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PC Help

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by pf03ho, 8 November 2007.

  1. pf03ho

    pf03ho Conference

    19 June 2007
    Guys, I have a HP pavilion f1703 monitor, 17", and a 600GT video card and the flipping thing wont even run on medium, and sure as hell doesnt look good as low.

    Like, wtf is the problem? This monitor/vid card should handle this friggin game.

    Any advice?
  2. Emanuel

    Emanuel Portuguese

    27 December 2006
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Real Madrid & Benfica
    We´re all waiting for KitServer final version, to decrease crowd detail, so we can play withou slowdowns. Be patient mate :)
  3. pf03ho

    pf03ho Conference

    19 June 2007
    Oh, I know. And thanks for responding.

    But I mean, I have a decent monitor and the best I can get is 720,480 and it wont even recognize anything higher. Also, I can't set it to at least medium. BRUTAL!
  4. edenmaster

    edenmaster Non-League

    5 November 2007
    KitServer can help u!
  5. Nature_Boy

    Nature_Boy Non-League

    14 August 2007
    I have the same problem, hope the "KitServer" would help, but where can I download "KitServer"?
  6. Besjuh

    Besjuh Non-League

    11 January 2006
    i have 2400 pro , its running nice on high!

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