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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Bunford, 13 May 2007.

  1. Bunford

    Bunford Non-League

    12 May 2007
    Hi all,

    I'm using Milanista's V3.5 Option File for my PES6 on the PC and I love it! Playability seems much more realistic for definite.

    Anyway, my question is about patches. I'm in the middle of downloading Nack's commentary patch to get the Andy Gray commentary rather then the super annoying Trevor Brooking commentary!

    I also want to download the Tomssen Chant Pack. Can anyone advise if these two patches (Nack and Tomssen) will co-operate ok with the Milanista V3.5 OF? Will they also take effect in ML option a i'm awware that some patches don;t work in ML?

    Also, what's the best way to download/install Tomssen's Chant Pack (as it's quite large)?

    Cheers all,

  2. RoSmecher

    RoSmecher Guest

    where can i download Milanista's patch from?
  3. RoSmecher

    RoSmecher Guest

    oh nevermind i found it
  4. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.
    I use both Tomssens and Nacks patches together.

    Its superb.

    Tomssens goes into 0_Sound.afs and NACKS Patch is the seperate

    E_Sound.afs so their are no conflicts.
  5. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Sorry to jump in.....can these be used online?

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