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  1. Texas

    Texas Non-League

    3 September 2006
    Are there no patches of OF's for xbox 360? If not, why?
  2. tom10

    tom10 League 2

    26 December 2004
    As for now there's only Pesfan edited OF ver.1 (you'll need 360exchange transfer kit, xSata or likewise to use this) , i.e. they have corrected the names of players, and just that. The only thing thats possible with the ingame editor is playernames and stats. That means for player, shirtnames and commentary name will still be deafult. Some people have looked into HEX editing the OF, but with no luck so far... Patching as we know it from the old xbox, is'nt gonna happen, at least not for a while, but that's just me guessing....

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