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Patch Switcher

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by KoRnIssues, 7 February 2007.

  1. KoRnIssues

    KoRnIssues Guest

    Hi everyone!

    I sit down for a while to code some kind of patch switcher.
    And now I'm adding a language support.
    English language file is ready to test.
    So I decided to post my program in the evo web.

    It's a beta version but works stable.
    Some german guys like it. :mrgreen:

    There in no english readme file yet but if you are interested you can download my program. The

    english readme will be released within the next few days.

    Here are the features:
    - You can switch between up to nine different patches
    - You can also switch exe files and Kitserver's GDB folder (if activated) or switch subfolders of GDB individually
    - Patches can be attached with names or images
    - Automatic detection of new patches
    - Running patches by using shortcut parameters

    And here are some pics:



    Here an example for renaming files for three different patches


    If you have questions, suggestions or criticism post it in this thread, please.
    Also report bugs here, so I can try to fix them as fast as possible.

    And here is manual (also included in Readme file (german) :( ):

    1. Unpack the programm to any directory

    2. Start Patch Switcher with PatchSwitcher.exe

    3. Go to menu "Options->Settings", choose tab "Miscellaneous" and select PES game folder resp.
    option file path up to folder "save" (by using combobox you can set the folder e.g. folder1)

    4. If this works the current patch is registered as "Patch 1"

    5. To integrate more patches you just take other files of 0_text.afs e_text.afs, 0_sound.afs,

    e_sound.afs and option file or folder of option file (depending on settings) and rename them
    following the listed schema (note that there are more options like switching exe file or
    kitserver's GDB folder):

    Patch 2:
    1_KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT.patch oder 1_folder1.patch (optional)
    1_PES6.exe.patch (optional)
    1_GDB.patch (optional)

    Patch 3: 2_0_text.afs.patch
    2_KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT.patch oder 2_folder1.patch (optional)
    2_PES6.exe.patch (optional)
    2_GDB.patch (optional)


    If you rename files while running the program you can detect patches by using "Find patches"
    So you can use up to six patches
    Note that for all settings you made there must be the associated file e.g. if you want to
    switch exe file too, there must exist an exe file for each patch

    6. If everything works well you are ready to switch between two patches

    Running patches by using shortcut parameters:
    With this function you have the possibility to create a shortcut for every patch and launch PES 6

    including this patch by using a special shortcut.

    1. Click right on PatchSwitcher.exe an choose option "Create Shortcut"

    2. Another right click on displayed shortcut and choose "Properties"

    3. Find textfield "target" and add the expression "-patch0" behind quotation marks if this shortcut
    should launch the first patch (e.g. PES 6 - Original)

    "C:\Games\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\Patch Switcher\PatchSwitcher.exe" -patch0

    4. So you can start all registered patches by using shortcut parameters

    Advanced Kitserver settings:
    With the advanced settings you can switch kitserver's subfolders individually.
    In special tap "kitserver" you activate these settings by checking the option "Advanced kitserver
    settings". Now you see that advanced kitserver panel is enabled and you can choose between three
    different options: "none", "folder" and "map". If you put a kitserver folder to "none" you tell the

    program not to switch this folder. For example if "balls" is turned to none so it works for all
    patches and there need not be any patch folder of this one like 1_ball.patch etc. The second option
    "folder" is used to switch the full folder. For example if you want to switch the "uni" folder
    select the option "folder" and add a folder "uni" for each patch you have got (like 1_uni.patch,
    2_uni.patch, ...). It is important that you have got a folder for each patch otherwise it is not
    guaranted that every patch is identified. And last but not least the "map" option: This will only

    switch teh map of a folder. It is usefull if you have two patches which use e.g. the same kits but
    same teams of this patches have different IDs. So you need not to copy a whole folder, you just use

    another map.

    Patching a folder:
    For all of you who do not want to patch files by your own there exists this function.
    And is works like this:

    1. First complete all settings how you want to switch your patches (e.g. switching exe file,

    kitserver settings, ...)

    2. Then copy all files you need (e.g. if you use option "Switch exe file" you have to copy the exe
    file) to any folder folder you want (note: if you use any kitserver settings you just need
    to copy GDB folder with it's subfolders). Do not use any directories (only kitservers GDB
    folder). Just copy all afs files and option file (and the other file like selected in settings
    dialog) to the same location.

