_2santos

    gio_2santos Non-League

    11 October 2007

    i own a 80gb ps3
  7. faat

    faat Non-League

    22 August 2005
    I have a 60gb PS3, and I don't see any slowdown when playing offline, not even in replays.

    But sometimes my machine hangs when trying to start a match. It just hangs at the loading screen showing the line up. Anyone have similar problem or ways to fix it?
  8. foss

    foss League 2

    4 August 2003
    i have a US NTSC PS3 60GB and PES2008 with firmware 2.00 and i still notice slowdown in the game as well as bad slowdown on replays.

    i play on WIDE camera however. what camera are you guys using?

    faat: yes i've had it hang once or twice.. it's a bug.
  9. cmw112uk

    cmw112uk Non-League

    2 September 2003

    Is ur PS3 Pal or NTSC?
  10. van17

    van17 premier league

    6 May 2007
    The Red Devils
    hey the tv's in canada are they ntsc
    i want to know if you can play pes 2008 with a SDTV from america
    or do you have a pal tv there
  11. Diob

    Diob Non-League

    11 November 2007
    it has nothing to do with your PS3. i own a 40gb version myself and a friend of mine owns a 60gb ps3. both have slowdowns in replays and penalty kicks (slow-motion even). it also depends on what stadium you choose to play in. some give more perfomance issues then others. Konami will be releasing a patch in the near future to fix performance issues.
  12. ricardinho10022

    ricardinho10022 Non-League

    13 November 2007
    me too
  13. mictel23

    mictel23 Non-League

    24 October 2006
    I've heard elsewhere the NTSC PS3s cope better with PES3, and that it's due to them having the PS2 emotion chip. Which would imply the game is somehow using PS2 technology... which is rubbish.

    Seabass did say PES2009 would be the first from scratch Next Gen title...
  14. foss

    foss League 2

    4 August 2003
    are you serious? no ps3 game uses the emotion chip. i don't know where you got that information, but it's shockingly wrong. jeez.
  15. cgiorgal

    cgiorgal I had a boner this mrng!

    18 June 2003
    Cyprus / Limassol
    Seabass United
    I have a lot of slow downs on my 60GB PS3 during 1 vs 1
  16. SPMC

    SPMC MY last WE07JLCC banners:

    22 February 2004
    califas norte
    i have ran it on 480p on my U.S. PS3, only because i routed it thru my dvd recorder; so i could record some matches.

    my dvd recorder only has standard inputs for A/V, hence only 480p would show thru.

    and guess what, less slowdown. it looks crappy...but i'm getting used to the drop in the picture quality :(
  17. faat

    faat Non-League

    22 August 2005
    My PS3 is NTSC, because I live in Canada.

    I also just notice that my machine will hang at the times I mentioned when I am downloading from PSN. No download, No problems.
  18. robinho

    robinho Non-League

    25 November 2006
    I've tried fiddling with loads of settings.....

    Finally got it to run pretty well with minimum slowdown. I have a 40g UK machine.

    1) Download 2.0 firmware.
    2) Don't install on hard drive.
    3) I don't have stadium effects on.
    4) I play winter/fine/lattice...Not sure how much difference this makes.

    Used to be worse, but firmware change followed by deleting the install helped a lot.

    When is the proper patch coming out?
  19. *Trequartista*

    *Trequartista* Serie A

    14 September 2005
    Adelaide, Australia
    AC Milan, Adelaide UTD
    yep from what i have the bug is it hangs when downloading from ps store in the background !

    happened to me then made sure wasnt d.l anything and fixed it
  20. abs_rio

    abs_rio Non-League

    3 September 2006
    just got the game yesterday, plays smooth on my jap ps3, havent experienced any sort of stuttering maybe except in replays.
  21. cmw112uk

    cmw112uk Non-League

    2 September 2003
    Is ur PS3 40G or 60G?
  22. abs_rio

    abs_rio Non-League

    3 September 2006
    its the 60gb version
  23. Velocity5

    Velocity5 League 2

    26 June 2005
    Texas, USA
    Real Madrid
    I am planning on purchasing the 40Gb PS3 here in the states. I haven't played Winning Eleven/PES for a year now. So, obviously, being lured into the next gen era, I would really like to enjoy the series again since my enjoyment for the game kinda died off after WE9.
    Are you USA gamers having to import the european PES2008 or was there a release in the states yet? I haven't seen anything about a US release. If this is the case, what is the most reliable site to purchase european games and will I be able to play a PAL PS3 game on my soon to be, NTSC PS3?
  24. cmw112uk

    cmw112uk Non-League

    2 September 2003

    Jus to let u guys know, I went to "GAME" yesterday and bought a HDMI wire for £12.99, got home and connected it all up and jus accepted all of the setting that were automatically detected by my 40G Pal PS3.

    To my suprise the game runs perfectly, still slight slow-down during the replays but game play is smooth.

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