Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by ruthlessrob, 30 October 2007.

  1. ruthlessrob

    ruthlessrob Non-League

    26 October 2007
    Are Konami planning on releasing a patch to fix the framerate issues?? Im actually more bothered about the main game than online mode at the moment.

    If so, when (approx) is it likely to be released?

    On a seperate note, I heard :r1: + :x: is to shirt pull but it doesnt seem to be any different then 'pressure.' How do you shirt pull properly?
  2. dungbeetle

    dungbeetle Non-League

    7 September 2005
    Yes, they are but they don't know when yet.
  3. ruthlessrob

    ruthlessrob Non-League

    26 October 2007
    they better hurry up
  4. uk_stanners

    uk_stanners Conference

    3 October 2003
    it does pull the shirt, it just doesnt pull the player back.
  5. roofio86

    roofio86 League 1

    25 September 2003
    PC patch is already out...hopefully that means the ps3 one should be out soon..i hope..
  6. ruthlessrob

    ruthlessrob Non-League

    26 October 2007
    has anyone won a penalty yet from diving?
    Last edited: 1 November 2007
  7. mrobbo

    mrobbo Non-League

    6 June 2006
    Yes, I have. In an interview Seabass gave a clue as to when best to dive. He said when you dive where you have a clear scoring opportunity, the ref is more likely to give a foul in your favour.

    I was playing a match before. Michael Owen in the box, two defenders hot on his heels. I dived and got a pen. Defender got a yellow, not red. I suppose this was down to a supporting defender nearby.
  8. ruthlessrob

    ruthlessrob Non-League

    26 October 2007
    Will I be able to keep my edited player attributes etc. when I install the patch or will it overwrite all my data???
  9. itfcdanny

    itfcdanny Non-League

    25 November 2006
  10. AcidToothpaste

    AcidToothpaste Non-League

    29 October 2007
    i'd assume you would seeing as that data is saved to your option file

    perhaps back it up before installing just incase
  11. damianpadden

    damianpadden Banned

    7 October 2003
    almost two weeks and still no patch for the PS3 version, I cannot beleive they have released a pc patch
  12. neil

    neil League 2

    30 April 2006
    I'm sure the PC version was a lot easier to fix!

    Not likely that they'll rattle off a quick patch when they must have spent weeks/months already trying to fix this before the release! (granted this would apply to the PC version too though) :(
  13. Enda

    Enda Guest

    dont hold your breath for a patch anytime soon. There is a LOT of stuff to fix, from minor things like players running through the crowd during goal celebrations to big things like slowdown and unplayable online.

    I'm not even sure if all of these things could be fixed in a single patch. What they need is to re-release the game, bug free and recall all the (as they should be called) faulty discs
  14. damianpadden

    damianpadden Banned

    7 October 2003
    I think we have more chance to getting a
  15. ruthlessrob

    ruthlessrob Non-League

    26 October 2007
    ive not been online yet. has that improved (lag / framerate) since the 25th of october?
  16. Iceeman38

    Iceeman38 Championship

    18 November 2003
    yes the lag is bigger loll
  17. Ghost of a Bullet

    Ghost of a Bullet Conference

    12 October 2004
    Man Utd
    I bet this patch will hardly sort any of the problems on the PS3 version
  18. martd

    martd League 2

    10 June 2002
    Lymington, UK
    Official News Released - They have released 2 patches! Yes 2!!!
    You apply one to each eye.
    Konami say that once applied you wont see ANY slowdown or ANY rubbish crowd graphics at all !!
  19. paxlas

    paxlas Non-League

    12 November 2006
    for the Ps3 version???
  20. forza

    forza Non-League

    3 January 2003
    Toronto, Canada
    I'm pretty sure they apply to all versions. Even other games too.
  21. seppovich

    seppovich Peslover

    18 November 2003
    D - NRW
    where is this info from?
  22. Joystick

    Joystick Deep like Titanic

    10 August 2004
    The Arse
    Read it again. Carefully. Patches... one to each eye...


    :lol: ;)
  23. seppovich

    seppovich Peslover

    18 November 2003
    D - NRW
    hahaha you got me :)

    here is the other one.

  24. ruthlessrob

    ruthlessrob Non-League

    26 October 2007
    Cant wait to get online when its sorted.

    Cause on Pro Evo nobody is a PATCH on me! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....... ssssshh! not funny
  25. MasterM

    MasterM League 2

    14 July 2003
    no it wasn't

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