PES 2008 offline game slowdowns

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by mulkman, 19 December 2007.

  1. mulkman

    mulkman Non-League

    26 August 2006

    I have started to get these slowdowns in the game. I dont understand why?

    Patch 2 was applied when released

    I have a decent PC spec

    AMD Athlon x2 5000
    2GB corsair XMS2
    X1650 256MB GFX
  2. maxmull

    maxmull Non-League

    21 April 2007
    appened to me as well.
    I fixed it by matching the desktop rez to the one ( shitty !) in the game. also avoid going over 70hz freq:(
  3. maxmull

    maxmull Non-League

    21 April 2007
    Oh crap happenig again after updated nvidia drrivers. This time can't fix it!?
  4. arunkv247

    arunkv247 Non-League

    28 December 2007
    sounds a bit silly, but why dont you just try re-installing the game?
  5. coloradors

    coloradors Non-League

    3 January 2008
    Frame skip option is enabled? If not, try to enable this...
  6. Cire

    Cire Non-League

    9 September 2005
    yeah apparently the slowdown stopped after I checked this option. I'm playing on high settings at 1280 by 720, 16:9. going to try 1280 by 800 which is my laptop's resolution.

    Although now the game is a little fast. oh and 1 thing, does anyone know whats vsync? theres this option "wait for vsync" what does it mean?

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