    3. Now select "Patch folder" in "File" menu an choose your folder with all these files in it.
    If there are no problems that means all files would have been found the program renames these
    files according the next not registered patch number/ID.

    4. If the program has finished you only need to move the patched files to their normal folder
    (e.g. afs files to dat folder, GDB to kitserver folder, etc.)

    Download Links:

    Download Patch Switcher 0.9.0
    Download Patch Switcher 0.9.1
    Download Patch Switcher 0.9.1a
    Download Patch Switcher 0.9.2
    Download Patch Switcher 0.9.3

    RELEASE NOTES: coming soon ...


    ATTENTION: You must install Java Runtime Environment (Version 5.0)

    Link: http://www.java.com/de/download/manual.jsp
    Do not use Internet Installation. Download Offline Installation (> 15 MB)

    If this does not work use that link (german website)

    Supported languages:
    Unterstützte Sprachen:
    German (g_text.afs und g_sound.afs)
    English (e_text.afs und e_sound.afs)
    Italien (i_text.afs und i_sound.afs)
    Spanish (s_text.afs und s_sound.afs)
    Polish (p_text.afs und p_sound.afs)
    French (f_text.afs und f_sound.afs)

    Here are some pics from german PES Downtown users:

    To install just replace the patch image in folder "img" by one of these or of your own one.


    Buli-Patch Logo von dPM_HeMan


    Evolution-Patch Logo von Magguz


    Superpatch Logo von nt89.net


    Superpatch Logo von PES Playa

    PS: Sorry for the bad english :D
    Last edited by a moderator: 18 March 2007
  2. insomniac888

    insomniac888 Guest

    nice one mate

    will help me to decide whether i want to play with evo or K patch =D still unsure
  3. cam

    cam Conference

    24 October 2006
    Minas Gerais - Brazil
    Atlético MG
    I try but I can't run the tool...
    Patch Switcher.exe don't Run and I have Java installed...pls any fix?
  4. Whan

    Whan Non-League

    8 April 2006
  5. cam

    cam Conference

    24 October 2006
    Minas Gerais - Brazil
    Atlético MG
    Thanks...now work, but is a big problem in germany version because I only know english =/
  6. KoRnIssues

    KoRnIssues Guest

    Sorry guys! I can't find the problem. If anybody has some hints to fix this, please post it here.
    I think the problem is java's internationalization.
    It'll take some time to fix the this.

    I think it does not work with english Version/Language of Windows XP. German guys do not have any problems while executing this program.

    I've got an idea:
    Try to change language in config.ini.

    Switch Option File=true
    Switch Exe=false
    Switch Opmov=false
    PES Version=6

    Change Language=default to Language=en_uk
    Last edited by a moderator: 12 February 2007
  7. Ch00ng

    Ch00ng | | CHAMP19NS | |

    4 August 2005
    M16 0RA
    Man Utd & England
    Is the fix available soon? The program is not working for me (english user).
  8. KoRnIssues

    KoRnIssues Guest

    I don't know what I can do about this.
    Do you try to fix this problem like I wrote in my last post?
    Does it work?
    To fix this problem I need somebody who can test new versions.
    I will perhaps upload a new version tomorrow, but I think that will not fix this problem.

    If nothing will work I implement a hardcoded version with english language support
  9. Whan

    Whan Non-League

    8 April 2006
    no still doesn't work, still same strange problem ;/
    i can test new versions for you:)
  10. KoRnIssues

    KoRnIssues Guest

    Ok, but I will take some time because I must finish some reports for university.

    Hey whan can you try version 0.9.1a. Found some wrong files in jar file.
    Don't know if it helps.
    Last edited by a moderator: 14 February 2007
  11. Whan

    Whan Non-League

    8 April 2006

    Haaa, now works great ;)

    can you add Patch Switcher support for polish p_text and p_sound language files?
    Last edited: 14 February 2007
  12. KoRnIssues

    KoRnIssues Guest

    I can do this but I'll perhaps take some.

