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  1. ikedarkk

    ikedarkk Guest

    AFter several weeks working in a new project i convert and add several Clacic teams this teams are made thanks of maura's 2004 workers and serveral kitmakers and facemakers from, and other webs, parts of refere kits was posposted by bebeto.
    This patch contain:
    uni 057 classic argentina
    uni 058 classic brazil
    uni 059 classic england
    uni 060 classic france
    uni 061 classic germany
    uni 062 classic italy
    uni 063 classic netherlands
    uni 079 Italia 90-94
    uni 083 Alemania 70-78
    uni 084 ManchesterUnited 98
    uni 089 RealMadrid 98
    uni 090 RealMadrid 00
    uni 095 RealMadrid2002
    uni 099 España 94
    uni 104 AcMilan94
    uni 107 Brasil 58
    uni 116 Atletico Madrid 74
    uni 117 RiverPlate 40´s
    uni 127 Argentina 86-94
    uni 134 España 57-64
    uni 135 CCCP 64-66
    uni 136 Holanda88
    uni 138 Hungria 54-58
    uni 140 España 84-90
    uni 142 Olimpic Marseilla93
    uni 144 Barcelona 92
    uni 145 AcMilan89
    uni 146 Napoles89
    uni 147 Bayern M 74
    uni 148 RealMadrid 80-90
    uni 149 Ajax71
    uni 151 AcMilan 67
    uni 152 Manchester 68
    uni 154 Santos 59
    uni 155 Barcelona 61
    uni 159 RealMadrid56-66
    uni 182 Brasil 98-02
    uni 183 Argentina94
    uni 184 Holanda 94-98
    uni 185 SaoPaulo1992
    uni 186 Atletico Madrid 95-96
    uni 187 Alemania 90
    uni 188 Francia 98 -02
    uni 192 Brasil 94
    uni 193 Boca1977
    uni 196 AllStar2005
    uni 197 AllStarClasico
    uni 200 adidas
    referekits new and older, faces of this players: Maradona Pele Redondo, Cruyff.
    BALLS TAngo España, Azteca, Etrusco, Fevernova, Telstar, Questra y BAlon CLasico.

    THis is the OPtion file:

    And this is the patch

    This web is only for a week if you know any web to post write it, Sorry for my bad english and for the future Errors on my patch.
    I hope do you like it. \\:o/


    This is the Option File to PES4 :

    I add a conversion patch for PS2 format this is the url:
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  2. sienkiewicz

    sienkiewicz AglioEoliO - PesBrasil

    24 April 2004
    Sao Paulo
    S.C.Corinthians Paulista
    Great job...

    Try send your files for this url - - When a file from yousendit is Downloaded "x" Times the host delete the file automatically...

  3. biker_jim_uk

    biker_jim_uk International

    24 November 2003
    Man City
    might be better in the download or editing area?

    And nice to see credits given, once again :mad:
    Last edited: 10 April 2005

    PIPEÑO First Class

    12 February 2004
    Santiago, CL
    Manchester City
    you blind jim?
  5. biker_jim_uk

    biker_jim_uk International

    24 November 2003
    Man City
    I am, don't see my name anywhere there, do you?
    and I don't see the point of posting PES3 kits from the classicos patch again and calling it a new patch?
  6. ikedarkk

    ikedarkk Guest

    sorry if you don like it i must to say you that you had maked a great job but i add more teams

    Gracias biker_jim_uk nose mucho ingles yo solo keria es actualizar un poko el trabajo de mauras clasicos pero pregunte en varios foros y nadie keria ponerse a trabajar despues de un mes trabajando y solo faltando algunos detalles encontre esta web y vi k se estaba desarrollando el trabajo de Classicos 2005 k sera muchisiimoo mejor k el mio mi parche solo lo he desarrollado yo con ayuda de muchos kits makers y face makers pero el k solo ha trabajado en el option file he sido yo.
    Bueno si os ha molestado a todos los trabajadores del Parche MAuras 2004 y Maura 2004 losiento pero pensar una cosa yo solo juego al PC y vuestro parche era para PS2.

    ASike nada losiento.
  7. Pere Ubu

    Pere Ubu Championship

    29 October 2002
    That told you, eh Jim? ;)
  8. Leo 21

    Leo 21 AEKARA

    8 March 2005
    I tried to put this patch in pes4 but i did it only with the option file. is there any way to get the kits files so i can use it in pes4?
  9. soliloquay

    soliloquay Guest

    the patch is in *.dkz format. what does that mean?
  10. johnking

    johnking Premiership

    15 November 2003
    Sheffield United
    you need to d/load dkz studio and apply the patch to your 0_text afs useing it then place it back into your iso and burn.
  11. soliloquay

    soliloquay Guest

    and does it work for all the consoles? or just ps2?
  12. Mauras

    Mauras Premiership

    7 October 2002
    Thought I had replied this :) but here it goes...

    of course it would have been nice to have had a permission request (probably ikedarkk would end up colaborating with Classicos 2005) but I don't see Ike in a negative position in this subject. I invite him to join us in Classicos 2005 and make it even better, that's the way to go ;).
  13. biker_jim_uk

    biker_jim_uk International

    24 November 2003
    Man City
    wished you'd asked me as I have a few classic kits
  14. That's a beauty JIM! :)
  15. biker_jim_uk

    biker_jim_uk International

    24 November 2003
    Man City
  16. johnking

    johnking Premiership

    15 November 2003
    Sheffield United
    any chance of uploading the links for this again ikedarkk cheers.
  17. GanTE

    GanTE Conference

    6 November 2003
    nice kitos
  18. RECALL

    RECALL Non-League

    18 January 2005

  19. ikedarkk

    ikedarkk Guest

    hey men, the post for Ps2 is working now you must to push the link it is in the finish of my firts post.
  20. lfmaiarotti

    lfmaiarotti Guest

    i need to option file for pes 4 ..........
  21. ikedarkk

    ikedarkk Guest

    you can change the format option file with EditPES4OptionFile v1.1.
    You open the file that i posted and you push save to and you record the file in one option file of Pes4 format.
    Andyou have your Oprion file for Pes4
  22. RECALL

    RECALL Non-League

    18 January 2005
    HI ikedarkk

    I DONT CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH BECAUSE.......(File Transfer: Expired)

    please give another link please please!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. ikedarkk

    ikedarkk Guest

  24. GanTE

    GanTE Conference

    6 November 2003
    any link ?
  25. rb73

    rb73 Non-League

    31 December 2004
    sorry ikedarkk but your option file is for pes4 or we8?you can send a option file for pes4 pc version?thanks

    sorry for my english
  26. bodhisattva

    bodhisattva League 2

    22 April 2005
    even the emule link doesnt work
  27. bodhisattva

    bodhisattva League 2

    22 April 2005
    where can i download that patch for we8int??
    link pls!

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