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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by jshaw22, 6 October 2006.

  1. jshaw22

    jshaw22 Guest

    because the guy i was playing had gallas rosicky and baptista or was he just cheating?
  2. jshaw22

    jshaw22 Guest

    what ui meant to say was is there a patch out
  3. ytzulu

    ytzulu Non-League

    26 April 2006
    no what he meant was there was a guy playing wth updated players for arsenal. The answer is that there aint an official patch or anythin but u can get "pathces" to allow you to have updated squads in online mode in pro evo 5. i use it also - i have ballack and sheva in my chelsea team!
  4. PesGuden

    PesGuden Non-League

    15 July 2006
    It is cheating. Damn noobs. If it aint a officiall patch then just leave it or go and play Fifa for the correct line ups.
  5. gturner04

    gturner04 League 2

    17 August 2005

  6. rrrudi

    rrrudi Non-League

    7 May 2006
    How is it cheating? What advantage do you gain by having updated squads? Some squads are better, some are worse. People who consider it cheating need to think more about their game than what team the other player puts out.
  7. tera

    tera Back!

    21 April 2006
    Don't matter about updated squads, Matters how good you are at the damn game. Blah
  8. zeus78

    zeus78 zeus

    17 February 2005
    If he use a patch like superpatch than you need the same patch to play against him, 'cause there are new stats for the players. if he has the original database from konami and just made some transfers then it's a cheat, 'cause he can play with this database agsinst the user with the original one from konami.
  9. Zaguokachi

    Zaguokachi Non-League

    3 August 2005
    with an editor it's possible to make a dream team with 4 maradona,3 pélé... but if you touch the stats the online game will not boot just after the jerseys selections screen.
  10. mampi

    mampi Non-League

    10 July 2005
    word! :applause:
  11. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    let me say it again

    Originally Posted by tera
    Don't matter about updated squads, Matters how good you are at the damn game. Blah

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