Patch 1.02 out November 29th? Is this for real?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by art_k82, 18 November 2012.

  1. art_k82

    art_k82 Conference

    20 March 2003
  2. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
  3. art_k82

    art_k82 Conference

    20 March 2003
    In all seriousness, though, I think this is a rare occasion I've seen a company listen to their supporters like this and give them what they want. I wonder what gameplay adjustments they might make.
  4. xPJRx


    17 November 2010
    London, Uk
    Liverpool FC
    Yep its confirmed by Konami, is real, will only take affect if you start a new ML though.
  5. Jess

    Jess Ballon D'Or

    23 June 2008
    London, England
    Manchester United
    Negative - 'Bootgate' is an issue that should never have arisen in the first place.

    Positive + Konami listens to their fans
  6. Benni

    Benni Banned

    7 May 2012
    just read this news!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
  7. stephen

    stephen League 2

    8 December 2005
    I'm actually really stoked about this. It gives off another layer of immersion for me (when it's lacking in so many other ways) of being able to assign boots to players.

    A bit shallow I know, but it looks good.

    I know it is silly but occasionally I change my players boots from season to season, as if they are gaining a new boot contract sponsorship. Sometimes it makes them perform better!
    I used to be like this as a player myself, I would always try and stay loyal to a certain make of boot.

    Isn't to far removed from the boot gate idea which was poorly implemented by Konami.
  8. katata

    katata Premiership

    11 January 2003
  9. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
    You are still able to assign boots, the players only start with their default boots now when creating a ML/BaL save.

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