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[PC] FIFA 14 crashes to desktop while loading a new career

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by db89, 25 May 2014.

  1. db89

    db89 UEFA CL addicted

    20 October 2011
    A.C. Milan
    I have a problem with FIFA 14. With Creation Master, I created a custom nation with custom league and custom teams. Following instructions, I correctly created the tournament with its rules (replacing league ID with the Swiss league one), everything works fine in League mode.

    But when I start a career, the game crashes to desktop (in the first newspaper screen) with loading bar at about 70%.

    Using a real team (for example AC Milan) everything works fine, I can see the teams and players of my custom league.
    This happens with both manager and player career.

    I want to play a career, so how to solve this problem? :YAWN:

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