  13. Whan

    Whan Non-League

    8 April 2006
    ok, polish players waiting...
    one more time thanks for this great tool :applause:
  14. Ch00ng

    Ch00ng | | CHAMP19NS | |

    4 August 2005
    M16 0RA
    Man Utd & England
    Thanks Korn, version 0.9.1a works.
  15. psg7570

    psg7570 Non-League

    21 December 2005
    Can he work with f_text & f_sound ?
  16. KoRnIssues

    KoRnIssues Guest

    New Version 0.9.3 works with French languages files too.
  17. stofegad

    stofegad Premiership

    1 March 2005
    Last edited: 22 April 2007
  18. stofegad

    stofegad Premiership

    1 March 2005
    Last edited: 23 April 2007
  19. alebrixel

    alebrixel Non-League

    16 September 2007
    Man, i'm gonna get crazy with this, i cannot make this works, every time tell that without Op File, someone knows what it happens? Or knows about other tuto to play with 2 patchs, preferencially with pics

  20. lamneth

    lamneth Non-League

    16 May 2003
    How the hell works this tool??it's impossible to make it work!!

    Yeah,i solved!!!!and it's an incredible work!!!congratulations to you!!
    Last edited: 30 September 2007
  21. Dave09

    Dave09 Blue Is The Colour

    28 September 2007
    great work
  22. petepompei

    petepompei Conference

    11 September 2005
    The Patch switcher is a great idea, i can't get it to recognize option files for patch 1, 2 etc, it recognizes only the one for patch 0. any help would be appreciated. thnx in advance
  23. PIPEÑO

    PIPEÑO First Class

    12 February 2004
    Santiago, CL
    Manchester United
    Something like this for PES2008 would be great.

    PS: I wasn't the one to bump the thread.
  24. trebel

    trebel Champions League

    10 December 2005
    w00t.. awesome program man!

    this is the most innovative 3rd party for PES i have ever seen

    and to the guys having problems make sure you put the 1_PES.exe.patch in the main PES folder, otherwise it won't detect your patch. Thats what happen to me and I was stumped as to why it wasnt workin.

  25. franco90vn1

    franco90vn1 League 2

    22 October 2008
    Ha Noi (1) :D
    none (yet)
    sorry, every time i tried, the program report that all the dat files are ready but the OF is not availble ???
  26. zlac

    zlac League? What league?

    2 February 2007
    And you applied required naming schemes to OF too?

    I've been using 1_KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT.patch scheme for OFs of "non-active" patches and it always worked like a charm
  27. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Fontana City
    A bit of an off-topic but I'm sure you're the one who can help me..

    I was developing (in Java) something like this (well, way more simple: it was all hard-coded because I know I'm using the original PES6 and just one patched PES6) that allowed me to choose between the "clean" PES6 install (without either kitserver or any patch) and the 08/09 patched PES6, with just clicking a button (by swapping the entire "docs\KONAMI\save" and the entire "Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6" folders) but I really couldn't find the way to launch the PES6 executable.

    As soon as I launch the app, it asks me which version I want to run, and it DOES rename the folders properly. But everytime it launches the game, I get an "AFS file not found" error and the game closes itself (it returns me 0 as return value then I guess it has ended "normally"). Funny enough, if I try to launch the game manually after the folders have been renamed by the app, everything works a treat.

    So I was wondering, how did you manage your jar to launch PES6 without having this error?

    These are the things I already tried:
    - Test the SAME jar with PES5: It worked
    - Test the SAME jar with WE9: It worked
    - Try different exe's (no-DVD vs. original exe): None worked
    - Try to rename the folders manually, then launch the jar: It didn't work
    - Try to launch the jar (with rename-back methods commented so they wouldn't run) then (once renamed the folders) launch PES6 manually: It worked

    Any help would be appreciated..
    Thanks in advance!!

    PS: If you need the source code of the main class just tell me and I'll post it here when I get home (I don't have the USB pen with the eclipse workspace here with me now)..

    Wow, I just read the dates of this thread.. Hope someone will be able to suggest me something anyway, even if the thread author seems to have disappeared..
    Last edited: 19 January 2009
  28. BugA

    BugA League 2

    24 October 2008
    Bor, Serbia
    I`ve never tried Java, but maybe I can help. PM me the part of the code for which you think it contains error (part used for folder renaming, and executable launching).
  29. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Fontana City
    I'll be back to you with the code in the evening, as soon as I come back home..
    Thanks in advance!!
  30. buffalo76

    buffalo76 Non-League

    26 October 2004
    can someone upload his patch switcher please?
    the download-link doesn´t work anymore.

    thanks in advance,

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