PES 17 Gameplay far superior than PES 18 and PES 19?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by figo123, 19 April 2019.

  1. figo123

    figo123 League 1

    4 July 2008
    Hi guys, not sure if it is just me but, as an older PES player, PES 17 has the classic PES gameplay feeling, it feels great, PES 18 and PES 19 gameplay are not balanced at all, I do not like the gameplay at all.

    I currently unistalled PES 19 and installed PES 17 (with an updated teams/graphics patch) and it feels much better to play.

    If next generation PES (if released on Next Gen Consoles/PC) let's hope Konami reverts back to the classic pes gameplay feeling.

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  2. Milanista90!

    Milanista90! Option File Creator

    12 October 2006
    Yeah, 17 was the last game you could play ML and enjoy the gameplay against the AI, 18 and 19 made huge steps backwards when it comes to the AI which essentially ruined ML (as well as the lack of D2)
  3. beast

    beast Non-League

    23 April 2019
    I completely agree with you even I miss pes 17 but cannot install it again because of outdated structure otherwise the gameplay was best than any other pes version. Scoring goals in pes 17 felt rewarding. Konami claim they improved pes 18 on 17 and pes 19 on 18 in terms of gameplay but actually they are going offtrack. I think they have given up their hope to win over fifa after losing European licenses.

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